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Pediatrics Shelf Exam

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This deck is great for while on the wards. I combined this deck with BRS pediatrics + UWorld pediatrics questions and got a 99 raw score from NBME. Best to start the deck early in the rotation. If you do ~30-40 new cards a day you will be set.

Sample (from 715 notes)

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Text A urine dipstick shows 2+ proteinuria but no hematuria, pyuria, or urine sediment. Whats the next step?{{c1::Repeat dipstick testing on two subsequent occasions}}
Extra Note: Transient proteinuria is the most common cause of proteinuria and is caused by fever, exercise, seizures, stress, or volume depletion. 
Front Girl with chronic constipation also has recurrent UTIs. Whats the cause?
Back Urinary retention and stasis => gets infected
Front difference between scarlet fever and ARF?
Back Scarlet => with active strep infection - going on right now - from GAS toxins => fine desquamating rash, strawberry tongue. ARF => you had a sore throat a few weeks ago, it went away and now you're screwedDx by jones criteria

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Useful and time-saving.
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Comprehensive and funny, great deck. sometimes the abbreviations were confusing or you left out what disease is and only put treatment, things like that. but overall very good tool. thanks!
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So just to clarify--OP, when you say you combined BRS pediatrics and UWorld with this deck, do you mean that this deck encompasses what you found important from those two resources, and that it alone (well, the deck along with UWorld) is sufficient to score very high on this exam, or would you still recommend using the BRS pediatrics text along with this deck and UWorld? Thanks!
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Do you have a step 2 deck?
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Unable to import it

I have downloaded and imported other shared decks, but I have been encountering difficulties importing this deck despite multiple attempts. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have downloaded this deck and double clicked on the file; I have also tried importing it from my anki application after downloading this deck. Thanks.
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Great Deck

I Used this deck along with uworld and was pleased with the outcome. I should say I know this budding physician very well (so my opinion might be biased), and we are all very proud of him and his success. It really goes to show that it's entirely possible to live a healthy, accomplished life with a micropenis.
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I only used this ANKI with Uworld and case files. My score was 50% (percentile). I feel it was good for folks looking to pass and do super well. FOr the smarties, if you do this, you'll probably kill the exam.
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