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Complete Japanese Kana practice deck

0.93MB. 124 audio & 0 images. Updated 2015-09-12.
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Reversed cards for reading and writing Japanese Hiragana and Katakana kana practice with audio. Side one: type the Romaji Side two: hand write the kana after hearing the sound Tagged in detail (and by consonant) to enable filtered decks and custom study. Originally built from the TextFugu Hiragana and Katakana decks. Contains:

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Kana りゅ
Romaji ryu
Tags Hiragana Japanese R Voiced Yōon
Romaji ha
Tags Gojūon H Japanese Katakana
Romaji ni
Tags Gojūon Hiragana Japanese N

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on 1652287414
Like others have said, tu and du in the katakana were strange, katakana in general the order seems weird. Otherwise great deck that helped me learn super fast.
on 1600434751
I found that this was really useful for helping me study kana! Thanks!
on 1580933996
I found it helpful.
on 1571945538
I rate this deck positively. It does the job that I needed it to do well, in helping me to learn all the kana.

I had to do a bit of tweaking to the deck to get it to work best for me, but this wasn't a huge hassle to deal with.

1. I modified トゥ and ドゥ as suggested by another reviewer. The romaji given doesn't necessarily seem to be wrong (as I have found this combo to be converted multiple ways after a brief online search) but "tu" and "du" seemed more intuitive and is in line some other guides I found.

2. While the order for the hiragana was mostly good (except for a few り combo cards that popped up early), I found that the order the katakana appeared in, was a bit messier.

This was easy enough to fix, though, using Anki's suspend and reordering features.


Thanks so much for providing this deck.
on 1537378532
トゥ (tu) is to and ドゥ (du) is do in this deck
on 1534048769
Nice deck
on 1504396800
on 1503360000
on 1502323200
So far, so good

I've been trying different decks and so far this is the one I liked most. Simple and effective!

I've been learning Japenese just for a month, but I think this deck can really help me.
on 1494115200
Best Way to Internalize Kana

I've been trying mostly multiple choice methods, which didn't lend to remembering the kana long term.

Having to type it, and write it, helps sooo much more. I'm retaining it better, finding reading has gotten easier.
on 1459728000
on 1458086400