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Chemistry focused for JEE and NEET

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Front What are the old and new theories for metallic hydrides?
Back Old: hydrogen occupies interstices in metal lattice without producing disortion in shapeNew:Lattice different from original (except: Ni,Pd,Ce and Ac)
Tags +1 hydrogen NCERT
Text The property of absorption of hydrogen on transistion metals is widely used in {{c1::catalytic reduction / hydrogenation rctns}}. Some metals can keep a very large volume of hydrogen and hence can be used as a storage media. This property has {{c1::high potential}} for hydrogen storage and as {{c1::source of energy.}}
Tags +1 hydrogen NCERT
Front How does boric acid act as an acid?
Back Not a protonic acid but a lewis acid by accepting electrons from hydroxyl ion:\(\ce{B(OH)3 + 2HOH -> [B(OH)4]- + H3O+}\)
Tags +1 group-13 NCERT p-block

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