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Pathophysiology at Ponce Health Sciences University

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This is another picture-heavy deck, and the EKG section is probably the best section in the deck. If you don't use anything else, definitely make use of that, because that's totally high yield. The good news is that a lot of this overlaps with pathology, so if you're good on pathology you should pass this class. This deck's tags go by body system, and for most systems literally all the class material is reflected in these cards, but this is a deck where you'll DEFINITELY want to add your own cards depending on the doctor teaching you. Find a resource to read from and stick to it--one of my biggest problems with this class was that I wasn't able to settle on a resource. (I did, however, pass, in case you're wondering. = P) Try reading the Cecil if you can, but mostly focus on knowing your pathology really well and just trying to use that to help you keep up with the lecturers.

Sample (from 1003 notes)

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Front initial treatment of mild to moderately-active UC with... (3)
Back sulfasalazineoral/rectal mesalaminecorticosteroid enemas
Tags GI block4
Front Familial combined dyslipidemia comes from what
Back Overproduction of Apo-B-100
Tags blood
Front three complications of ileal disease beyond malabsorption
Back oxalate renal stonesbone diseasegallstones
Tags GI block4

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