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A Level Maths (Edexcel, 2017)

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Flashcards for the new Edexcel 2017 A Level Maths syllabus. Covers the whole of AS and A2. Covers all the modules: pure maths, statistics and mechanics. All cards are tagged by topic. Uses MathJax for equation rendering, so I recommend Anki 2.1+ or Ankidroid 2.9+.

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Front What does the significance level of a hypothesis test represent?
Back The probability of incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis
Tags Probability
Front \[ \frac{d}{dx} a^{kx} \]
Back \[ a^{kx} k \ln a \]
Tags Calculus
Front How are \(x\)-values coded to \(z\)-values in the standard normal distribution?
Back \[ Z = \frac{X - \mu}{\sigma} \]
Tags Probability

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on 1624363663
This is a very good deck, unfortunately it contains only material from Y1 and Y2 Pure Math and Stats. There's no mechanics Y1 nor Y2 at all, some equations are missing, but overall it is still a deck containing a lot of important information for A level maths. I'd like to upload a full deck of this, would this be alright with the deck creator ?
on 1614684909
there amazing but i cant find any mechanics cards??
on 1613734865
Am I doing something wrong? I can't see the tags.
on 1608592588
what adds ons do i need to access this, if any?, because it isn't currently working for me x
Comment from author
I don't think it should need any addons. What's not working specifically?
on 1601590363
Extremely good!
on 1584610610
must have taken hours
on 1574003821
Have faith that this deck will help me through a set of pretty intimidating exams.