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JLPT N4 Vocabulary Deck - With Audio & Example Sentences

3.19MB. 650 audio & 2 images. Updated 2015-08-27.
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This is a vocabulary deck that encompasses all of the vocabulary that you are likely to need in order to pass JLPT N4. You can find out more about this deck and how to use it appropriately by checking out this article: JLPT N4 Vocabulary List - PDF, Flashcards, Excel, & Audio Formats. On that page, you can also download a PDF and/or Excel spreadsheet of this JLPT N4 Vocabulary deck. This deck was created by NihongoShark.com, where you can learn all kinds of good stuff about Japanese-language PWNing. Good luck on the test everyone!! Niko p.s. If you're feeling especially awesome today, it would mean a lot to me if you could write a positive review of this deck. If you have issues with it that you'd like me to address, please let me know by commenting on this page. p.p.s Here are some screenshots & more info:

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Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Target Japanese Word けれど(も)
Target Word Furigana けれど(も)
Japanese Example Sentence ▲あらゆる 療法[りょうほう]を 試[ため]したけれど(も)。
English Translation of Sentence ▲despite trying every form of (medical) treatment; in spite of all medical care.
English Definition (Lengthy Version) ① 〔逆の関係を示す〕 though; although; but; however; still; (and) yet; nevertheless; notwithstanding; all the same. [=-が1, かかわらず]② 〔単に接続的に, あるいは特別の意味なしに〕
Target Japanese Word 2
Target Furigana 2 けれども
Target Romaji keredomo
Simple Definition however
Vocab Audio
Target Japanese Word 片仮名
Target Word Furigana かたかな
Japanese Example Sentence ▲ 片仮名[かたかな]で 外来語[がいらいご]を 表記[ひょうき]する。
English Translation of Sentence ▲write (foreign) loanwords in katakana; transliterate (foreign) loanwords into katakana.
English Definition (Lengthy Version) katakana; the katakana syllabary; the square form of kana.
Target Japanese Word 2 片仮名
Target Furigana 2 かたかな
Target Romaji katakana
Simple Definition Katakana
Vocab Audio
Target Japanese Word はず
Target Word Furigana はず
Japanese Example Sentence ▲…するはずがない。
English Translation of Sentence ▲cannot 《be》; ought not to do; it is hardly possible that…; it is not likely that…; one cannot believe that…; I don't see why 《it is so》.
English Definition (Lengthy Version) ① 〔当然の道理〕② 〔予定〕③ 〔確信・確認〕
Target Japanese Word 2
Target Furigana 2 はず
Target Romaji hazu
Simple Definition it should be so
Vocab Audio

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on 1651908807
Audio is too fast (robotic), without accents. Example sentences are too complicated and do not match with what has already been learnt, they should only include N5 vocabulary + previous cards
on 1641384560
Please do for N3
on 1639485310
I love your works! Please make N3 too!
on 1591780163
It has a couple of errors, but it's still a good deck and worthy of a thumbs up! It's been a great help in my study.
on 1585404169
「おきる」 simple définition "to put" :-/ instead of "to get up" ?
on 1574080680
Again, great for cramming!
on 1550239576
This information is practical and easy to use
on 1540731068
Great deck for learning JLPT !
on 1513641600
more and more
▲The drums were rolling.

This is just an example of some of the horribly irrelevant examples that were picked for these cards.
on 1512864000
This desk is okay, but needs improvement in my opinion.

The two main issues I have are:

1) The audio is pretty much useless, the computerized voice is too fast and also doesn't give any indication of the natural pronounciation.
2) This deck doesn't seem to have any recall cards. I believe that both recognition and recall are important for memorization.
on 1508025600
on 1503964800
on 1502236800
on 1498867200
on 1498262400
Good deck

This is a fairly decent deck, the only flaw is that hiragana is on the front card and if you delete the field, you will miss out on hiragana only words. Maybe its just that I am noob with anki and dont know how to edit the deck properly.
on 1493251200
Good deck with a few mistakes

Contains very much information per card and is convenient to use because of the links to dictionaries.
The audio data sometimes doesn't fit the furigana (しん instead of こころ; こ and みずうみ ) (and is unnatural),
some words are doubled with only the example sentence exchanged (上げる; やっぱり).
on 1488412800
on 1486857600
on 1483574400
on 1474416000
Nice Job :)

As mentioned in his JLPT N5 Vocabulary Deck. Everything is perfect with this apart from that the flashcard only says the word in Japanese and not in English which prevents me from testing myself in listening to Japanese.

Other than that it's perfect, nice job :)
on 1471305600
Great help for JLPT N4

This is a fully packed vocabulary deck for JLPT N4. With included audio and example sentences and their meaning which makes it even more useful and fun.
Thank you for creating this deck.
on 1466467200
on 1466121600
on 1465948800
on 1465171200
on 1464998400
on 1464998400
on 1463961600
on 1456272000
Thank you!

Great work / deck.
Very well organised, full of useful information.
Thank you so much!
on 1453248000
on 1452384000
on 1449878400