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Pharmacology 20151

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Special tags in this deck, besides the standard systems tags like "cardiology" and "renal," include "side-effects," and "pharmacokinetics," where you'll find the most important equations to memorize. There's also a section on history which you'll only need if you've got Dr. Matta and he wants you to memorize some history. Don't worry about that otherwise. The "toxicology" section is pretty cool. The information from these flash cards is up to date with the current requirements for the USMLE that's recommended by the pharmacology association that evaluates graduate medical education (I believe it's the Association for Medical School Pharmacology, Prof. mentions it all the time in class). All information comes either from class powerpoints at Ponce School of Medicine, the First Aid, or various USMLE q-banks. There may be some information from the Lippincotts review. Nothing has been lifted verbatim, reference to source will be given if it is. If you see something that's yours here and feel stolen from, let me know and I'll change it or cite you. To navigate this deck, you can either select by block at Ponce (block4, etc) or by topic (autocoids, histamine, GI, etc). When you download the deck you'll find a list of tags, I believe. Browse those to see the topics.

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Front H2 receptor antagonist 2 contraindications
Back hepatic/renal insufficiency (P450 metabolism)pregnant and lactating women
Tags GI autacoids block4 inflammation
Front rasburicase use
Back leukemia, lymphoma, solid tumor malignancies-->when the pt is getting anti-cancer therapy that will probably cause tumor lysis syndrome (preventing the uric acid elevation)
Tags autacoids block4 inflammation neoplasia
Front what sunscreen blocks both UVAI and UVAII
Back avobenzone
Tags derm

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