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Khan Academy: AlgebraI (requires Latex)

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Here are some cards I made while going through the Algebra I mission in Khan Academy. Latex required.

Sample (from 159 notes)

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Front How would you solve the below for c?[$]c^2 = \frac{121}{169}[/$]
Back [$]\sqrt{c^2} = \pm \sqrt{\frac{121}{169}}[/$][$]c = \pm \sqrt{\frac{121}{169}}[/$][$]c = \pm \frac{\sqrt{121}}{\sqrt{169}}[/$][$]c = \pm \frac{11}{13}[/$]
Source https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra/rational-exponents-and-radicals/rational-exponents-intro/v/basic-fractional-exponents
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Extra Info Note the very important plus or minus symbol.
Tags AlgebraI Khan.Academy Math
Front What is theĀ discriminant in a quadratic equation?
Back The part inside the square root in a quadratic equation.
Source https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra/quadratics/solving-quadratics-using-the-quadratic-formula/v/quadratic-formula-3
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Extra Info [$]b^2 - 4ac[/$]
Tags AlgebraI Khan.Academy Math Trivia
Front Evaluate:[$]\sqrt[3]{- \frac{1}{8}}[/$]
Back [$]- \frac{\sqrt[3]{1}}{\sqrt[3]{8}} = - \frac{1}{2}[/$]
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Tags AlgebraI Khan.Academy Math Trivia

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Could be better formatted. Does not follow "Minimum Information Principle." Too many words, too much information per card
on 1629432604
on 1597921515
Nice, congratulations, covers quite some material!
on 1580827293
on 1562583359
Thank you
on 1558710740
I appreciate the LaTeX. You must have put a lot of effort into this.