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Duolingo English to German (birdie222)

12.25MB. 909 audio & 0 images. Updated 2015-12-24.
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English translation on the front. German word with audio on the back including an example sentence.

Sample (from 936 notes)

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German Händler (der)
English trader
Example_Sentence Der Händler arbeitet in seiner Fabrik
Tags noun
German Reiseführer (der)
English guide
Example_Sentence Er ist mein Reiseführer.
Tags noun
German stehlen
English to steal
Example_Sentence Der Anfänger stiehlt Autos.
Tags verb

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on 1614257586
I love it
on 1614176284
Thank you so much!
on 1609141125
Its a good collection
on 1587079140
Very complete learning cards with good German native speaker. 5/5 Stars!
on 1582773023
Easy to understand
on 1568403847
on 1552488216
so much respect to the maker, I found it very useful!
on 1517788800
A very good deck for German learners.
on 1468800000
Would be better without images

Many of the images have the answer in them so you see it before you've answered, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the exercise. Also some cards have two images which pushes the answer once revealed down to the point where you have to scroll to see it. I would rather no images at all as you find yourself memorizing the image as much as the word you're trying to learn. There are also a few bum translations (malblock = block?) but only a few.
on 1461801600
This is a good deck

This is a good deck and is worth downloading. I do wish there were audio for all of the cards....