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OBGYN Uwise Exam

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Uwise questions. Made based of APGO, Uwise pre-shelf exam questions.

Sample (from 670 notes)

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Front What is the normal seq of puberty?
Back Therlarche (breast buds)-->Adrenarche (hair growth)-->Menarche (mestruation)
Front Lesion on the vulva, next best step? 
Back Biopsy (r/o malignancy)
Front What are initial measure to treat fetal hypoperfusion?
Back Change mom to left lateral position (increases perfusion to uterus), maternal O2 supp, treat maternal hypotension, d/c oxytocin, consider intrauterine resusciation

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great notes!
on 1551347991
It helped me a lot through my Ob-gyn rotation.
on 1527552000
thorough review of UWise key points
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