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Pimsleur audio and speaking lesson

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This deck is based on Pimsleur audio lessons. It is not a transcript because the lessons are already based on repetition. You will vocabulary used in the lesson, then in a context of a sentence. Finally, you have a transcript of the opening dialogue from each lesson. Here, it's put as the last card of each lesson. Only the first 20 lessons. https://imgur.com/A9wetNI

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Id 390
Lesson 20
Format Sentence
English I have 3 boys.
Expression 三人男の子がいます。
Reading 三 人[にん] 男の子[おとこのこ]がいます。
Id 203
Lesson 10
Format Vocabulary
English I want to eat .
Expression 食べたいです。
Reading 食[た]べたいです。
Id 343
Lesson 18
Format Sentence
English Here it's more expansive.
Expression ここでは高いです。
Reading ここでは 高[たか]いです。

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on 1618553316
Thank You for your work!
on 1612356540
Clean, neat. Has everything you need minus the audio. Great work. Shame it only goes to Lesson 20.
Comment from author
Thanks !
I dropped it because there wasn't any transcript and the course didn't teach any grammar, so I ended up using other resources. I've learned a bit more since then, so I'll probably take another look to finish the first part.