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PDF Glossary Exporter

13.67MB. Updated 2017-09-13. Only supports Anki 2.0.
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     ========== NEWS: The first test release of PDF Glossary Exporter for Anki 2.1 is now available on my Patreon! Check it out! ========== Export your decks as compact PDF glossaries that are ideal for printing reference sheets of your cards! Two-column format One-column format USAGE PDF Glossary Exporter integrates itself with Anki's regular Export menu, which can be invoked either through FileExport, or by clicking on the gear next to a deck and selecting Export. With the add-on installed, you will be able to choose from 5 additional export options: The add-on also has limited abilites to export some of your scheduling information. If you check the corresponding checkbox, all cards that surpass or fall below a certain ease percentage will be highlighted in green or red, respectively. CONFIGURATION Customizing Styling Depending on your card templates and the type of formatting you use, it could be important to adjust the styling of your content before exporting it. For these use cases the add-on comes with a user-customizable CSS file that is located under user_data/user.css. CSS rules you add to this file will be respected both for HTML and CSS exports. The file is read anew on each export, so you can edit it while running Anki in parallel. Please note, however, that PDF exports only support a subset of CSS rules. These are listed in xhtml2pdf`s reference guide. Examples Changing the text-alignment in question and answer columns: td.question, td.answer { text-align: center; } Setting the answer and question column sizes to be equal: td.question { width: 100%; /* default: 50% */ } td.answer { width: 100%; /* default: 100% */ } Setting a custom image width: img { width: 100px; } Hiding a specific HTML element that you might not want to export: div.myClass { display: none; } LIMITATIONS Performance The PDF export is pretty slow, so please don't use it on a deck with too many cards. Exporting a deck of ≈6400 cards takes my machine about 5 minutes. The process can also be very memory-intensive, in some instances going up as far as 2GB. How much RAM is used depends on a number of factors, including the card formatting and number of embedded images. This memory cache might not be cleared properly after an export session. For that reason you might consider restarting Anki after exporting a larger card collection. The performance issues can largely be attributed to the PDF exporting library used. Unfortunately there is no way to further optimize it. Nor is there another viable alternative that would work with Anki. In the future it might be possible to switch to a different solution, but until then we are stuck with xhtml2pdf. Formatting compatibility Another limitation lies in the type of content the add-on can process. As pointed out above, xhtml2pdf only supports a subset of CSS properties. The same also applies to advanced formatting that might rely on JavaScript or complex HTML layouts. Any particularly involved formatting will not work properly. For instance, if your cards contain larger tables created with the Power Format Pack add-on, chances are that they won't be rendered correctly simpy because they just don't fit inside the limited space on each page / column. Language compatibility Support for non-latin character sets in PDF exports currently is highly limited. A workaround for this will be available in the upcoming 2.1 release. HELP AND SUPPORT Please do not use reviews for bug reports or support requests. I don't get notified of your reviews, and properly troubleshooting an issue through them is nearly impossible. Instead, please either use the issue tracker (preferred), add-on support forums, or just message me at ankiglutanimate@gmail.com. Constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcome! CREDITS AND LICENSE Copyright © 2017-2019 Aristotelis P. (Glutanimate) Thanks a lot to Evan (runninreb23) for commissioning this add-on! All credit for the original idea goes to him. This add-on would not have been possible without his support. The deck samples in the screenshots are based on the Brosencephalon deck and used with the kind permission of Amreet Siddhu. Licensed under the GNU AGPLv3, extended by a number of additional terms. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. For more information on the license please see the LICENSE file accompanying this add-on. The source code is available on GitHub. Pull requests and other contributions are welcome! MORE RESOURCES Make sure to check out my socials for the latest add-on updates and news: @Glutanimate | / Glutanimate New: Receive notifications about new add-on releases via @AnkiUpdates Want to hire me to work on add-on for you? Get in touch at ankiglutanimate@gmail.com SUPPORT MY WORK If you like PDF Glossary Exporter, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends, so that more people can enjoy it! A kind request: Writing, supporting, and maintaining Anki add-ons like these takes a lot of time and effort. If PDF Glossary Exporter has been a valuable asset in your studies, please consider using one of the buttons below to support my efforts by pledging your support on Patreon, or by buying me a coffee. Each and every contribution is greatly appreciated and will help me maintain and improve PDF Glossary Exporter as time goes by!              Pro-tip: Lots of exclusive add-ons and other goodies await on my Patreon page. Make sure to check them out!


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1666992989
Is there an update on this for anki 2.1
on 1657657915
on 1636903487
on 1629594643
how to install it? I tried but it didn't work.
on 1621696241
on 1613520847
Buggy. Crashes. No support. Thumbs down. Asking to be refunded on Patreon.
on 1613336326
I donated via Patreon to get this for Anki 2.1, but it's not close as good as I expected. The plugin cannot handle multiple choice cards and image sizes properly. At least in my case it is absolutely useless. I tried to change the CSS but not all changes, e.g. height: auto, are used for some reason.
on 1610290396
dont support mathjax
on 1602201962
on 1598343578
not updated to anki 2.1 :( please release new version here soon D;
on 1593660304
where can i find the latest code for anki ver. 2.1 of this ad ons?
on 1573549659
This is exactly what i was looking for !!!! now i easily compile the cards into pdf without having to write them by hand....Thank you so much !!
on 1573050960
I was able to download after updating my Anki and trying again a few times, this is a really cool and useful add-on, thank you!

Hi, this looks incredible and I would love to use it. Every time I put in the code I get this error message though. I'm using version 2.0.33. I'm more than happy to donate if you can help me resolve this. Thanks again, you're amazing

Download failed: traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\cygwin\home\dae\win\build\pyi.win32\anki\outpyz1.pyz/aqt.downloader", line 67, in run
File "C:\cygwin\home\dae\win\build\pyi.win32\anki\outpyz1.pyz/httplib2, line 1597, in request
File "C:\cygwin\home\dae\win\build\pyi.win32\anki\outpyz1.pyz/httplib2, line 1395, in request
File "C:\cygwin\home\dae\win\build\pyi.win32\anki\outpyz1.pyz/httplib2, line 1597, in request
File "C:\cygwin\home\dae\win\build\pyi.win32\anki\outpyz1.pyz/httplib2, line 1345, in request
File "C:\cygwin\home\dae\win\build\pyi.win32\anki\outpyz1.pyz/aqt.synchttplib2", line 467, in request
File "C:\cygwin\home\dae\win\build\pyi.win32\anki\outpyz1.pyz/httplib2, line 1036, in connect
SSLHandshakeError: [errno 1] _ssl.c:504: error:14077410:SSL
routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure
on 1571965831
on 1568542808
on 1563132422
Dude... you deserve the nobel prize!!!
on 1562589978
You are absolutely fantastic. Thank you for contributing so much to anki!
Comment from author
Thank you for the incredibly kind words! <3
on 1557777815
I used this add-on very often with Anki 2.0. So sad there is no update for 2.1! upgrade would help me so much in my studies!
on 1553631488
love this! the html export is fast to generate and it looks beautiful... pdf takes a while as expected.

i'd love a one-column html version!
on 1552490014
Thanks for sharing that! Best anki to printable addon out there
on 1551914076
Great work!!
on 1550582949
It looks really great! Please update for Anki 2.1!!!!
on 1548633437
on 1547372699
Very Very good
on 1544881863
good thought
on 1543603568
For those wanting to customize CSS in output file, "user_data/user.css" does not exist after you install the app online by code, you have to create a folder "user_data" under the folder of "pdf_glossary" and create a "user.css" file inside of it.
on 1541174507
only work in chrome for me not pdf but damn the guy who made this deserve a nobel prize !!!
the picture are working :o !! so impressed
by far the most outstanding add-on

PS : the answer : Exporting to HTML first, and then printing the document to PDF through Chrome's PDF export option should work without a hitch.
Now the probleme is HOW to export to htlm with ONE colums !!! ;)
on 1540767297
on 1539961048
AMAZING! WOW! I was so happy with the results I had to review this. It does exactly what it says it does and the formatting is beautiful and organized. Bless you anki angel, bless you!
on 1537777085
really good, but it still has some problem,
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 0-3: ordinal not in range(128)
on 1536146704
Doesn't support extended Unicode set.
All characters are giant black blocks.
If you're learning Chinese or Japanese, don't bother with this.
Not sure about Thai, Korean, etc.
Comment from author
This is a known issue and has been reported before on multiple occasions: https://github.com/glutanimate/pdf-glossary/issues/3

As stated on the issues tracker it's a limitation of the library used to generate PDF files. You are more than welcome to contribute a patch to fix this.

Until then feel free to use the workaround mentioned both in the description above and on the bug report (exporting to HTML, then printing PDF via your web browser).
on 1536112472
Thank you very much!
on 1535927670
Really awesome!!! just hope developer can support anki2.1
on 1534999456
God bless you
on 1534658334
it is amazing
on 1534277374
Amazing - great for when you need to review everything quickly!!
on 1534265478
excellent! ellegant!
on 1534250382
When I exported my first pdf, i said out loud "Oh my god, this is beutiful". Seriously, this is perfect for the classroom. Many blessings to you developer
on 1533919741
on 1531408693
It makes it easy sharing my flashcards with classmates who don't use Anki! I love it!
on 1530024019
on 1528979950
exactly what i needed!! thanks!
on 1526601600
Supppperb! works like charm.. Perfecto..
You saved me a full day of pain and copy pasting..
I needed my collection of millions of cards for a major open book exam..
It just turned them to this beautiful 300 pages of PDFs in a fraction of a second..
Thanks.. for real!
on 1526169600
its awesome
on 1524960000
Works well - very useful
on 1522195200
on 1520380800
SO USEFUL! I'm so glad I came across this. I can have all my flashcards in a pdf file for me to look at.
on 1519603200
AMAZING. Seriously--this works super well and it's worth any wait of exporting the cards. The export is neat and for former Quizlet users--it prints a similar style. It's great for exporting flashcards to notes and I'm just super happy I found this! :)
on 1518566400
This tool is good, but not support to Chinese and Japanese.
on 1517702400
I cannot have anki on some devices, converting anki cards to pdf is only of the options. This came to the rescue then.
on 1516492800
Love this addon! Would be great if there can be a 1 column html export option.
on 1516406400
Love Love Love this add-on. The only thing that I'm having trouble with is that some of the images lose resolution/clarity. I use the Image resizer so that the images I paste aren't HUGE. But my problem now is that some of the images are resized when I PDF export them. I'm not too familiar with coding/tech savvy, and was wondering if someone can help me solve this issue- would like the images to NOT change their size or at least be higher resolution. Thanks a bunch!
on 1515628800
on 1514073600
Parfait pour imprimer.
on 1511395200
on 1506988800
on 1506124800
on 1505779200
on 1505347200
on 1505260800
Wow! Fantastic!

This is so great! Thank you. I have wasted so much time trying to get a satisfactory result for exporting cards, and this is so much better and easy and fast. I will update rating from 5 to 6 stars if you add support for IO cards. ;)

Oh, I should mention that when I installed using the "install add-on" method from the app, the "user folder was not installed and the plugin did not work. I downloaded from github and installed manually with no issues.