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Search and Replace Tags

<10kB. Updated 2017-08-30.
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Update: Make sure to check out BetterTags for drag-and-drop support, easy renaming, regex replacements, and more! Please note that the current version of BetterTags only works fully on Anki 2.1.40 and below. An update for newer versions of Anki is in the works and will release later this year. Until then, make sure to check out Colorful Tags which at least brings a few features from BetterTags over to Anki 2.1.45 and up. --------------------------------- Adds a "Replace Tag" dialog to the card browser that prompts for a tag and its replacement and then replaces the tag in all selected notes. Hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T COMPATIBILITY Initial tests have shown this add-on to both work on Anki 2.0.x and Anki 2.1.x. However, as the Anki 2.1.x line of releases is still in beta, I cannot provide any kind of official support for this platform. Please do not report issues with Anki 2.1 in the review section below. Instead, please report all issues you encounter on GitHub. CHANGELOG 2017-08-23 – Initial 2.1 compatibility 2017-08-06 – Some smaller improvements and bug fixes 2016-06-04 – Switch to title case for menu entries 2016-05-27 – Initial release SUPPORT Please do not report issues or bugs in the review section below, as I will not be able to reply to them nor help you. Instead, please report all issues you encounter either on GitHub, or by posting a new thread on the Anki add-on support forums while mentioning the name of the affected add-on in your thread title. CREDITS AND LICENSE Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Glutanimate Licensed under the GNU AGPL v3. The code for this add-on is available on GitHub. MORE RESOURCES A lot of my add-ons were commissioned by other Anki users. If you enjoy my work and would like to hire my services to work on an add-on or new feature, please feel free to reach out to me at: ankiglutanimate [αt] gmail . com Want to stay up-to-date with my latest add-on releases and updates? Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @Glutanimate New to Anki? Make sure to check out my YouTube channel where I post weekly tutorials on Anki add-ons and related topics: / Glutanimate


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1667544170
Don't use this addon. Use the default Notes>Find and replace, then just select replace in the field "Tags".
This addon can only rename tags.
on 1649838541
Works like charm
on 1617886409
Ok it works fine! I was not using it properly!
on 1614879705
nicely works
on 1612152195
Essencial! Work Anki 2.1.35.
on 1609198983
Works perfectly!! Thank you so much.
on 1606195718
on 1600906882
Saves a lot of time
on 1600108611
Really great addon, encouraged me to get the better tags addon off glutanimate's patreon which gives the same functionality and 10x times more. Thanks for all the work!
on 1598652765
Good Job! Keep going!
on 1595335577
Very useful
on 1594869195
Sensacional, funcionou perfeitamente !
on 1594736597
on 1594317032
Really helpful :)
on 1592401683
This addon has saved me hours. It is the reason why I decided to support the author on Patreon. I had done a bad tagging job, started to tidy up - but it was taking way to much time. The drag&drop made possible by this addon is a game changer!
Comment from author
Thanks so much for the kind words, and for your support on Patreon! Really glad I could help with the add-on :)
on 1590347157
Well done!
on 1588909809
it's so fast
on 1587977260
Works perfectly!
on 1587456499
Incredibly useful Add-on. Thanks a lot!
on 1585190240
great addon
on 1579474246
Work is done much faster with this add-on. Recommend

Робота дісно швидше пішла. В навігаторі можна кілька карток вибрати, потім комбінація клавіш, стрілка вниз, вибираємо відповідну мітку, ентер, вписуємо нову назву (або редагуємо - це божественно) і теж ентер. в рази швидше, ніж створювати нові мітки і видаляти старі. Рекомендую однозначно.
on 1578551815
Tag was not renamed: "css" -> "it::css".
Comment from author
Hi! Sorry to hear that you're having trouble getting the add-on to work. For what it's worth, that tag replacement works perfectly well for me. Unfortunately there's little I can do to help you without more information on your Anki installation, notes, and what exact steps you took. As mentioned in the add-on description above, the best way to report issues is via GitHub or Anki's support forums. But you can also just shoot me an email at ankiglutanimate@gmail.com. Either way, I will only be able to help you when I know more about the exact situation, as whatever issue you're facing is not something commonly present (looking at how thousands of users are using the add-on with no issues).
on 1577117960
Perfect !! Can't believe how easy it is now to change/rename/replace tags.
For Mac Users, the keyboard short cut is : <command> + <option> + <shift> + <T> (after highlighting all the cards that you want with <command> + <A>)
on 1573652127
on 1571793298
Thank you
on 1569997399
Updated all tags in, like, 2 seconds. Note: make sure you highlight all the cards with tags that need to be changed.
on 1567321988
Worked perfectly, thanks for the great add on!
on 1566676831
Small thing but helps (especialle with hierarchical tags).
on 1566469747
Works perfectly!
on 1559029961
on 1556629222
It worked for me. (Anki 2.1.11 / macOS)
on 1555775768
Doesn't worked
Comment from author
Hi. Sorry to hear that. I would like to help, but I cannot do so without further information. You can either submit a bug report on the official Anki forums (https://anki.tenderapp.com/discussions/add-ons , requires no account), or send me an e-mail at ankiglutanimate@gmail.com. That way we can then go through the proper troubleshooting steps.
on 1552901193
Thxxxx, save a lot of time when I switch to hierarchical tags!!!!
on 1549631503
Great addon. Saved a lot of work when switching to Hierachical tags.
on 1548173338
Works Well:
Note previous person talking about BATCHES of tags: browse > select tag want to batch change > ctrl + a (to select all) > ctrl+alt+shift+T and change the whole batch.
(I dislike people giving negative feedback because of their own ignorance)
on 1547836543
thank you for your work! this is super helpful!
on 1547374207
on 1547152448
Just what I needed!

Couldn't get the keyboard shortcut to work, maybe because I'm using Mac OS screen sharing, so I was glad to see the Tags->Replace Tag menu was available.
on 1543087420
Thanks very much for taking the time to write this. Much appreciated.
on 1541505367
Saved me a lot of time !
on 1539498459
Saves a lot of bother
on 1537777607
Helps me batch-edit my tags when I import decks. I'll usually rename tags in the mainTag::subTag format so I can take advantage of hierarchical tags with the Hierarchical Tags add-on.
on 1529061427
If the thumbs down reviewer meant there wasn't a way to batch rename one tag from all the cards with that tag in it, then that reviewer is wrong.
If the thumbs down reviewer meant there wasn't a way to batch rename all tags from one or all the cards, then that reviewer is right.
Either way, that reviewer was wrong about this add-on not being a time-saver. It saves time from having to change a certain tag in each card you've used that tag. This add-on is great in addition to the hierarchical tags.
on 1527638400
Great addon, totally necessary if you are using hierarchical tags!
on 1523750400
needed this!
on 1522886400
Saved TONS of work when I was switching hierarchical tags.
on 1518912000
It works!
on 1514246400
No batch rename. More steps than renaming each tag individually.
on 1506556800
on 1505174400
on 1500768000
on 1499817600
on 1497484800
on 1496793600
on 1496534400
on 1493596800
on 1491868800
on 1491523200
on 1490832000
on 1488412800
on 1484870400
on 1484006400
on 1482883200
on 1464566400

Thanks for another very useful add-on, Glutanimate!

A detail if I may: I’d use title case in the menu (i.e. “Replace Tag…”).