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A half-automatic Forvo Downloader

0.02MB. Updated 2019-01-24. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.


A quick and dirty attempt to remedy the lack of a good Forvo downloader for Anki. This addon allows you to download pronunciation audio from the website forvo.com more quickly by automating the navigation to forvo.com and the insertion of downloaded audio files into Anki. All you need is a free account on forvo.com to download the files. In short:
  1. You select the field you want the audio to go into and press an editor button or keyboard shortcut.
  2. The addon will open the relevant forvo.com page in your web browser.
  3. You decide on one or more pronunciations and download them the regular way in your web browser.
  4. The addon will automatically pick up the files from your web browser's downloads directory and insert them into the field.
It does not provide functionality for automatically picking a pronunciation. The user must still do this selection and the actual download manually. More info, a small FAQ and the source code is available on Github: https://github.com/yunidatsu/anki-forvodl Please report any errors you find or wishes in this Github project. I have cobbled this together in about two days and haven't done much real testing, so it is very likely that something does not work right now.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1617995377
All recommended changes in forvodl.py and config.json done but getting only "Search phrase couldn't be determined Check your field names"
on 1611316796
Works great with the revised reviews below. I do still have to drag myself all the downloaded files into the Anki field. It doesn't add them automatically from the download folder to the app.
on 1608338428
Works with the fixes in a review below. Thanks, will save me a bunch of time!
on 1608309725
Adding audio helps both to practice pronounciation and to retain the vocabulary in memory better.
on 1607198583
Guys I'm not really a coder, but if you really need this it is great! I figured out how to fix it. Takes under 5 minutes. Only for those not using Japanese - it is the Japanese support that is messing it up. I'm using it for Korean.

Go to the correct directory where you need to make all the changes to source code: C:\Users\paras\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1407979740

Then you will edit the file called forvodl.py

from anki.template import furigana

return furigana.kanji(phrase)
#return furigana.kanji(phrase)

Now go in config.json and put in the right language abbreviation instead of ja, for me ko for Korean.
"forvoLookupUrl" : "https://forvo.com/word/{phrase}/#ja",
on 1599044817
It fails to run
on 1594574186
doesn't seem to be working. I get "an add-on you installed failed to load" every time.
on 1593455283
I've tried everything I can do. But
"Search phrase couldn't be determined Check your field names"
on 1589450777
on 1589099488
It works great ! Maybe can be improved by automtically delete style marked (</div>, &nbsp;) and replaces '?' by '253F'
on 1587920546
This add-on doesn't work unless you modify it. Here's how to do it. (I'm using Anki 2.1.23.)

Step 1: Menu: Tools > Add-ons. Select "A half-automatic Forvo Downloader". Click the button called "View Files".

Step 2a: Open "forvodl.dy" with a text editor (Notepad, TextEdit, SublimeText, etc).
Step 2b: Search for the line "from anki.template import furigana" without the quotes. Delete the entire line.
Step 2c: Search for "return furigana.kanji(phrase)" without the quotes. Delete this and replace it with "return phrase" without the quotes.

Step 3a: Open "config.json" with a text editor. Search for the following lines:
Step 3b: "patternSourceFields" : ["Expression", "Kanji", "Kanji Word", "Front"],
. This is how the script knows which word to look up on Forvo.
. I'm not studying Japanese, so my decks don't have fields named "Kanji", "Expression", etc.
. So I get the error "Search phrase couldn't be determined Check your field names".
. I'm studying Korean and named my fields "Korean", "English", and "Audio". I changed the line to:
. "patternSourceFields" : ["Korean"],
Step 3c: "forvoLookupUrl" : "https://forvo.com/word/{phrase}/#ja
. That #ja means it's looking for a Japanese word on forvo.
. You can delete the #ja if you're not learning Japanese.
. Better yet, you can replace it with the 2 letter code of the language you're learning.
. Because some words, like "nyttig", show up in multiple languages and the wrong page may load.
Step 3d: "watchedDownloadDirectories" : [],"
. By default, this will be your normal Download Folder. I leave it this way.
. But you can change this typing in a custom directory "in quotes". Eg:
. "watchedDownloadDirectories" : ["c:\Forvo"],
. "watchedDownloadDirectories" : ["/Users/MyName/Words"],
Step 3e: "autoConfirmFirstDownload" : false,
. Don't worry about this setting. There's a check box when using the script that does the same thing.
Step 3f: "forvoEditorButtonShortcut" : "F10",
. You can change the shortcut key if F10 doesn't work for you. I leave it as is.

My usage: https://imgur.com/a/9RPREu8 In the card editor, I put my cursor in the "Audio" field. I press F10 (or click the icon with the two chat bubbles). Forvo opens in my web browser with whichever word is in the "Korean" field. I download the audio file I want. The script automatically imports the audio file.
on 1587666336
Great thanks a lot !

Edit : it seems that it doesn't work with Anki 2.1.22
on 1586024793
Love this add on. And thanks for the reviewer below for explaining how to get this working in the updated version.
on 1583079506
Great addon, latest patch broke it however there is an easy fix if you are not using it for Japanese.

Go to Tools > Add-ons, Click on the add on and view files.

Open the file called forvodl.dy

Find this line and delete it:
from anki.template import furigana

Find this comment # TODO: Are we sure that this always works?
Change the line below it to:
return phrase

With these changes, add-on seems to be working fine.
on 1581973941
hi thanks for great addon. it has stopped working after I upgraded to the anki last version. Can you help me?
on 1580623139
Search phrase couldn't be determined Check your field names
on 1567774436
Love it. Works perfectly!
on 1559583429
This is almost as fast as it gets if you want to select each download after listening to your options. I have a few favorite forvo contributors, so I wouldn't mind being able to specify that if a recording is available by say, strawberrybrown, it should download that automatically, but I may tweak this on my own if I feel the need.

For those who are confused about the download directory, you can change that in config. Where it says " "watchedDownloadDirectories": [] ", put your directory in quotes within the brackets.

As for the target field, the audio will go into the field that you've selected when you use the add-on. Click in your preferred audio field and run the add-on. The source field, however, is specified in config, so if you have multiple card types with different field names, you can put all those field names in config where it says "patternSourceFields". So the source and target can certainly be different. It would be a bit easier to specify a target field in config and not have to click on it each time, but it probably works well enough for most purposes the way it is.
on 1558987995
Love the add on but its stuck only monitoring the download folder on my c drive. i cant download to that folder. how can we add a new download location? Thanks for you work!
on 1553122296
It would be great if we could configure source and target fields separately. It would be even better if I could set different options per note type.

Overall, I like this addon. Thank you for making it! :)
on 1552589228
I like the idea but it's unclear how to choose a different folder other than 'downloads' for it to pull the audio file into. The other thing that would be useful is if we can exclude certain words in the search. For example, I have the word "el tobillo" - Forvo doesn't have it listed as that, but it does find just "tobillo". The other thing is if it can put the audio into a different field than the one the search term is in. For example, the word I'm looking up is in a field called "Spanish" but I want the sound to go to a field called "Sound". I don't know if it can do that or a configuration thing but that would be good to have as well.