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Chess – model for chess problems - updated.

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This deck is based on the Chess – model for chess problems (https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1176122148) It expands on the original deck by adding several features. 1. The cards with Black to move show the position from Black's position. Of note, this only works when a full FEN position is included. If the FEN only has a partial board, then it will continue to show it only from white's position. 2. The cards are linked to websites to play out the puzzles (either chess.com or lichess.org), but of course the card type can be edited to suit any website. 3. Each note can generate two cards. one with Black to move, and other other with White to move. They are designed to generate only one card per note, but two cards can be generated if you want to see the same position played from each side. Below is the info on the original deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1176122148 Description Model deck for chess problems. The deck shows one chess position as a diagram on the front and one position on the back. This works on Anki desktop and Anki web (tested with Firefox and Chrome) and AnkiDroid and may work with AnkiMobile (iOS). It does not work with Android 2.1 devices, as it relies on custom fonts that do not work there. This deck is mostly empty, add your own cards. The model has four fields: Front position: Put the piece placement shown on the question side here. Details below. Problem text: Describe the kind of problem, e.g. “best next move for white”. Solution position: Piece placemnt shown on the answer side. Explanation: Text describing the solution. The positions should be in a modified Forsyth–Edwards Notation. Use only the piece placement, don’t add castling &c information. For details of the notation see the HTMLTTChess reference. N.B. the <c:chess> and <c:chess> tags are part of the model do not add them. Important expansions on FEN: Spaces and newlines are allowed, the position can be spread to eight lines. N.B: use the HTML editor (Ctrl+Shift+X) to make sure that no non-breaking spaces (“ ”) are added. Dots (“.”) can be used for empty squares Squares can be highlighted with brackets. “(p)” for a marked black pawn, “(.)” for a marked empty square “+” and “x” can be used to mark squares. The deck uses the HTMLTTChess package. Do not change the script in the front or back template or the base part of the style sheet. An important part of the package is the Chess Merida Unicode, which is embedded in the deck. Copyright: HTMLTTChess: © 2007 Michaël Peeters, GPL v3.0 The Chess Merida Unicode font: © 1998–2007 Armando Hernandez Marroquin and Michaël Peeters. The Anki-bits: © 2014 ospalh at gmail.com All licenced GNU General Public License V. 3.0.

Sample (from 2 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
chess.com ID 557768
Front_position 8/P5pp/7r/2p1p1K1/R2n2P1/4k3/7P/8
Explanation_Black_to_Move 1. a7 Nf3+ 2. Kf5 Rf6# 0-1
Front_position 7k/8/6KP/8/5B2/8/8/8
lichess link https://lichess.org/editor/7k/8/6KP/8/5B2/8/8/8_w_-_-
Problem_text What happens? How? 
Explanation_White_to_Move 1.Be5+ Kg8 2.h7+ Kf8 3.h8Q+

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on 1674189836
Good for studying chess positions
on 1642000074
Very nice! The original version displays both the Front_position and Solution_position. This update only displays the Front_position on both sides of the card. Could that be changed to show both positions?
on 1603930897
Works well like the other deck. Small issue though. In the black point of view cards, if you try highlighting a square, it highlights all the squares to the right of it. To fix this, you have to change the line 'if(cell == "(")' and 'else if(cell == ")")' to 'if(cell == ")")' and 'else if(cell == "(")' [Flipping the parenthesis inside the quotes]
on 1595633487
Viewing from Black's perspective is the #1 thing the otherwise excellent original was missing.
on 1589978151
Thank you for sharing the updated deck. Looking forward to improving my chess. :)
on 1583706375
Great plugin, but the included white-to-move card has a faster checkmate available: 1. Bd6 Kg8 2. h7+ Kh8 3. Be5#