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Complete Katakana practice deck

0.91MB. 123 audio & 0 images. Updated 2015-09-12.
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Reversed cards for reading and writing Japanese Katakana kana practice with audio. Side one: type the Romaji Side two: hand write the kana after hearing the sound Tagged in detail (and by consonant) to enable filtered decks and custom study. Originally built from the TextFugu Katakana deck. Contains:

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Romaji n
Tags Gojūon Japanese Katakana N
Romaji re
Tags Gojūon Japanese Katakana R
Romaji shi
Tags Gojūon Japanese Katakana S

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on 1635695561
One minor issue: the Romaji for ドゥ should be "du" instead of "do", if I'm not mistaken. Other than that, really helpful for learning Katakana!
on 1605549735
It does the job. One thing I would say is the audio pronunciations sound a little off. Not native sounding.
e.g. "soo" for ス, "tsoo" for ツ, "kow" for コ.
on 1597092874
Thanks a lot for making this it's good if you want to practice writing them too
on 1592866645
Exatamente o que estava precisando!
on 1589210095
Perfect, need more from this author
on 1579182081
on 1577103148
Exactly what I was looking for