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DCA (Docker Certified Associate)

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My Docker Certified Associate (DCA) deck. This deck also includes Kubernetes questions.

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Front Which reclaim policies are there for a PersistantVolume?
Back - Retain: Keeps the data if volume gets deleted- Delete: Deletes the data if the volume gets deleted- Recycle: Deletes the data containted within in the volume and allows it to be used again
Tags kubernetes
Front Which network is an ingress network?
Back Overlay
Tags networks
Front A sysadmin has created a Docker bridge network on a host with three containers attached. How he can make these containers accessible outside of the host? 
Back use --publish or -p flag for allowing access to these containers on the bridge network
Tags scale

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Very systematically structured. Not only consisting of cryptic question roots, which one also experiences occasionally, but of questions that can be answered well. I am a self-employed software architect and have already created a few decks myself, will use this to review Docker as this technology will play a central role in my next project. Thanks for sharing!