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USMLE Lab Values 1.1

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This is a deck with all of the lab values from the official USMLE list. There are 2 decks, 1 contains all of the labs with verbatim names so that they are easier to look up if you forget the range. The second deck contains practice cards that generate a random value and you have to select whether the value is "low" "Normal" or "High". Note that there is no backside to the cards in the practice deck because the generator is coded in Javascript and would change value (refreshes the card) when flipped over.

Sample (from 144 notes)

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Name CSF: Glucose
Lo 40
Hi 70
Units mg/dL
HiHi 100
LoLo 20
Tags LabValue
Name Thyroid-stimulating hormone, serum or plasma
Lo 0.5
Hi 5.0
Units uU/mL
HiHi 10
LoLo 0.01
Tags LabValue
Front Which of the following medications should you consider discontinuing in this patient based on your knowledge of his reduced ejection fraction? Choose the single best answer.A. PioglitazoneB. AtorvastatinC. AspirinD. Glipizide
Back A. PioglitazoneB. AtorvastatinC. AspirinD. Glipizide

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on 1564713972
Great deck overall! But one HUGE problem when using this deck with Anki on my iPhone 6 (which I study from often(. For the Low, Medium, High range choices, NO actual values are shown, and this message below is given:

"This card contains a JS error: TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'document.getElementById("answer").innerHTML =answer')

Please report the problem to the author of the deck."

Can someone please contact the author of the deck and have him correct this problem for Anki on iPhones. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
on 1563294915
on 1561291644
on 1555411212
Used this deck for Step 1, loved it. Downloaded it again for Step 2 CK after a year and as of 16/Apr/2019, I am using Anki Version 2.1.11 on a MacBook and it is showing the following error for "Practice subdeck"

"Invalid HTML on card: TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null"

Is there any way around this?
on 1552754283
useful. i would say some lab values wouldn't even be considered any type of yield at all (IgM levels lol) but I just suspend those. overall great for practice and will definitely save precious seconds on this exam
on 1542912912
Great concept and the non-practice cards work very well.

However I cant get the practice cards to work, im using anki 2.1 and i get this error

"Invalid HTML on card: TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null"
Comment from author
Fixed! Looks like the new update made a subtle change in how javascript was handled and my shoddy coding broke. Is now fixed and works on my machine running Mac version 2.1.5 see if that works for you .
on 1540153795
Clear, and the practice questions help test the knowledge continuously for months to come through randomly generated values
on 1534445189
Excellent method to learn them
on 1518912000
Love the low, normal, high - smart way to do it. I recommend this deck even if you have a comprehensive usmle step 1 deck since I don't think there is anything else like this.
on 1517356800
Awesome concept and implementation. Great job!