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Japanese Core 6000 Step 01 (Listening Sentence & Vocab)

110.09MB. 4038 audio & 0 images. Updated 2015-04-15.

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The old decks were taken down so I'm uploading all that I have. If anyone has the remainder of the Core 6000 series, Step 11 and onwards, please upload them!

Sample (from 4035 notes)

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Expression 彼は盗みの疑いをかけられたの。
Meaning He was suspected of the theft.疑い -- doubt, suspicion
Reading かれ は ぬすみ の うたがい を かけられた の
iKnowID sentence:273068
iKnowType sentence
Expression この道具の用途を説明します。
Meaning I'll explain how to use this tool.用途 -- use, service道具 -- tool
Reading この どうぐ の ようと を せつめい します
iKnowID sentence:298466
iKnowType sentence
Expression カタログ
Meaning catalogue
iKnowID item:438828
iKnowType item

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on 1631068299
Nice deck, thank god it doesn't have stupid images or mnemonics. But you should double-check every single new word you learn in this deck with a dictionary. The order of the 6000 words seems a bit off but overall really good for expanding vocabulary past the low intermediate rut.
on 1591089098
on 1589034156
Good, but 証券 are securities not bonds. Bonds are a subset of securities.
on 1568533755
Very great deck, but the last notes are missing the audio, which doesn't make the previous notes worse in quality.
You lose like hundreds of notes, which is a shame, but nonetheless you have a great resource with this deck.
Maybe somebody even has a solution for this problem.
on 1549585015
Useful and powerful in study deck
on 1544837571
on 1540252738
Don't listen to the guy talking about the 2k/6k Core deck. That deck is terrible compared to this. This one is nice and clean. That other deck has too much noise.
on 1524528000
on 1522972800
Thank you very much! It's great!
hope you offer any other decks.
I'm your fans ^_^
どうも ありがとうございます!
on 1516838400
on 1496275200
Not the deck you are looking for.

This is not the Core2K/6K deck you are looking for. Go back to the guide and download from the link given.
on 1474934400
I just downloaded this deck today, and I've found it very useful. I'm only a beginner though, so the kanjis make the study a little difficult for me.
on 1461369600
Thank you! Please upload all the steps if you have them!
on 1460246400
If you want to work on your vocabulary for listening (as i do), this is a truly excellent deck. thank you for making it available