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Tamil Pronunciation Trainer

2.65MB. 75 audio & 1 images. Updated 2016-07-27.


A pronunciation trainer in the style of https://fluent-forever.com/product/fluent-forever-pronunciation-trainer/ for Tamil. This deck will drill you on minimal pairs of Tamil, asking you each time which of the commonly confused sounds you just heard. Over time, this will help train your ear to reliably hear the differences. The original card formats are based off the free trainer example that was provided for Fluent Forever's audio trainers, but I have no affiliation with that company myself. The audio comes almost exclusively from http://forvo.com.

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Sort Field என்
Word 1 என்
Recording 1
Word 1 IPA ʲɛn
Word 1 English my
Word 2 எண்
Recording 2
Word 2 IPA ʲɛɳ
Word 2 English digit
Tags tamil-pronunciation
Sort Field கெட்டவை
Word 1 கெட்டவை
Recording 1
Word 1 IPA kɛʈʈəʋəj
Word 1 English bad
Word 2 கேட்டவை
Recording 2
Word 2 IPA keːʈʈəʋəj
Word 2 English listened / heard
Tags tamil-pronunciation
Sort Field கோழி
Word 1 கோழி
Recording 1
Word 1 IPA koːɻɪˑ
Word 1 English cackle
Word 2 கோரி
Recording 2
Word 2 IPA koːɾɪˑ
Word 2 English a tomb/monument
Tags tamil-pronunciation

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The sheer fact that you put in the work to make this and share it is amazing. Thank you so much!
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Well-done, clear and helpful.
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