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Advanced German Vocabulary with good definitions

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The deck contains 1500+ advanced German words that I have learned this year. The list is not systematic, just things I have come across and decided they would be good to learn. It is German-English, so I always start with a German word and provide English glosses and definitions, not the other way round. Each card is set up so you learn it both ways. Every synonym is defined so you can do this. Features: * Meticulously tagged * Cases are colour-coded for easy learning. Accusative = maroon, Dative = Purple, Genitive = Green * The best feature: I've spent lots of time making the definitions clear and unambiguous. Sample cards: front: fl├╝chtig back: - on the run [from the law] - fleeting [short, superficial, without concentration] Tags: Adjective front: die Schwelle Plural: die Schwellen back: - threshold - [railroad] sleeper Tags: Feminine Noun front: etwas ablehnen back: - to refuse something {to do something, a request} - to decline something {an offer} - to reject something {a plan, a theory, a candidate} tags: Verb front: Hahn im Korb sein back: to be cock of the walk [a male surrounded by many females] tags: Idiom Conventions: * All cases are colour coded * [square brackets] for explanations * {angle brackets} for collocations (I've replaced them with curly ones here because ankiweb is treating anything in angle backets as a comment. * (round brackets) for optional elements or elements that could be included in a translation. Also used under words to provide information like (weak noun) (written) (spoken) (pronounced 'v' as in English) * -dash for separate meanings Ratings always appreciated. I'll keep syncing it with mine while people keep wanting it. I have another deck uploaded called 'German Synonyms' which splits the meanings of many words in this deck that are close in meaning.

Sample (from 1826 notes)

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German das Kennwort
German Plural
English password [in everyday life, not on a computer]
Tags Neuter Noun
German die Bauchschmerzen(plural)
German Plural
English stomachache
Tags Noun Plural
German (etwas) sticken
German Plural
English to embroider (something)
Tags Verb

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