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PickupThai: Intermediate lesson 11 (Thai script with audio)

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This PickupThai Podcast's Anki deck contains vocabulary words (written in Thai script) and audio from "Sweet Green 11: I’m Busy," the 11th lesson in the PickupThai Podcast's intermediate course [http://pickup-thai.com/pickupthai-podcast/free-samples/#sw11]. You will learn vocabulary words used in everyday life such as "to get," "to look for," "to play," "fun," "so-so," "something else," "to finish," "next to," "to forget," "to return," "difficult," "important," "to hide," "to love," "the world" etc. We provide high-quality clear audio, recorded by a real person, not a robot or a machine. If you want to learn the correct and natural-sounding pronunciation, this deck is for you. We strongly believe in learning words from context. Memorizing vocabulary words from flashcards won't be effective in helping you learn a language as you won't fully understand how to use the words. It will be the most efficient if you study Thai from our lessons and use these flashcards as a tool to help you to learn the vocabulary. That way, you will not only get to learn the words from context but also how to structure sentences and how to have a real conversation and communicate with the Thai people. PickupThai podcasts are fun and interactive audio lessons that teach you to speak "real" and "natural-sounding Thai" based on humor-filled stories. The lessons are designed and created by two native teachers of Thai as a foreign language, khru Yuki Tachaya and khru Miki Chidchaya, to teach you the most practical and authentic colloquial Thai possible. There are currently three courses in total, "Creamy Coconut" for beginners, "Sweet Green" for intermediate learners and "Spicy Red" for advanced learners. No matter what level you are at, we have lessons that are appropriate for you. Feel free to download our full sample lessons at http://pickup-thai.com/pickupthai-podcast/free-samples/ Learn real Thai with us at www.pickup-thai.com Yuki Tachaya & Miki Chidchaya [podcast@pickup-thai.com]

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Thai คิด
Meaning To think
Thai รีบ
Meaning To hurry
Thai ผ้าห่ม
Meaning Blanket

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