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→10 000 Finnish sentences sorted from easiest to hardest pt1

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Have you seem an Anki Deck called "Chinese sentences and audio, spoon fed" ? This deck is the same idea, but for finnish. Here's how this deck was made: 1) I grabbed a list with the 5000 most frequently used finnish words -- sorted from the most frequently used, to the least. 2) I grabbed 45 000 translated finnish sentences from the internet 3) I wrote a program that assigns a Frequency Rank Number to each word from every sentence, this Frequency Rank Number based on the list mentioned on item "1)" 4) This program calculates the average value of the all the words' Frequency Rank Numbers. And assigns this value to the sentence. The result is that if a sentence contains advanced words, the sentence will have a high Average Frequency Rank Number. If a sentence contains only beginner words, the AFRN will be low. 5) Finally, I sorted the sentences: from the ones with the lowest AFRN, to the highest. The end result is that this deck begins with very, very simple sentences, and new words get slowly introduced as you progress. If it sounds complicated to you, here's in a nutshell: The 10 000 finnish sentences from this deck are sorted from easiest to hardest, so they are ideal for beginners. - In the front of the card is the finnish sentence audio, In the back of the card is the finnish sentence, with the english translation, and the Frequency Rank Number for the words on the finnish sentence. - If some sentences are too easy for you, just delete them (press Delete button on your keyboard) until a more challenging one comes up. You can also go to the computer version on Anki, click on the deck, "browse->current deck", and delete the first 5000 cards by mass-selecting with the Shift key. This way you will go straight to the harder cards. This can be useful for intermediate/advanced students who want a bigger challenge. - Part one of the deck contains the first 3000 cards; part two of this deck contains the other 7000. -=-=-=-=-=- The following Anki add-on adds a Replay button to the Computer Version of Anki, and is recommended for this deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/498789867 The purpose of the audio in this deck is teaching and scholarship, and I'm not making money out of it: therefore it is considered "Fair Use". -=-=-=-=-=- Note: the deck ratings on Anki work different than the usual: - One "5 stars" rating show as a "3.5 stars" rating. - Two "5 stars" ratings show as a "3.8 stars" rating. - Three "5 stars" ratings show as a "4.1 stars" rating. - Four "5 stars" ratings show as a "4.3 stars" rating. And so on. -=-=-=-=-=- If this deck is useful to you, please rate it!~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/

Sample (from 3000 notes)

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sentence Viisi on vähemmän kuin kahdeksan.
translation — 5 is less than 8.
freq ranks [ 372 1 580 8 1431 ]
sentence Me haluamme tietää, mitä Tomille tapahtui.
translation — We want to know what happened to Tom.
freq ranks [ 119 954 86 9 64 465 ]
sentence Sen jälkeen kun tulin Tokioon kolme vuotta sitten, olen asunut täällä.
translation — I came to Tokyo three years ago and have been living here ever since.
freq ranks [ 21 432 18 878 2840 79 264 195 60 623 69 ]

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on 1572962445
Starts simple and connects words into sentences that make sense. Connecting words by a Finnish native makes for a more natural sound where separate words get connected in speach, as they are in reality. I like it.
on 1571890159
It is difficult to have sufficient systematic listening exercises, and this deck just works great!
on 1567779414
Good schema. Easy learning curve.
on 1565985355
This deck is just awesome!
on 1563912608
very well made
on 1558211071
I am lost for words. Particularly Finnish words. Fantastic effort.
on 1552810618
on 1546406029
Great work, thank you :-)
on 1539864860
Haven't used it properly yet, but looks great! Many thanks - this must have been a LOT of work!!
on 1537035709
Nice job :)
on 1526601600
Incredible, thank you! I'm in the awkward not-beginner-not-fluent stage and this is perfect!