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A2 Wortliste Goethe (vocab, sentenses, audio, translation)

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When I started to learn German I figured, that there is quite some material out there, but not really available in Anki. So I started to move material to Anki and enrich it there for optimized learning. This deck is basically an Anki import of the wordlist from Goethe Institute for German level A2. It includes all the vocabularies and the sentences to each vocabulary to describe the different meanings, enriched with audio from duden.de, yandex.ru and some translations from google.com. It starts with the letter A in the wordlist, the other information before that is not included in the deck. The original A2 wordlist can be found here: https://www.goethe.de/pro/relaunch/prf/en/Goethe-Zertifikat_A2_Wortliste.pdf Tools The following tools have been used beside Anki to create the deck, thanks! duden.de to create the audio of most of the words dict.leo.org to clarify some English translations yandex.ru to create the audio translate.google.com to translate the sentenses AwesomeTTS Plugin https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/301952613 Advanced Browser https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/874215009 Known Limitations I checked the meaning of the English translation of the vocabulary by hand, but still I am sure there will be quite some errors to be found, in case you are not sure ask a native or at least consult dict.leo.org. The translation of the sentences is only to give a feeling; I didn’t check it at all. The audio sometimes reads numbers and special characters in a wrong way, but it is quite seldom, so no big need to correct it. Sometimes there are two sentences, half-sentences or two vocabularies together and this shouldn’t be, sorry for that. Please feel free to add more corrections as time moves on. If you want to post some corrections below feel free to do so but please add the order_number from the note, then I can easily import and fix it. Additional Information I wanted to create a deck where part of the sound is played automatically and part not. This was finally achieved by putting a long invisible silent sound in front of the sounds I don’t wanted to be auto-played, for example <div style="display:none">[sound:_LongSilence.mp3]</div>

Sample (from 1214 notes)

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Wort_DE Tafel
Wort_EN whiteboard
Artikel die
Plural -n
Satz1_DE Der Lehrer schreibt das neue Wort an die Tafel.
Satz1_EN The teacher writes the new word to the board.
Satz2_DE Am Eingang gibt es Tafeln mit Informationen.
Satz2_EN At the entrance there are tables with information.
Satz3_DE Die Infotafel ist am Eingang.
Satz3_EN The Infotafel is at the entrance.
Original_Order 997
Wort_DE möglich
Wort_EN possible
Satz1_DE Kann ich bitte sofort einen Termin haben? - Das ist leider nicht möglich.
Satz1_EN Can I have an appointment immediately? - Unfortunately that is not possible.
Original_Order 698
Wort_DE sympathisch
Wort_EN likeable / friendly
Satz1_DE Der neue Chef ist sehr sympathisch.
Satz1_EN The new boss is very sympathetic.
Original_Order 989

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on 1634285324
Very very good list, with 1-3 sentences for each words to give examples. Cannot recommand enough.
on 1633321798
on 1632770657
This deck is great, thanks for your work. However I've found an error - original_order 541 - word "klappen" usually means "to work" as in "Yeah, that works for me".
on 1632172276
Thank you so much
on 1632171714
on 1628529538
Very complete and helpful
on 1628057535
Vocab, sentences, audio, translation all included together.
on 1625787473
on 1625233998
it's pretty good so far
on 1624049837
on 1623168714
on 1622653437
on 1621769235
on 1621761529
Works perfect
on 1620977049
A perfect place to start. I'll be moving to the B2 soon
on 1620157433
Great effort! Thanks
on 1619984228
on 1618686728
on 1618163282
Vielen danke!
on 1615416151
on 1613027507
hi can iget text and audio sepertaly?
on 1612936072
Lots of great words. Take some translations with a grain of salt, but otherwise great
on 1612458120
Thank you for your work !
on 1612330052
Ja fgj
on 1611170504
Can you tell me how to get the audio for the example sentences to work as soon as they become visible? I still appreciate this list!
on 1610262521
Thanks for this nice work. I have a problem with this deck ( i also use your B1 deck but l don't have the same problem with that one) , when l study only the voice for the word plays automatically not the sentences. l should click on sentences manually and it is very time consuming. Can you help me solve this problem. Thanks in advance
on 1610212927
on 1610191092
on 1608800572
Great Work, thank you.
on 1607804936
Very well done, thank you! There are few minor mistakes in English translation, but nothing that would hinder the learning process. Overall, great job!!
on 1606853384
extremelly good thanks a lot !!
on 1605906021
Fantastic list!
on 1603881157
on 1603767644
A pile of work has gone into this deck!
on 1602971643
very good
on 1602091873
excellent - stimulates both short and long memory+good examples/sentences for more comprehensive studying
on 1601043275
on 1600967521
on 1600766116
Great job!
on 1600333073
I really appreciated the effort! Well done
on 1600156570
Exactly what I needed:)
on 1598810360
It's useful but the translations could and should be better.
on 1598537886
on 1598325990
This is an amazing deck. Like really really amazing.
on 1597280603
this is the best, i've seen a lot of flash cards but these hadn't sound, so i couldn't know how pronounce those words, thank u very much
on 1596963847
sentences and audios helped me alot
on 1595748019
Thanks, really appreciated !
on 1594805019
Me gusta mucho esta lista
on 1594527606
on 1594460035
on 1594248092
this deck goes WAY beyond what I was expecting
on 1593777111
This is a well-made deck. Danke!
on 1593733070
To the author, and whomever it may interest - this deck has helped me greatly.
A lot of effort has been put into this, and it shows!
on 1593355664
Good quality deck, thank you!

I made one change for my own usage: on the German->English cards I prefer to see the article and plural on the front of the card.

On the Linux app I was able to set this up like this:

- Go to Tools -> Mange Note Types.
- Select the type for this cards (it said "Basic (and reversed card)-75aea")
- Click the "Cards..." button
- Change the Front Template for the "Card 1" type to this:
on 1592461341
Dankeschön :)
on 1591589595
want to learn more about German
on 1591049989
Have been studying for 17 days thus far and have already added hundreds of words to my vocabulary. Great deck as a beginner's resource, provided you add your own images and can spot the few mistakes in the sample sentences. Well done!
on 1590579149
Thank you for posting, i am learning alot from these words and explenation xD
on 1589814650
on 1589639886
on 1589384606
I just finished this deck, and it took me more than 8 months. I have been procrastinating half of the time.
it's hella helpful, I actually feel really great that I finally finished it. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!!!
now moving to the b1 deck.
on 1589194072
Good job!
on 1589054608
on 1588438059
Very useful and audio is good
on 1588422407
on 1587756849
on 1587685100
thank you!
on 1587118145
Well done
on 1586764398
Great job!
on 1586275221
Super!!! Weiter so. :)
on 1585671383
Very useful !
on 1584826610
Thanks for effort. Great job
on 1584558810
Gut gemacht!
on 1584258638
Perfekt Danke schöne
on 1584213925
Awesome !
on 1583941463
Vielen Dank
on 1580946535
Very good!
on 1579357800
It's a good card deck but I edited the deck with different background colours for each gender to make it easier to learn them.
on 1576434577
There are some things that you might want to edit, but in general this is a very high quality deck with audio and sentences for context. The only thing you could do to improve it would be visuals, but that's a lot of extra work!
on 1575546114
on 1575467810
So helpful! I really like the sentences, and the audio is awesome.
on 1573523358
Great work!
on 1573304563
I’ve just been doing this test today.
I personally recommend focus on 3 main things:
1. Learn Goethe a2 Wordlist by heart. It would greatly help any test taker, because all 4 sections of the test use mostly that vocabulary. It has around 1200 words, so you probably need around 50 hours on that task, depending on your learning skills.
2. Practice main sections of exam with any practise book, which were mentioned in previous answers.
3. 3 weeks before the exam start practicing small discussions from speaking part. You can still run those dialogs in your head, that would also work.
on 1572325367
some of the English translations are wrong, which I will record here
"Am nächsten Montag geht es leider nicht." ->
X "The next Monday is unfortunately not."
O "It doesn't work next Monday."

"auspacken" ->
X "unpacking"
O "unpack"
"Packst du bitte den Koffer aus?" ->
X "Will you pack the suitcase, please?"
O "Will you please unpack the suitcase?"

"Das Dorf liegt direkt an der Autobahn." ->
X "The village is located directly on the highway."
O "The village is located directly by the highway."
on 1569672335
I’m half way and it has been very useful. I can now understand the main message of a random ad on the street or some easy articles.
Thank you for your time and effort!
on 1569599843
on 1565603014
on 1563119650
on 1556415366
Very helpful!
on 1555220602
Thnak you, very useful.
on 1540752280
fantastic and useful deck
on 1539443923
on 1538840713
i need this deck so much, thank you
on 1520812800
Good work. Very useful.
on 1519171200
Great Work, thank you.