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Cloze Deletion Single Card

<10kB. Updated 2016-03-24. Only supports Anki 2.0.
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A very simple Anki plugin that allows you to add as many cloze deletions to a card as you want, always showing it up in a single card. In other words, whenever you add a cloze deletion in a card, you always will get a tag using "c1". For example: 1) Addding a new card: 2) Answering the question: 3) Reviewing the question:


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1625002646
on 1614476111
Not compatible with 2.1
on 1604338338
Please update the addon to the current anki version!
I tried the tip from 2 users below, but even though I see the C1 Button, when i click it while creating a new card nothing happens.
on 1603828972
I wish this worked and I wish I understood what the person below me meant by 'copy pasting' the downloaded file after 'View file'. It's a folder.
on 1593146792
Instead of using the Keyboard Shortcut method, you can try this: Go to Tools > Add-ons > View Files > Copy-Paste the Extracted folder (Downloaded from Github link below) > Restart Anki > Add > You should see the C1 Button (right most)

I have tried this on Mac & Windows Anki 2.1 and it works completely fine!

Use this link to Download the Add-on Folder: https://github.com/sgao24/cloze_as_one (Clone > Download ZIP)
on 1584506886
It's useful
on 1582240741
Love this addon but NEED IT IN 2.1!!!
on 1582231271
Upvote: support for 2.1 would really be appreciated!
on 1577377546
Please make this for version 2.1!!!! My anki got updated and I can longer use this amazing function!
on 1571006109
I have never used this add-on, but I would LOVE this if it were for 2.1!!! Please update this for 2.1, I will be forever grateful!
on 1547705851
Awesome add on!
For those who have Anki 2.1, I found hot key that enable you to do this without add on
For Mac: Shift + option + command + C
For PC: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C
on 1544477211
good addon
on 1539497806
It's either use this + renumber multi-card clozes, or don't use this + renumber single-card clozes. I usually use single, so it saves me a lot of time.
on 1538760792
Please, please, please - update this for the new anki version!
on 1536999272
Looks useful. Could you update?
on 1527120000
Very good!
on 1523059200
Finally! It was getting so annoying having to go back to each cloze and changing it to 1! Save's so much time!!
on 1520035200
on 1519516800
this is very useful for me,allway c1.
on 1515974400
It's very helpful when you need hide more than one thing in just on card.
on 1506816000
on 1489708800
on 1489190400
on 1481500800
Interesting but...

would it be possible to be able to switch from this to regular cloze deletion when needed? Otherwise it´s a deal breaker for me... Thanks very much anyway!
on 1459123200
Very Useful!