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Solfège - Learn how to read music sheets

1.45MB. 0 audio & 42 images. Updated 2016-08-27.


Apprendre à lire les partitions (clé de sol et clé de fa) simplement et rapidement en mémorisant la valeur des notes sur les partitions. Learn how to read music sheets (key of G, key of F) easily and quickly by memorizing which notes correspond to which symbol on music sheets.

Sample (from 38 notes)

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Verso do - C
Verso si - B
Verso la - A

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on 1623194694
Good organization into subdecks. It would be cool to see some additional cards for C clefs.
on 1615118426
Saved me time. Thanks!
on 1604160910
Merci !
on 1586391317
Loveeee youu
on 1585686117
on 1573091465
At first I thought the key information was incorrect, but actually the key of C major is the key for all the cards. There is a section for the G clef (treble clef) and for the F clef (bass clef). Key is the incorrect word for clef, otherwise it looks great!
on 1566724353
Parfait !
on 1561224900
Exactly what I was searching for - Thank you!
on 1560800515
on 1531786437
Simple and exactly what I was looking for. :-)