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Hello in many languages

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Learn how to say hello and other simple phrases in different languages with this deck featuring 406 different languages (144 of them with audio). The phrases available are: ・Hello ・My name is ... ・I'm from ... ・Nice to meet you ・How are you? ・Reply to 'How are you?' ・Have a nice day ・Thank you ・Reply to 'Thank you' ・Goodbye ・Cheers! ・Good morning ・Good evening ・I love you ・Sorry ・Excuse me ・One language is never enough Here's how to use the deck: 1. Decide if you want cards that don't have any audio It might be difficult to match the correct pronunciation without audio, so notes are tagged if they have at least one. To remove all cards without audio, do the following search and suspend / delete all the cards: "deck:Hello in many languages" -tag:audio 2. Decide which phrases you want There are 17 different phrases per language (some languages don't have all of them), you can choose which ones you want to keep in the following query. Suspend all cards which aren't those phrases: "deck:Hello in many languages" -is:suspended -("Phrase:Hello" OR "Phrase:My name is ..." OR "Phrase:I'm from ..." OR "Phrase:Nice to meet you" OR "Phrase:How are you?" OR "Phrase:Reply to 'How are you?'" OR "Phrase:Have a nice day" OR "Phrase:Thank you" OR "Phrase:Reply to 'Thank you'" OR "Phrase:Goodbye" OR "Phrase:Cheers!" OR "Phrase:Good morning" OR "Phrase:Good evening" OR "Phrase:I love you" OR "Phrase:Sorry" OR "Phrase:Excuse me" OR "Phrase:One language is never enough") If I for example only wanted to be able to say "Hello" and "My name is ...", I would suspend all these cards: "deck:Hello in many languages" -is:suspended -("Phrase:Hello" OR "Phrase:My name is ...") 3. Study until you don't want to learn new languages The cards will appear by the number of countries the language is used in so you will start by studying the most common languages and can stop studying new cards when you don't want to learn any more languages. If there is a particular language on the way you want to skip you can suspend the cards with: "deck:Hello in many languages" -is:suspended "Language:Name of the language" Guide to abbreviations inf = informal, frm = formal, sg = singular (said sg), dl = dual (said to two people), pl = plural (said to three or more people), rsp = respectful form, m = said by men, f = said by women Sources Translations and audio: Omniglot - alphabets, languages, useful phrases and much more Ordering of languages: Conservapedia and Wikipedia

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NoteID Reply to 'Thank you' in Klallam
Language Klallam
Phrase Reply to 'Thank you'
Other translations
NoteID Reply to 'How are you?' in Kongo
Language Kongo
Phrase Reply to 'How are you?'
Translation Inga
Other translations
NoteID My name is ... in Friulian
Language Friulian
Phrase My name is ...
Translation Il gno non al è ...
Other translations

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