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link Cards Notes and Preview them in extra window

0.05MB. Updated 2022-08-16.
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This add-on allows you to quickly open other cards or notes in a new window: When you add cidd1234567890123 (card id) or nidd1234567890123 (note id) to a card or template this add-ons transforms the text in the reviewer/previewer to a clickable hyperlink to open them in a new window. When you select cidd1234567890123, nidd1234567890123, etc. you have also entries in the context menu to open the new window, for details see here. This add-on also adds an entry to the browser table context menu to copy the card id (cid) or note id (nid). You can adjust the config of this add-on. It's only tested with the nidd/cidd prefixes. Use this at your own risk. For details about cids/nids see e.g. the end of this section from the manual. # Alternatives/Similar add-ons Since 2021 there's hjp-bilink:manual link tool|chain the cards together|手工双链插件 which I haven't used. There's the similar add-on Links between notes, cards, to open browser and previewer by the great add-on creator Arthur Milchior. Our add-ons are slightly different, e.g. Arthur's add-on allows to store search terms in such hyperlinks. On the other hand in Arthur's add-on these links disappear in Microsoft Windows when you copy and paste from one field to another, see here. In 2017 glutanimate had an add-on named internal references for the old Anki 2.0. He never updated it to Anki 2.1. Only about four years later someone else loaded up a version at https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/323026909. This add-on stored the links between notes as hyperlinks that are not readable for the average user. So if you used this add-on for 2.0 you were in a bad situation: You'd either have to pay someone to update it to 2.1 or lose your links. With my ugly solution where you see the nids/cids you can - once I've stopped updating this add-on etc. - always just copy and paste them into a browser. So there's less lock-in effect in my view. Maybe Modified reviewer context menu search with browser search, maybe with Browser Maximize/Hide Table/Editor. For details see here. The add-on Pop-up Dictionary might also be relevant. # Compatibility, Limitations - the hyperlink features does not work with editable fields created by the addons Edit Field During Review or Edit Field During Review (Cloze). Use the context menu. - does not work on the "IR3" note type from the add-on Incremental Reading v4.10.3. On this note type there are no clickable hyperlinks. At least you can link to such cards. Use the context menu. # mobile, ankimobile, ankidroid, ankiweb Add-ons only work on Windows, Mac, Linux. So on mobile you need a different solution. I use an Android phone and Ankidroid. In 2019 I added some javascript to my back template that attaches all linked cards/notes at the bottom of my note on mobile, see here. In 2021 I no longer use this workaround for mobile so I don't know if it still works. The review view (webview) can't access your database. It can only read media from your collection.media folder. This add-on adds an option to the main menu to export all linked cards/notes to the media folder so that my js function can read them from there. This solution for Ankidroid uses iframes and won't work on ankiweb and probably doesn't work on ankimobile. You would have to adjust the solution your back template for these platforms and who knows how well this will work in the long run ... # Versions - 2022-08-16 try to prevent some browser error messages, also show copy nid option in context menu in browser for Anki 2.1.45+ (2.1.45+ only) - 2022-07-13 option to copy nidd/cidd from context menu in reviewer and previewer (.45+ only) - 2021-12-08 fix for anki 2.1.50/qt6 - 2020-12-13 fix export for newer versions 2 - 2020-12-12 fix export for windows - 2020-12-11 fix export for newer versions - 2020-10-16/17 remove editor context menu entries to copy nid/cid from some windows where they would lead to errors. - 2020-07-29 fix for 2.1.29 - 2020-07-07 don't open another preview twice from the previewer - 2020-06-15 in the config you can set browser shortcuts to copy the nid/cid, off by default - 2020-05-27 fix for advanced browser add-on - 2020-05-26 option to copy nid/cid from all editor, add config.schema.json - 2020-05-24 double click to open from editor - 2020-05-20 update for 2.1.24+ - 2020-03-03 - 2019-12-03 - 2019-11-30 initial release # Bugs, Feedback, etc. Please do not use reviews for bug reports or support requests. I don't get notified of your reviews, and properly troubleshooting an issue through them is nearly impossible (formatting is limited and I can't reply multiple times). If you find a bug let me know in the official anki support forum, on github. Maybe I'll have an idea ...


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1664332433
Wonderful Addon, thank you very much!
on 1661336130
Very useful!!!
on 1661261399
Perfect. Thanks a lot.
on 1660434252
This brings the benefits of Remnote into Anki, without the interface issues and complexities
on 1650793582
Great add-on, please add a hotkey to open the first link.
on 1648891630
on 1646139929
great addon
on 1640073363
This is incredible, should be integrated into Anki itself, please advocate for this @author. This makes it possible not to lose sight of the context when learning effectively with flashcards, which makes summaries in Word documents increasingly superfluous - because ineffective. Thank you very much!
on 1634107784
Great, just discovered this ;)

Instead of having copious dictionary entries on every single card, for instance, 1 new word, + 10 example sentences = 22 cards (1 recog, 1 production), one could now create a (suspended) 'dictionary/reference deck' and simply link to the relevant entry; which should reduce collection size …

PS: I copy lots and LOTS of dictionary/wikipedia entries into my cards while I'm online, b/c I need to learn/rep OFF-line …
on 1633866884
Top! Nice!
on 1629476659
beautiful. thank you.
on 1625819359
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on 1624961261
This addon must be integrated to ANKI itself, very useful, thanks!
on 1623471564
thank you, it's so KooL!
i am using anki 2.1.40.

nid: edit card
cid: preview
Comment from author
thanks for the upvote. I don't understand the last part of your post ("nid: edit card cid: preview")

If you have a problem let me know at: https://forums.ankiweb.net/t/link-cards-notes-and-preview-them-in-etra-window-official-thread/554
on 1620047249
like roam, cool
on 1616504411
Amazing work!
I have a little suggestion,the cid or nid maybe can change to the format [user can see| nid or cid ],just like the hyperlink
on 1615667660
extremely useful
on 1614217388
Very useful, thank you!
on 1613329601
tnx for script for android + idea

modified for Chinese + added colorization

on 1611671165
Kindly provide the way by which I can use this in mobile AnkiDroid.
I really need it as I use only ankidroid.
Comment from author
Add-ons only work on Windows, Mac, Linux. Some add-ons permanently change the database so that you'll also see their results on mobile. But this add-on with its ability to open other windows really only work in Windows, Mac, Linux.

In the description I linked to an idea for Ankidroid which is complicated and only works if you are interested in advanced configuration features of Anki and you know some javascript. I haven't used this idea in about a year so I can't really help with this at the moment.
on 1611301040
on 1610570745
on 1608097997
It would be nice if it could display words instead of numbers
Comment from author

If you just want to search your notes for some words there are add-ons like "Reviewer Context Menu Search", https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/359618071.

If you actually want to link to another specific note or card their unique id (the number) must be stored in the note. I deliberately don't hide this number: If my add-on stops working one day (e.g. if I'm hit by a bus and no one else adapts it to future Anki updates) you can still use some of its functionality with an add-on like "Reviewer Context Menu Search".

There are add-ons that hide the number and instead show you a nice link text (as with other html hyperlinks).

About three years ago an add-on named "Internal References" (https://github.com/glutanimate/internal-references) was made for the old version 2.0. It was never updated for 2.1 so its links no longer work in 2.1. Someone who relied on this add-on would have to manually recreate the links or pay a developer to get the add-on updated.

For current Anki versions there's also Arthur's "Links between notes, cards, to open browser and previewer", https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1126950429, that should allow you to hide the note/card ids but there are some unexpected limitations like when you copy and paste such links on Windows the link targets get lost, see https://github.com/Arthur-Milchior/anki-link-to-open-browser/issues/5
on 1607511089
Provides great feature to ANKI.
Q1. I would like for links to work on my Android tablet running AnkiDroid. Where exactly do I paste the javascript you mentioned in my card--is it bottom of styling section? Is there any way to @include this javascript file? I do this with my card styling section using @import url(); so I just update external file and every note type that uses it gets updated.
Q2. Do I run the Tools->Reference Cards to Media Folder menu item? Is so, when and how often?
My situation is I have language cards from 3 sources (1 fr class I took, 1 fr dictionary I bought, 1 fr 2nd class I am taking at different school). I have a word that is present in all three 'decks' but I want to preserve the dictionary and maybe the card from other class (it matches the book/DVD that came with class). So best idea I can come up with is make card for present class and in the footnote field include reference links to dictionary deck (gives overkill information) and previous class' card. I use tags and also special grouping field in all my cards but using these hyperlinks is cleanest way to access similar information. I *need* same card in multiple decks but with unique qualities depending on purpose of deck...so this is it!

Ex. huwa (means 'he') is in my ARA101, AR-EN dictionary and my SARF101 decks.
Comment from author
see the discussion at https://forums.ankiweb.net/t/link-cards-notes-and-preview-them-in-extra-window-official-thread/554/11?u=ijgnd
on 1603392066
Sooooo helpful. Thank you, thank you.
on 1602766304
Fantastic. It helps me to quickly recall/review relevant/related information along the way. It helps me in making a strong association among the cards. This is amazing. Really appreciating your efforts! Stay blessed! Stay happy! Keep shining! Keep inspiring!
on 1602557629
The other day,I was thinking about linking notes and use Anki as a Zettelkasten system! I was looking for an addon to do that.....
I thought,nobody will create an addon for linking notes. But here I am..... :)
This is an amazing Addon,very useful......
Thanks a lot for developing the addon.....
on 1593663521
Hi If I'm running Anki 2.1.22, will it still work with your 2.24 + version currently available? Can you link the 2.1.22 version?
Comment from author
> I'm running Anki 2.1.22, will it still work with your 2.24 + version currently available?

No. The add-on version for Anki 2.1.24 depends on new features from Anki 2.1.24 so it won't work with older Anki versions like Anki 2.1.22.

The old version of my add-on is lacking some features that are in the description because some of the new features depend on Anki features from 2.1.24.

> Can you link the 2.1.22 version?

If you use an older Anki version and install an add-on Anki automatically downloads the version appropriate for your Anki version. If you use Anki 2.1.22 Anki will download the old version of my add-on.
on 1593507327
on 1593182270
Thank you
on 1591536811
It's really good!
on 1591373141
Great Addon, exactly what I need.
on 1590655542
It's a really great add-ons.

how about copying nid or cid with prefix together? so we can just copy nid/cid button on context menu in the browse mode, and then just paste in the field in the edit mode.
now we have to manually type the cidd or nidd as a prefix
Thanks for updating to reflect my opinion. It works great!
It increases the learning effect by making connections between materials.
Comment from author before post was edited
Thanks. This idea is included in the latest version that I uploaded to Ankiweb today. The latest version of the add-on is only available for 2.1.24 or newer.

If you still use this add-on and have Anki 2.1.24 or later: Could you update and let me know if you run into problems.
on 1590152338
Hi thank you very much for good addons. I want to ask something previously i can open the link like popup windows but now it opens the links int he right side so each time i have to open this page and return again review window. How can i see the linked page as popup window ( not open a new window besides review window)?

Thank you very much.
Comment from author
I haven't noticed a difference. But indeed for the preview I now use Anki components so there might have been some change. Since I now use Anki components their behavior might be harder to change.

So far I don't really understand your problem. If you are motivated you could post a screencast or a differently worded description to github. Once I see a screencast maybe I'll have an idea. But maybe not.
on 1581764697
Terrific, exactly what I am looking for.

I was a loyal user of the addon "internal reference" in ANKI 2.0 and I am really lucky to see this addon could replace that without any bugs.
on 1575334128
Comment from author
Thanks for the upvote and report.

The latest version can also show just the question of linked cards - so that you can show your IR cards that are made from the IR3 note type in a preview window.

But it doesn't work the other way: You can't have clickable hyperlinks in your IR cards themselves. The IR add-on overwrites built-in functions from Anki that my add-on relies on. That's a problem of the IR add-on that also breaks other add-ons like "Pop-up Dictionary". The next version of the IR add-on should fix this (see this commit: https://github.com/luoliyan/incremental-reading/commit/7901a43b6d64a87d06af834a2ad90cb54c2d6c4b#diff-99cc40076232bade658c8123c4d6e01a) . But this hasn't been released to Ankiweb yet.

In the meantime a workaround might be to use the add-on "Modified reviewer context menu search with browser search" so that at least you can open these cards/notes in the browser from your IR cards.
on 1575184278
Thanks great addon to link cards !