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新汉语水平考试7-9 the new HSK level's 7-9

13.22MB. 2388 audio & 0 images. Updated 2020-07-18.

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The vocabulary from 汉语国际教育用词语声调组合及轻重音格式实用手册. There is strong evidence that this is the vocabulary for the new HSK that will come either late in 2020 or in 2021. Note: I have not included a) the words that were in the old HSK (since I've learned those), single character words, or the words in the appendix.

Sample (from 2388 notes)

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Front 大名鼎鼎
Back da4ming2-ding3ding3
Audio idiom famous; celebrated; well-known
Front 精明
Back jing1ming2
Audio adjective shrewd; astute; sagacious
Front 接班人
Back jie1ban1 ren2
Audio successor

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