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Quick note and deck buttons (Fork for 2.1)

0.04MB. Updated 2022-05-23.
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If you mainly care about shortcuts to change note types you might not need this add-on anymore: Since Anki 2.1.28 from 2020 you can use : "Ctrl/cmd+number selects decks/note types in list". To select the third note type you would use Ctrl+N to open the note type selection window, then Ctrl+3 to focus the third note type, then Enter This add-on will most likely stop working in the second half of 2022 when the anki component that this add-on changes will be completely rewritten so that this add-on would need a full rewrite, too. You must adjust the config of this add-on to your needs. Otherwise your new notes might have tags like "adjust_the_config_of_the_addon_Quick_note_and_deck_buttons" or "really_adjust_the_config_of_the_addon_Quick_note_and_deck_buttons". Use it at your own risk. # Bugs, Feedback, Comments If you find a bug one or have a bug fix or improvement you can tell me in the official support forum - just click the "contact author" button in the upper right of this page. In 2021 and later Anki is changing a lot with each new version so every Anki update might break this add-on. I'm not always using the latest version of Anki so when this add-on stops working at some point in the future it might take a long time until I fix it. # History This is an extended port to 2.1 of the popular addon Quick note and deck buttons. The configuration/user options for this version are slightly changed because the original authors (ospalh, glutanimate) added support for multiple rows in 2017. This updated version was never published to Ankiweb - just to github. I adjusted this latest version. Since 2020-04 you can also change the deck and note type at the same time which requires a slightly modified configuration, see config.md for details. # MacOS I don't like how it looks on MacOS. For details see this reddit thread. If you have a solution for this or find another bug let me on know. # Alternatives Since 2.1.28 Anki has this feature: "Ctrl/cmd+number selects decks/note types in list." Quick note and deck change menus. # Configuration You configure this add-on from the Add-on Manager. # Versions - 2022-05-23 fix for .50+: compatibility to latest Image Occlusion add-on version - 2022-04-12 fix for .50+ only: don't show labels in separate row on top. - 2022-02-13 fix for .45-49 only: don't show labels in separate row on top. - 2021-12-12 fix for older anki versions (<2.1.20), limitation: note type chooser doesn't work well in 2.1.24 (and hasn't worked well with older versions either), one add-on version for all anki versions. - 2021-12-08 fix for anki 2.1.45+ - 2021-03-03 fix for anki 2.1.41 - 2020-12-17 fix for anki 2.1.36+ (github issue #8) - 2020-07-13 fix for anki 2.1.28 - 2020-05-17 fix for KeepModels from 2020-05-17 - 2020-05-15 option to enable/disable in selected profiles. - 2020-05-14 option to adjust width (ratio between) note type and deck area; added config.schema.json - 2020-05-13 fix for shortcuts without buttons, improve config.md - 2020-05-05 compatibility with Keep model of add cards from 2020-05. - 2020-04-19 when quickly changing don't lose editor contents, when you change a deck (or notetype) you can change the note type (or deck) and tags at the same time, the add-on is no longer loaded to the "Change Note Type" dialog that you can open from the browser which caused problems - 2020-02-22 better compatibility with Anki 2.1.20 - 2019-10-15 compatible to Keep model of add cards, misc changes (tooltip, focus), ... - 2018-11-10 initial release # Credits The original authors are Steve AW, ospalh, Glutanimate. ospalh has written "no update planned" (in 2020-04-18).


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1664654939
It's Awesome that making "add" convenient!Thanks for sharing! I used it before, and now having a new loptop. Luckily, I found it at last after a long-time search.
on 1658100691
on 1653445750
Hey man, your add-on is amazing and help me a lot, but it's not compatible with "Image Occlusion Enhanced" anymore. Can u help pls?

Edit (24/05/22): Now it's working, thx bro.
Comment from author before post was edited
2022-05-23: thanks for the report. I just uploaded a new version that should fix the problem. Let me know if you still run into problems.
on 1649563966
Nice!Thank you! Would you tell me how to set the shortcut key as a non numeric key?
"shortcut": "???"
What the "???" should be?
Comment from author
I don't really understand the question. Have a look at the default config, e.g. there I have

"shortcut: "Ctrl+1"

If this doesn't work, click the contact author button in the upper right of the add-on description page.
on 1642010599
Essential app for making cards. Works perfectly for me on Mac.
on 1639206470
I am very,very and very like this add-ons.but it does't work at ⁨2.1.46.

2021-12-11 15:02:18
I am so surprise found that it has updated! thanks!
on 1638915973
Thank you so much for updating this to support 2.1.45+! This is a great add-on and the visual buttons added to the editor are fantastic and essential for my Anki workflow. Please keep up the good work!
on 1634696300
Hi, me again.

PLEASE update to 2.1.46! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

"This is literally going to save me hours of clicking between note types. THANK YOU!


I bestow a perfect rating of 5/7."
Comment from author
thanks for the kind words. I'll try my best to get a new version out in 2021.
on 1633028240
Please, update for anki +2.45
on 1629531523
This fantastic, INDISPENSABLE add-on ABSOLUTELY needs to go the 'Frozen Fields' route — it needs to be officially imported into Anki; become part of Anki.

21 Aug 2021, edit:

Thanks for replying; and thanks again for this great addon.

What about a 'toned-down' version: Quick note and deck SWITCHER ?

Even though I'm a 'power-user' of this addon, I NEVER EVER use the buttons; ONLY keyboard shortcuts.

Just being able to switch between 2 note types using the keyboard would already be good enough for me…
Comment from author before post was edited
Thanks for these kind words.

I'd also like to have this add-on in newer anki versions but at the moment I don't have time to look into it.

the add-on has relatively low download numbers so I doubt that it will be built-in some day (though I'd love to have one add-on less to maintain).
on 1624841948
Very helpful! This makes it so much easier to adjust the note type and deck I'm adding flashcards to. Thank you!
on 1618435481
Awesome addon, thank you!
on 1616529453
on 1606029095
on 1603829436
Simple and Helpful
on 1598933197
It's very good, but there is a problem: if you use the addon's change note type button while a field is not empty the content of this field will be transferred to whichever field is in the same position in the second note type, while Anki's default change note type button checks if there is any field with the same name even if in a different position and moves the content to that one
on 1597167086
Just what I was looking for!
on 1590425478
on 1587917295
Just what I was looking for - customizable hotkeys to quickly switch note type and deck when adding notes. Editing the config file was easy.
on 1585069372

I disliked how the buttons were displayed on multiple rows, but it is actually very very easy to fix! You can find the instructions in the configuration menu.
(you just need to delete some ] [ brackets)

I WOULD NOT follow the advice given below where they suggest to edit the "quick_note_deck_buttons.py" code. The solution suggested in the configuration menu works much better!
on 1581592871
absolutely wonderful, only lacks ability ability to make buttons that select both note type and deck at the same time.

For example : I have a note type that I only use for adding in a specific deck
on 1579174624
Very convenient! Thanks a lot.
on 1578763272
on 1578744710
Nice add-on!

To the previous post:

You can change the layout to something like: "Name of note type" " note button 1" "note button 2" "note button 3", ... in ONE row with these steps:

1. Open quick_note_deck_buttons.py
2. Change "self.vbox = QVBoxLayout()" to "self.vbox = QHBoxLayout()"
3. Change self.setSpacing to (4)
4. Delete the # before "b.setStyleSheet" and change padding-right to 5 px
5. Save and restart Anki
5. Only use short names for the buttons in the config

Then it should look like this:
on 1578482124
The default version only has three model buttons, but I want to set more and I think it's a little bit ugly that the third button takes a whole row. Can I make the buttons thiner and have more than three buttons in the same row?
Comment from author
sure. Replace this part of the config

"label": "with reverse",
"shortcut": "Ctrl+3",
"name": "Basic (and reversed card)"

with something like

"label": "with reverse",
"shortcut": "Ctrl+3",
"name": "Basic (and reversed card)"
"label": "fourth note type",
"shortcut": "Ctrl+4",
"name": "my custom note type 1"
"label": "FIFTH",
"shortcut": "Ctrl+5",
"name": "another note type"
on 1578243864
improve efficiency greatly for making flashcards.
on 1577363483
Thank you for this useful addon! It saves me tons of time.
on 1573830228
on 1570933020
It works on 2.1!
on 1560158495
Love you so much!!
on 1559495472
Thank you so much for making this compatible! It would have been a shame to lose it.
makes the adding process much smoother when u have many note types or decks.
Works great.
on 1559312637
Works perfectly here, thanks for porting this, I think it's an essential addon in order to work more efficiently. Hope somebody continues porting this for future Anki versions.
on 1556893975
Works perfectly for me. Thank you for your hard work porting this to 2.1. Saves SO much time!
on 1555599694
it doesn't work in my computer , it request "no note type basic (not reserved cards)"
Comment from author
general point: This add-on requires that you adjust the configuration according to your setup. This add-on can't know which note types and decks you have. Every language uses different names for note types.

The error message usually means that the note type you configured does not exist.

I see two possibilities:

- This add-on works as expected and you made a mistake. Everybody sometimes makes mistakes. Maybe you have a typo in the add-on config. Even one space too much or too little might cause this error. Or maybe you have renamed or deleted the note type since you configured the add-on. To avoid any chance of a mistake I would go to Anki's main screen. Then I would go "Tools"->"Manage Note Types". Then a new window opens. Select the note type you want to add to the add-on then click on "Rename". A new window opens. Just copy the name(Ctrl+C) and close the window("Cancel"). Then go to the add-on configuration and paste what you just copied to the relevant line in the configuration. After you have verified that all "names" are set properly you must restart Anki.
- You might have discovered a rare bug. Rare because this this version here has been available for five months and has been downloaded hundreds of times and so far I have not received any complaints. If you have made sure that you setup the add-on correctly and it still doesn't work you might help other people if you file a proper bug report at https://github.com/ijgnd/anki21__editor_quick_note_and_deck_buttons or https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/9tvctl/help_needed_on_mac_to_finish_port_of_addon_quick/ .

To find rare bugs this info is needed:
- your OS version (like Windows 10 1803)
- if this error occurs with the latest version of Anki which is 2.1.11 at the moment.
- if the error occurs when you have only this one add-on installed/enabled.
- your config
- screenshots of your config and of the window "Tools"->"Manage Note Types"