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All French sentences with audio from Tatoeba

117.96MB. 8181 audio & 0 images. Updated 2019-12-20.
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This deck contains all of the French sentences from Tatoeba that have an audio recording, along with translations to several languages. They are arranged according to difficulty using MorphMan. If you are interested in the technical side of generating the deck or wish to obtain similar decks for other languages, read this page.

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sentence_id 6402375
fra Était-ce bon ?
eng Was it good?
rus Вкусно было?
MorphMan_Index 30781
MorphMan_Unmatures ce, bon, était
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 3
MorphMan_Unknowns ce, bon, était
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 3
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 218
Tags mm_notReady
sentence_id 4682026
fra J'étudie le français.
eng I'm studying French.I study French.
epo Mi studas la francan.
rus Я изучаю французский.
MorphMan_Index 40543
MorphMan_Unmatures français, le, j, étudie
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 4
MorphMan_Unknowns français, le, j, étudie
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 4
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 456
Tags mm_notReady
sentence_id 1176011
fra Jouons à la balle.
eng Let's play catch.
epo Ni ludu per pilko.
MorphMan_Index 40603
MorphMan_Unmatures la, à, jouons, balle
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 4
MorphMan_Unknowns la, à, jouons, balle
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 4
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 396
Tags mm_notReady

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on 1628448877
Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much for all your work :)
on 1602760828
Translations are inconsistent (English answers are mostly there, others like German sometimes). It would make more sense to have it bilingual (French-English).

Many short, random sentences. Maybe good for beginners, but you will not expand your vocabulary much.

Too many unnecessary repetitions, it's no fun to practise »Allez!« ten times in a session.
on 1598379956
on 1597037445
Requesting a deck like this but with Swedish sentences. Thank you!
on 1596271827
Highly appreciated, extremely useful (contents and 'machinery'/how-to).
Now that I downloaded your "All French sentences with audio from Tatoeba" and "All Portuguese sentences with audio from Tatoeba", I'm trying to figure out how I could, from my Linux desktop, make a bilingual version (but still with audio), with minimal other linguistic info so as to just make the whole thing more mobile (sync times, connection, AnkiDroid).
I'm French speaking (and learning brazilian Portuguese), so I appreciated this article:
Mille fois merci et ... chapeau!!
on 1581930063
Very good
Comment from author
on 1580421831
Great work! Highly appreciated thanks a lot
Comment from author
on 1578231487
I really appreciate your work on these deck. They are extremely useful. I've already started using this French deck. But could you also make a Spanish deck? I understand there are too many Spanish sentences with audio on Tatoeba, but is it possible to make a selective one with number between 10k and 20k? For example, one sentence out of every five?
Comment from author
Thanks for the feedback! ^_^

I have an idea how to achieve this, but it will take some time to implement it. If you want, send me an email (contact info: http://me.digitalwords.net) and I will notify you when it’s finished :-)
on 1577668830
very useful deck!!!
Comment from author
Thanks! :-)

If you want to learn other languages this way check out the other decks:
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