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The highly efficient GRE Anki deck

73.77MB. 568 audio & 563 images. Updated 2018-09-22.

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This is a flashcard deck to learn the most 500 frequent words on the GRE test. Each card has a front side and a back side. The front side has a blank box and two hints of the word you are learning: a short description and an image. Your job is to try your best to write the word into the box, and at the same time pronounce it, then hit Enter. The card will flip to the back side, and the word appears. The pronunciation will speak up and your spelling is checked, so that you can learn from your try. The full definition of the word will refined your understanding of the word, so that you can see the differences between it and its synonyms. After understanding it, evaluating your memory by the buttons below so that Anki can predict when you are about to forget it. If you think an image is meaningless for you and want to change it, click on it to visit Google Images, find your preferred one, copy it, return to Anki and click Edit, then paste it in the Image field. Another deck of mine: 40 Independent Speaking Questions for TOEFL Test Tips: These words are meant to express complicated, entangled ideas in a clear, succinct manner. There is no way to remember all of them of course, but you don't need to be an English native speaker, you just need to be a new you. Many of those words require you to have at least a sorrow experience in your life. Half of them are there so that you can have empathy for others, another half of them help you not getting lost into it. Quotes: Visit my website to learn more about the motivation behind this deck. I may think about upgrade it and write more learning tips when I have a stable income. My current project is to capture the real essence of advanced concepts and translate it into flowery language. If you love this deck you will love it too. See Making concrete analogies and big pictures.

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Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Word tyro
IPA /ˈtī-(ˌ)rō/
Full definition noun someone new to a field or activity
Short description beginner; novice
Dictionary.com link http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/tyro
Image link http://www.google.com/images?q=tyro
Sound [non-mp3 audio]
Media link
Vietnamese meaning tyro /'taiərou/danh từ, số nhiều tyros(như) tirotyrocidineCách viết khác : tyrocidintyroleanCách viết khác : tyroliantyrolianCách viết khác : tyroleantyrosinasedanh từ(sinh vật học) tiroxinazatyrosinedanh từ(sinh vật học) tiroxin
Speaking sample
Word query
IPA /ˈkwir-ē, ˈkwer-/
Full definition noun an instance of questioning verb pose a question
Short description inquiry; question; V.
Dictionary.com link http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/query
Image link http://www.google.com/images?q=query
Sound [non-mp3 audio]
Media link
Vietnamese meaning query /'kwiəri/danh từcâu hỏi, câu chất vấn; thắc mắc((viết tắt), qu.) thử hỏi, chẳng biếtquery (qu.), has the letter been answered?chẳng biết bức thư đó đã được trả lời hay chưa?dấu chấm hỏinội động từ(+ whether, if) hỏi, hỏi xem, chất vấnđặt câu hỏi; đánh dấu hỏingoại động từnghi ngờ, đặt vấn đề nghi ngờ, thắc mắc
Speaking sample
Word abstruse
IPA /əb-ˈstrüs, ab-/
Full definition adj. difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge
Short description obscure; profound; difficult to understand
Dictionary.com link http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/abstruse
Image link http://www.google.com/images?q=abstruse
Sound [non-mp3 audio]
Media link
Vietnamese meaning abstruse /æb'stru:s/tính từkhó hiểuthâm thuý, sâu sắcabstruseness /æb'stru:snis/danh từtính khó hiểutính thâm thuý, tính sâu sắcabstruselyphó từthâm thúy, sâu sắc
Speaking sample

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on 1535943449
Amaaazing way to visualize vocab! It doesn't feel like studying at all, in fact this has become a mind cooler during work, but I noticed that when I see a less familiar word on paper I can recall the image immediately. Some of the pictures are truly priceless :D Fabulous job thank you <3
on 1534560357
on 1534368980
Gorgeous deck! Definitely worth it!
on 1532093743
Very good!
on 1529761375
on 1519430400
on 1516665600
Great deck with a large deal of detail.
on 1480723200
Variations of words should not be in the description

Putting the variation of the word, like the adjective term, in the description makes it useless to test oneself with the flashcards, since the term gives away the answer. Example, the Short description of oblique is:

indirect; slanting (deviating from the perpendicular or from a straight line); Ex. oblique reference

By writing "Ex. oblique reference: the answer is given before you flip the card.
on 1475971200
In reverse order but has audio and okay pictures.

This is slightly annoying to learn from as you are given a definition and have to think of the word. The problem is there are usually a lot of words you could give that satisfy the definition. Worse still, on some cards all you are given is a picture and no definition.

On the flipside the photos are usually helpful, and the audio might help depending on how you like to learn.
on 1470268800
The pictures help! Thanks for sharing

love the pic of "L" from deathnote
re "No usage examples": agreed. Seems like the author added usage examples to some cards in the "Short description" section
re "Isn't this backwarks [ sic ]": you can switch it up with "Edit" > "Cards..."
on 1468108800
Isn't this backwarks

I need to know the definition of the word not match choose a word based on the definition..
on 1456790400
No usage examples

on 1450396800
Excellent deck!

Well illustrated and detailed! Really useful for Vietnamese.