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Increase Font Size

<10kB. Updated 2016-12-18. Only supports Anki 2.0.


This plugin will increase the UI font to 13px by default. It can be useful when you change the UI to a language in which the default UI font is too small (e.g. Japanese)


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1537977985
Great !! Just waiting for the Anki 2.1 Version
on 1536166569
Great for high dpi screens
on 1535934067
increases the ui size fine. also allows changing of the ui font and size by changing the file
on 1535835038
doesnt increase font on zanki cards (med school deck)
on 1534533974
Changes size of UI, but not cards.
on 1531947984
Oh my god I can actually read my Korean cards, thank you so much
on 1530957166
Great addon, this is exactly what I needed to make the UI font a bit more bearable for my eyes. Thanks a lot!
on 1530798450
For some reason doesn't increase the font size of cloze cards, which is most of my deck anyway so this add-on is useless for me. :/
on 1530580834
With this, Chinese characters in the browser are actually legible
on 1527984000
I cannot get the font size to increase on Arabic text. I used the code to install the font size increase. The video on customizing doesn't cover this. I downloaded a shared deck in Arabic and it has the same issue. My eyes will not stand the strain. I'll have to find some other way of studying that doesn't make me go blind.
on 1527552000
Makes the Japanese UI much easier to read.
on 1527206400
Thank you. This add-on makes me more willing to spend time on Anki.
on 1526169600
Pretty good; not everyone realizes that Anki is always much better with a big font, and not everyone even knows how to increase font size. This add-on helps with all that. Anki is waaaaay better with a big font size.
on 1525651200
It works fine!
on 1523923200
Why not integrate this add-on into Anki?
on 1518998400
It works
on 1517097600
on 1516060800
Pair this up with https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1496166067 and properly thank your eyes for all the hard work they do when you're at the computer.
on 1513296000
very useful.
on 1508371200
on 1500508800
Wow, great!

It's not possible to reply here but it's possible to increase the font size, just enter in Tools > Add-on > Increase_Font_Size and click in edit. Now, just search the "FONT_SIZE = 13" and change the number :D.

PS.: The steps may be a bit different, I just translated from my native language (which is the language displayed on Anki) to English :P.
on 1491523200

Simple but it works. Cheers!
on 1486512000
Does what it says

My UI language was Chinese and the words were tiny. It's now 13px.
Wish I could modify the font size, but 13 is good enough.