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French Minimal Pairs for Vowels II

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I was rather disappointed by how small the French minimal pairs in the French pronunciation deck were, and how there's really only one file to a sound. After reading a review of Gabriel Wyner's Pronunciation Trainers I had the bright idea to create a deck that used more than one pronunciation of a word using minimal pairs. Minimal pairs list came from minimalpairs.net and the pronunciations came from a developer account of forvo.com. If you'd like to see my process for creating this deck, please see the github repository: malan88/minimalpairs. To the best of my knowledge this is within the rights granted by the developer license: "In the same manner, the user can use the pronunciations and translations made available in Forvo Media S.L. in any way as long as they are not used for commercial purposes. Forvo Media S.L. can license translations and / or pronunciations according to the different conditions established in the second point of the conditions mentioned here within." As well stated: "Basically: Attribution, non-commercial and share-alike, except for the commercial plans." So here's that attribution: Pronunciations by Forvo

Sample (from 16598 notes)

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Sort 1862
Word 1 eux
Word 1 IPA /ø/
Recording 1
Word 2 un
Word 2 IPA /œ̃/
Recording 2
Sort 3333
Word 1 le
Word 1 IPA /lə/
Recording 1
Word 2 la
Word 2 IPA /la/
Recording 2
Sort 7763
Word 1 veau
Word 1 IPA /vo/
Recording 1
Word 2 vue
Word 2 IPA /vy/
Recording 2

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on 1645984241
FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for making and sharing.
on 1615418294
Superb. This isn't a super high-concept deck, but the information is relevant and effective. And there are actual IPA transcriptions, which I feel like very people realize is basically a fundamental necessity for proper language learning.
on 1598626906
Really excellent! Thank you.
on 1579379550
This is fabulous, finally I can tell the difference between au-dessus and au-dessous!! For years there has been a single preposition which meant 'stands in a vertical relationship with' ; now there are two distinct words. Thank you!