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Chinese listening drills

227.38MB. 5475 audio & 0 images. Updated 2016-10-12.

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SpoonFed Chinese with altered cards so that only audio is presented on side 1. This is to train your ear.

Sample (from 8142 notes)

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English The West and East have different moral standards.
Pinyin Xīfāng de dàodé biāozhǔn gēn dōngfāng de dàodé biāozhǔn bù tóng.
Hanzi 西方的道德标准跟东方的道德标准不同。
English Miss, can I please ask how to get to the railway station?
Pinyin Xiǎojiě, qǐng wèn huǒchē zhàn zěnme zǒu?
Hanzi 小姐,请问火车站怎么走?
English Are you accustomed to Chinese food?
Pinyin Nǐ shìfǒu xíguàn Zhōngguó de yǐnshí?
Hanzi 你是否习惯中国的饮食?

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on 1572136678
Great listening practice. Has a variety of speakers. Also useful for shadowing, or "subtitles" reading practice after the card flip. I bulk-edited the cards to put some space between the 汉子 and pinyin. FYI, I did a random-selection of the whole deck as a test, and it seems that some of the audio files are missing.
on 1568209320
Thank so much for the clear audios! I use it to practice listening and repeat everyday, especially when I couldn't find any Chinese friend to practice with.
on 1519776000
Excellent. Works perfectly. Using alongside spoonfed deck and ChinesePod - starting to train my ear to recognise chinese words without a visual prompt.
on 1509580800
doesn't work

after importing this deck, only 5 cards are loaded, something is wrong with this.
Care to fix it???
on 1499040000
Just excellent

...for intermediate listening and repetition practice. Good work: thank you!