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Collated list of Icelandic words

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The 1000 words in the present package are drawn from the glossaries of three Icelandic courses: Complete Icelandic, Colloquial Icelandic, and Learning Icelandic. Specifically, I included every word from Learning Icelandic; and supplemented those words with any additional words that appear in both the other books. This captures about half of all words in all three glossaries. Many words are compounds, so I also included the component words as separate entries. I have the same word list (as HTML or PDF) sorted in two ways: a dictionary-like version, and another version grouped by Part of Speech and inflection pattern. These are a very useful adjunct to the Anki deck. You can see these alternative versions at www.users.on.net/~c.rennie/ (including a ru-is version!). If you have corrections or suggestions, contact me at c.rennie@internode.on.net. 2015-10-12. Initial version 2016-02-28. Better categorization of inflections 2016-04-10. Improved formatting 2016-07-12. More examples, and gender indicated with color 2017-04-03. More hints for conjugating strong verbs 2018-04-03. HTML and PDF versions of the word list The cards show the headword, pronunciation, part of speech, morphology, translation, and example phrases. They are neatly formatted, much nicer than in the samples below!

Sample (from 1064 notes)

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Is kátur
Ip kau:tʏr
En happy
In kát/ur (kát, kát‑t; kát‑ir, kát‑ar, kát)
G1 adj.
G2 adj.
Tags Icelandic adj.
Is spila
Ip spɪ:la
En play (game or instrument)
In spil/a (spil‑a, spilað‑i, spilað)
G1 verb
G2 w verb +acc.
Tags Icelandic verb
Is vegna
Ip vɛkna
En because of, due to
In vegna
Ex E.g. og þess vegna … and that is why … mín vegna on my account, OK with me hvers vegna? why?
G1 prep.
G2 prep. +gen.
Tags Icelandic prep.

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Excellent, including pronunciation and usage examples
on 1558554736
Fantastic, well done!
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Very good.
on 1521158400
Professionally made. Not only translation, but goes with exaple origin of the word, etc.