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575 Advanced Spanish Verbs with 3, 4 or 5 usage sentences

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Major Update! 22nd January 2018 - audio added. Level: Advanced (subjunctive tense instances) This is a deck of 575 spanish verbs grouped together with example sentences (thanks to Toni Peter for shuffling the verb card groups so they are not alphabetical as suggested in the review below). A card with the infinitive form of the verb shows first, followed by at least 3 sample sentences (including idiomatic examples), with different pronouns so you get a broad exposure to the various conjugations. (Card # 2677) Front: traer Back: to bring, to wear (Card # 2678) Front: Traje el traje azul. Back: I brought the blue suit. (Card # 2679) Front: Ella trae un bonito vestido. Back: She is wearing a beautiful dress. (Card # 2680) Front: Los muchachos están trayendo los refrescos. Back: The boys are bringing the sodas. (Card # 2681) Front: Traigo mis discos compactos. Back: I am bringing my CDs. (Card # 2682) Front: Esperamos que hayas traído suficiente comida. Back: We hope that you have brought enough food. (Card # 2683) Front: Ese muchacho me trae de cabeza. Back: That boy causes me headaches. (Card # 1744) Front: yacer Back: to lie, to lie buried, to rest (Card # 1745) Front: La actriz yacía perezosamente sobre el diván rojo. Back: The actress was lying down lazily on the red sofa. (Card # 1746) Front: ¡No yazcas en la paja Carlos! Back: Don't lie on the hay Charles! (Card # 1747) Front: Aquí yace sepultado don Marín. Back: Here lies buried Mr Marin. A few thousand of the most common nouns, adjectives and adverbs are interspersed amongst the sentences, so this deck is perfect for an advanced learner wanting to study as efficiently as possible. I have put the Spanish cards facing front, because the deck works best as a recognition exercise (as opposed to training you to recall the Spanish). The sentences mostly use tú & usted for ‘you’, and occasionally use vosotros. The diacritical marks are included so Text To Speech pronounces correctly. Since there are over three thousand cards, I recommend you suspend the card groups that don’t interest you. I don’t recommend you set the option “See new cards in random order” since then you won’t learn the infinitive tense first, or benefit from the reinforcement that comes with learning the sentences that use the same verb. To respond to the review below commenting on the english translation style - as an intermediate learner I also prefer a literal translation rather than dynamic equivalence. Yet an advanced learner might benefit from the greater accuracy of a sense equivalent translation as it’s given in this deck. Please rate it in AnkiWeb if you like it.

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Front A ella le encantan los niños.
Back She loves children.
Front maquillarse
Back to put on makeup
Front Ellos le untarían la mano al agente de aduana pero es un delito.
Back They would bribe the customs agent but it is a felony.

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on 1658679989
This looks good, but I don't understand this example...

(Card # 2679) Front: Ella trae un bonito vestido. Back: She is wearing a beautiful dress.

The English should literally be "She brings a beautiful dress."

Is this an idiomatic expression? Maybe indicate with "(I)".
Comment from author
I didn't write this deck, so I didn't do the translations, but in Spanish the verb traer is used for 'to wear' as well as for other English verbs. I have decks on Ankiweb that I have translated myself, and you'll see that I prefer a literal translation to aid memorisation.
on 1615831891
Amazing for intermediate learners!
on 1602870306
Really nice deck, with a lot of useful phrases with all types of tenses, and audio!
100% recommend for intermediate learners and above
on 1601092429
Muy bueno!
on 1589687030
Thank you
on 1589202399
Good for studying some conjugations with real examples.
on 1588791248
on 1588631504
The audio is from Google translate! i.e. Completely artificial and more or less useless. In a lot of sentences the intonation isn't even correct, so if you imitate them you'll be pronouncing the words wrong.
Sorry to give this a bad rating but honestly, why bother adding audio that's terrible quality?
on 1587048196
I like it.
Is this the same as the one 575 sentences from the book ...
on 1582279621
Wonderful 😏
on 1579760458
Great work!
on 1577588904
Thanks for your hard work! I am an intermediate learner and this will help with verb conjigation.
on 1577399248
Lots of verbs and several complete sentences using each one. A great well thought-out resource
on 1572815588
Excellent deck, thanks for the work!
on 1565552883
on 1552830264
Really good deck. I switched the front and back parts so it forces me to attempt sentence construction and vocab recollection.
Thanks for the upload.
on 1550435873
This is exactly the resource I was looking for to practice a variety of verb conjugations. Thanks for saving me a bunch of time!
on 1534811459
on 1528588800
Great for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners. Learn common grammar patterns and then train yourself to pick out article, nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, etc. while you're reviewing the sentences in these cards
on 1523491200
Really awesome deck. I liked it so much that I've used it to create an audio course out of it automatically by using text to speech and a little bit of coding to create 400 ~20min MP3 files. I can't seem to find a way to contact the author of the deck, but if you are reading this, please send me an email at: ankispanish (at) noonanco (dot) com.
on 1516579200
Tons of sentences and now with audio too. Absolutely recommended.
on 1511049600
Thorough. Turn off random ordering to build on the words.
on 1504483200
Two thumbs up for "Sentences from Webster's New World 575+ Spanish Verbs" deck

​I recommend this deck for painlessly learning/reviewing Spanish verbs and their usage and conjugation. It's a great tool for the B1 or B2 level Spanish learner. The sample sentences are practical and make the context clear. (No Duolingo "My brother's bee is pink" here.) In addition, the sentences contain some nouns new to me, many of which have English cognates, so I can add them to my vocabulary passively without losing focus on the verbs. There are no sound files, but since Spanish is easy to pronounce, I just read each verb or sentence aloud to help reinforce memorization.​
Comment from author
Audio now added to each card, thanks to SpanishDict.com.
on 1503273600
on 1499040000
Really useful reading practice

Thank you for creating this deck. It not only broadens your vocabulary, but also really supports grammar study with a wide range of examples. 100 sentences a day is a lot, but it has done my Spanish reading a lot of good.
on 1484092800
on 1482278400
on 1479859200
on 1475625600
good practice

I've been using this deck for a while now and it has helped me tremendously with understanding grammar by simply supplying a ton of usage examples.
on 1475539200
on 1473552000
Good but would be even better with literal translations

I like learning words in whole sentence samples (good deck) but small suggestion to the author: Please add literal translation. It is fine to translate the meaning but translation of every word is also extremely important. Sucks if you have to make a note and find word in a dictionary to understand the translation. Thanks for the deck!
on 1469750400
on 1462838400
on 1450137600
on 1445558400
on 1440979200
on 1424390400
Very good. One minor issue

Very useful deck for learning new vocabulary. Only issue is the fact that the words are in alphabetical order. This results in multiple words which all look and sound very similar being learned all at the same time. This is an unnecessary and avoidable complication with no discernible advantage.
Comment from author
Someone took the time to write a program that randomised the verb groups, while still keeping the sentences paired with the verbs. I have uploaded that revised deck instead.
on 1402012800
on 1401408000
on 1385337600
on 1385164800
very usefull for verb training

thanks for this collection. I never learned verbs this way, but it seems much more practical than repeating verb tables. I will give it a try, thanks !!