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Rivers, Lakes, Seas, and Oceans

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Location of rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans Based on the "Rivers, Lakes and Seas" deck by azrael42 on Memrise. Most of the location maps were created by azrael42 and are based on the work of the following Wikipedia Commons users: Africa: Sting (Eric Gaba), Middle East, Central America and Australia: Виктор В, Europe: Alexrk2, New Zealand, Sulawesi: NordNordWest, Japan: Chumwa, all remaining maps (!): de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer:Uwe_Dedering Please see here for more information on the original deck. Many thanks to pschlette and wilddom for their work on the memrise2anki add-on which made this conversion possible in the first place Author of this version: Glutanimate (© 2016) License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

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Name Bratsk Reservoir
Area 5.500 square km
Depth 2nd largest reservoir (169 cubic km)
Thing 7267091
Tags Lakes largest-reservoirs
Name Norwegian Sea
Thing 12416377
Tags ArcticOcean Seas
Name East China Sea
Thing 12498446
Tags AfricaAndAsia Seas

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on 1667393091
Great, thanks!
on 1666944021
Great course, clear images
on 1664462431
good deck. pictures are clear, cards have good information.
on 1646500397
on 1612121171
Muy bien gracias
on 1610891753
perfect if you're through with the UG deck
on 1583037009
Good for competitive exams
on 1575745594
Awesome and complete
on 1542710550
Very helpful
on 1537723938
Excellent. Wish there was more detail on India, Africa, and Europe, and would be nice to add mountain ranges (since they tend to be connected to rivers) but great either way.
on 1510272000
on 1493683200
Lacking some important features

This is a perfectly good deck if you specifically want to study the largest of various things (largest discharge river, longest river etc.) However, there are many culturally important rivers that are not that big and this means the deck is lacking some important information. E.g. the deck contains only two European rivers (the Danube and the Volga) - this might reflect the true fact that most of the world's largest rivers are not in Europe but it then misses out on multiple rivers of cultural importance (the Thames, the Seine, etc.) many of which are still the largest in their country.

Overall 3/5, good coverage of most things but I'd like to see many more rivers. There's a distinct lack of coverage in Europe and the US which is where many users might find more interest (personal opinion).