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The highly efficient GRE Anki deck

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This is a flashcard deck to learn the most 500 frequent words on the GRE test. Each card has a front side and a back side. The front side has an empty box, a short description of the word and its image. Your job is to do two things: (1) try your best to write the word into the box, and (2) pronounce it. After that, hit Enter. The card will flip to the back side, and the correct word will appear. The pronunciation will be spoken and your spelling is checked, so that you can learn from your wrongs. The full definition of the word will refine your understanding of the word, so you can use it correctly in writing. After that, clicking the bottom buttons to evaluate the strength of your memory so that Anki can predict when you are about to forget it. If you think an image is meaningless for you and you want to change it, click on it to open Google Images. In your browser, find your preferred image and copy it, then return to Anki. In Anki, click the Edit button, then paste it in the Image field. Another deck of mine to study in parallel with this deck: 40 Independent Speaking Questions for TOEFL Test Tips: These words are meant to express complicated, entangled ideas in a clear, succinct manner. There is no way to remember all of them of course, but you don't need to be an English native speaker, you just need to be a new you. Many of those words require you to have at least a sorrow experience in your life. Half of them are there so that you can have empathy for others, another half of them help you not getting lost into it. Inspiring quotes: If you love this deck and are interested to know more, there are some other articles that you might be interested in too: • The motivation behind this deck“The best way to learn vocabulary is from context.” Why is that sometime not true?Making concrete analogies and big pictures

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Word eclectic
IPA /e-ˈklek-tik, i-/
Full definition adj. selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas noun someone who selects according to the eclectic method
Short description selective; composed of elements drawn from disparate sources; selecting individual elements from a variety of sources; N. eclecticism
Dictionary.com link http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/eclectic
Image link http://www.google.com/images?q=eclectic
Sound [non-mp3 audio]
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Vietnamese meaning eclectic /ek'lektik/tính từ(triết học) chiết trungdanh từ(triết học) người chiết trungeclecticism /ek'lektisizm/danh từ (triết học)phép chiết trungthuyết chiết trungeclecticallyphó từtheo quan niệm chiết trung
Speaking sample
Word wag
IPA /ˈwag/
Full definition noun causing to move repeatedly from side to side; a witty amusing person who makes jokes
Short description begin and continue (a war)
Dictionary.com link http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/wag
Image link http://www.google.com/images?q=wag
Sound [non-mp3 audio]
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Vietnamese meaning wag /wæg/danh từngười hay nói đùa, người tinh nghịchIDIOMto play [the] wagtrốn họcdanh từ ((cũng) waggle)sự lắc, sự lúc lắc, sự vẫy, sự ve vẩywith a wag of the headlắc đầuwith a wag of its tailvẫy đuôiđộng từ ((cũng) waggle)lắc, vẫy, ve vẩythe dog wags its tailchó vẫy đuôito wag one's headlắc đầuto wag one's tongueba hoa, khua môi múa mépto wag one's finger at somebodylắc lắc ngón tay đe doạ aithe dog's tail wagsđuôi con chó vẻ vẩyIDIOMchins (beards, jaws, tongues) were waggingnói chuyện huyên thiên, khua môi múa mépIDIOMto set tongues (chins, beards) waggingđể cho mọi người bàn tánIDIOMtail wags dogkém mà lại đòi ăn trên ngồi trốc; chó nhảy bàn độc; cái đuôi đòi vẫy cái đầuwage /weidʤ/danh từ ((thường) số nhiều)tiền lương, tiền côngto earn (get) good wagesđược trả lương caostarving wagesđồng lương chết đói(từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) phần thưởng; hậu quảthe wages of sin is deathhậu quả của tội lỗi là chếtngoại động từtiến hànhto wage war againsttiến hành chiến tranh với(từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) đánh cuộcwage hike /'weidʤ'haik/danh từ(từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) (như) wage-risewage-earner /'weidʤ,ə:nə/danh từngười làm công ăn lươngwage-freeze /'weidʤ,fri:z/danh từsự hạn mức tiền lươngwage-fund /'weidʤizfʌnd/ (wage-fund) /'weidʤfʌnd/fund)/'weidʤfʌnd/danh từquỹ tiền lươngwage-rise /'weidʤraiz/danh từsự tăng lươngwage-scale /'weidʤskeil/danh từthang lươngwage-sheet /'weidʤʃi:t/danh từgiấy trả lươngwager /'weidʤə/danh từsự đánh cuộcto lay (make) a wagerđánh cuộcđộng từđánh cuộcwagerer /'weidʤərə/danh từngười đánh cuộcwages-fund /'weidʤizfʌnd/ (wage-fund) /'weidʤfʌnd/fund)/'weidʤfʌnd/danh từquỹ tiền lươngwaggery /'wægəri/danh từthói đùa dai(số nhiều) lời nói đùa; trò tinh nghịchwaggish /'wægiʃ/tính từnói đùa; tinh nghịchwaggish trickstrò tinh nghịchwaggishness /'wægiʃnis/danh từtính bông đùa; tính tinh nghịchwaggle /'wægl/danh từ(thân mật) sự lắc, sự lúc lắc, sự vẫy, sự ve vẩy ((cũng) wag)with a waggle of the headlắc đầuwith a waggle of its tailvẫy đuôiđộng từ(thân mật) (như) wagwaggly /'wægli/tính từlúc lắc, ve vẩykhông ổn địnhwaggon /'wægən/ (waggon) /'wægən/danh từxe ngựa, xe bò (chở hàng)(ngành đường sắt) toa trần (chở hàng)(ngành mỏ) xe goòng(thông tục) xe trẻ con(từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) máy bayIDIOMto be on the wagonkiêng rượuIDIOMto hitch one's wagon to a starlàm việc quá sức (khả năng) mìnhwaggoner /'wægənə/ (waggoner) /'wægənə/danh từngười đánh xewaggonette /,wægə'net/ (waggonette) /,wægə'net/danh từxe ngựa bốn bánh (có chỗ ngồi đối diện nhau)wagon /'wægən/ (waggon) /'wægən/danh từxe ngựa, xe bò (chở hàng)(ngành đường sắt) toa trần (chở hàng)(ngành mỏ) xe goòng(thông tục) xe trẻ con(từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) máy bayIDIOMto be on the wagonkiêng rượuIDIOMto hitch one's wagon to a starlàm việc quá sức (khả năng) mìnhwagon-lit /'vægʤ:n'li:/danh từ(ngành đường sắt) toa nằmwagoner /'wægənə/ (waggoner) /'wægənə/danh từngười đánh xewagonette /,wægə'net/ (waggonette) /,wægə'net/danh từxe ngựa bốn bánh (có chỗ ngồi đối diện nhau)wagtail /'wægtei/danh từ(động vật học) chim chìa vôiwage-claimdanh từyêu sách về lương (sự tăng tiền lương do công đoàn đòi hỏi chủ trả cho thợ)wage-workerdanh từngười làm thuêwaggon-roaddanh từđường xe ngựa; đường xe súc vậtxem waggon-waywaggon-waydanh từđường xe ngựa(khoáng chất) khu chở quặng bằng gòongwaggonagedanh từsự chuyên chở bằng xe, tàutiền chuyên chởđoàn tàu; dãy toa tàuwagons-litsdanh từ toa nằmwage(toán kinh tế) lương
Speaking sample
Word exhort
IPA /ig-ˈzȯrt/
Full definition verb force or impel in an indicated direction; urge on or encourage especially by shouts
Short description urge (by strong argument or advice); Ex. The general exhorted his men to fight bravely; N. exhortation
Dictionary.com link http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/exhort
Image link http://www.google.com/images?q=exhort
Sound [non-mp3 audio]
Media link
Vietnamese meaning exhort /ig'zɔ:t/ngoại động từhô hào, cổ vũ, thúc đẩychủ trương, ủng hộ (sự cải cách gì...)exhortation /,egzɔ:'teiʃn/danh từsự hô hào, sự cổ vũ, sự thúc đẩylời hô hào, lời cổ vũ, lời thúc đẩyexhortative /ig'zɔ:tətiv/ (exhortatory) /ig'zɔ:tətəri/tính từđể hô hào, để cổ vũ, để thúc đẩyexhortatory /ig'zɔ:tətiv/ (exhortatory) /ig'zɔ:tətəri/tính từđể hô hào, để cổ vũ, để thúc đẩyexhorterxem exhort
Speaking sample

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on 1667076873
It's great
on 1662443641
Stupid deck. They put the answer to many of the questions IN THE ACTUAL QUESTION PART
on 1657039469
on 1656726243
so bored
on 1653558999
As most of the reviewers have said, avoid this deck. It's a good idea, but it's more ineffective than it is efficient, simply because many of the words can be found in the definition, i.e. giving away the answer. Another thing is that it has too many things—audio, pictures—than necessary, which may suit certain people, but doesn't fit my studying style (as I prefer something simple and clear-cut).
on 1637586403
on 1634044871
Great deck! For those that don't like the example sentences, just {{Short description}} to {{Full definition}} in the front template settings.
on 1632084663
For learning english
on 1619439545
Good job!
on 1594255258
Ok listen up dumb-dumbs, stop down voting this because it's unrefined. It's very easy to fix the slides as you go. If it doesn't have a description on the front end, cut and paste it from the back end under the edit card button (just hit e). If the card has an example with the word on the front, move it to the back. If you're so lazy and entitled that you can't be bothered, you shouldn't be taking the GRE. The time spend fixing the slides is minuscule compared to the amount of time you use a slide for. Deck creator, thank you so much for putting this together.
on 1592857802
Don't be misguided by the name, don't download, many words can be found in the example sentence itself. The meanings can also be made more concise and accurate. Some cards don't even have the short description and only an unrelated image (exited the deck after that).
on 1589380511
Well formatted note type.

It needs IPA instead of the current transcription method.
on 1589287721
This deck has a ton of potential. But as of this date do not waste your time downloading it until it is fixed nearly half of all the vocab words have the actual word in the question making it completely useless.
on 1588197715
on 1587048886
Had good intentions, but lacks refinement. I just started and of the first five works, two of them have the word in the definition or sentence example. Fix these issues and it will be gold. For now though, will be looking for other resources to use.
on 1586117452
on 1585255690
Lots of the cards are missing the hints, the definitions are slightly inaccurate, a number have the answer on the front of the card making them pointless. the images are often inclusive of the words, and sometimes the pictures are so distracting they need to be removed to allow the word to have any effect. A study guide should not contain personal bias propaganda.
on 1582517359
Very good choice of words. Good explanation. Appropriate usage of pictures for reference. Randomness in the order of presenting words helps in learning through interleaving.
on 1572327690
on 1564591835
Thank you!
on 1564209290
love it
on 1547884185
Great deck! A lot of the words are words that appear on many gre lists at a more advanced level. The pictures make it easy to recall. Thanks!
on 1543268929
You're often given the word in the definition making it a useless exercise.
Comment from author
Yes, this is what I'm aware of; sorry for your inconvenience. I'll update it if I have time.
on 1535943449
Amaaazing way to visualize vocab! It doesn't feel like studying at all, in fact this has become a mind cooler during work, but I noticed that when I see a less familiar word on paper I can recall the image immediately. Some of the pictures are truly priceless :D Fabulous job thank you <3
on 1534560357
on 1534368980
Gorgeous deck! Definitely worth it!
on 1532093743
Very good!
on 1529761375
on 1519430400
on 1516665600
Great deck with a large deal of detail.
on 1497830400
on 1497744000
on 1492646400
on 1480723200
Variations of words should not be in the description

Putting the variation of the word, like the adjective term, in the description makes it useless to test oneself with the flashcards, since the term gives away the answer. Example, the Short description of oblique is:

indirect; slanting (deviating from the perpendicular or from a straight line); Ex. oblique reference

By writing "Ex. oblique reference: the answer is given before you flip the card.
on 1479859200
on 1479859200
on 1475971200
In reverse order but has audio and okay pictures.

This is slightly annoying to learn from as you are given a definition and have to think of the word. The problem is there are usually a lot of words you could give that satisfy the definition. Worse still, on some cards all you are given is a picture and no definition.

On the flipside the photos are usually helpful, and the audio might help depending on how you like to learn.
on 1475884800
on 1472947200
on 1472860800
on 1472688000
on 1471996800
on 1471219200
on 1470268800
The pictures help! Thanks for sharing

love the pic of "L" from deathnote
re "No usage examples": agreed. Seems like the author added usage examples to some cards in the "Short description" section
re "Isn't this backwarks [ sic ]": you can switch it up with "Edit" > "Cards..."
on 1469232000
on 1468195200
on 1468108800
Isn't this backwarks

I need to know the definition of the word not match choose a word based on the definition..
on 1466294400
on 1465430400
on 1464480000
on 1463702400
on 1460246400
on 1458432000
on 1456790400
No usage examples

on 1454371200
on 1452038400
on 1451347200
on 1450396800
Excellent deck!

Well illustrated and detailed! Really useful for Vietnamese.
on 1449014400