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JLPT Tango N5 1000 Most Common Japanese Words in Sentences

205.32MB. 1046 audio & 0 images. Updated 2020-02-25.

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No credit of mine, but the guy who made this reddit post! https://www.reddit.com/r/LearnJapanese/comments/bkkwr2/tango_n5_1000_spreadsheet_possibly_the_best_n5/ I just used his given table and audio and made an anki deck to study. So decided to upload it! Hope you all enjoy.

Sample (from 1186 notes)

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Chapter 2
Section 3
Number 147
Meaning month(s)
Jp Expression No Furigana ーヶ月[かげつ]
Jp Expression Reading with Furigana 日本語[にほんご]を 一ヶ月[いっかげつ] 勉強[べんきょう]しました。
Lol I studied Japanese for one month.
Chapter 10
Section 4
Number 1015
Meaning already
Jp Expression No Furigana もう
Jp Expression Reading with Furigana A 「もう 将来[しょうらい]の 事[こと]を 考[かんが]えましたか。」
Lol A "Did you already think about your future."
Chapter 3
Section 3
Number 239
Meaning this
Jp Expression No Furigana この
Jp Expression Reading with Furigana 山田[やまだ]さんの 本[ほん]はどれですか。この本[ほん]ですか。
Lol Which book is Yamada-san's? Is it this book?

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on 1658570521
ありかど こさいましだ!
on 1643578566
very useful
on 1633243536
Hey, thx! It's very helpful, I like the layout of this and the usage of audio of sentences to remember the words.
But towards the half it starts to have typos and lacks quality
on 1629555190
IDK man its just the best deck i have tried so far
on 1598916331
First error below is a simple typo, the two others are… the way it's in the book's audio?

Apparently the downvoter knows the Japanese language better than the Japanese themselves.
on 1587513369
Lots of mistakes.

For example:
Meaning: cute
Expression :愛[かわい]い
Should be 可愛[かわい]い

Meaning: please
Expression : これでお 願[ねが]いします
で is a strange particle to use in this example

Meaning: study overseas
Expression : 留学[りゅうがく]し
Should just be 留学 [りゅうがく] but picks up the し from the example sentence します
on 1587290474
Good deck but different from the MIA one. Not much sentence card though so you will have to create them
on 1587039426
on 1586941701

Any info on how this compares to MIA's Tango N5 deck?
on 1585895050
on 1584430281
I just started researching MIA and so this deck is God-sent.

As someone who doesn't know how to make Anki decks, this has made my life so much easier. I hope this paired with Wanikani, cause I personally don't like the RTK approach, would really help me in learning Japanese. Thanks again!