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Qur'anic Vocabulary: all word forms, translations & examples

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A list of all the words used in the Qur'an, presented in order of frequency. Each root word is also presented separately in all the forms it appears as, e.g. min = from, but there are separate cards for: Each specific usage instance is also linked back to http://quran.com so you can see it used in context. NB: This collection was compiled from resources available at http://quran.com, it was not compiled manually. As such, there may be unexpected variences or anomolies or errors, but these should be relatively minor. Please keep the compiler of this collection, and maintainers of quran.com in your duas. Please also vote 5-stars if you find this deck beneficial, so that others may find it easily and benefit also. Insha'Allah their deeds will be on your scales too for aiding them in finding it, insha'Allah

Sample (from 15346 notes)

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arabic مَوَاخِرَ
root cleaving
translations cleavingploughing
occurrences 2 times
order 5039
Tags Noun
arabic بِبَغْيِهِمْ
root and the oppression
translations for their rebellion
occurrences 1 time
order 7517
Tags Noun
arabic تَحْكُمُوا
root to judge
translations judge
occurrences 5 times
order 2006
Tags Verb

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on 1592755442
Very Nice
on 1589598688
Wonderful resource. I was wondering if it's possible to group words by surahs? So that one can learn new vocab surah by surah. Jazakallahu khairan.
on 1589330207
Me guata
on 1589181161
on 1589021907
Good work
on 1586518516
on 1586267893
Jazakallahu Khayran
on 1584471482
That's very awesome and informative
Allah bless you.
on 1584128439
Very comprehensive and useful!
on 1583657558
love it
on 1582361234
on 1581304514
Masya Allah.
Jazakallah khair.
on 1579634191
good job
on 1578510772
nice idea
on 1577182880
Very good
on 1576967624
on 1576109308
Thank you, I will not forget you in my duas :)
on 1574883500
on 1574718531
Arapça Kuran Kelimeleri Çevirimi yapılmış ancak İngilizce açıklamalıdır.
on 1573824661
on 1563823425
on 1558872923
it is useful
on 1555122291
Great effort, great job
on 1551305604
أيات القراءن الكريم مشروحة بالإنجليزية للحفظ. بارك الله فيك
on 1551106588
Excellent source for learning all of the quranic vocabulary
on 1547083514
May Allah reward you, brothers and sisters! JazākAllāh
on 1545227831
I find it very useful
on 1538478118
Seems good. Thanks a lot. Jazakallah.
on 1537257662
on 1536119429
Extremely complete
on 1533825434
on 1533534823
Best holy book
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on 1533371878
Thank you
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Good job
on 1525737600
on 1520640000
Thank you very much. Priceless source!
on 1517097600
thank u very much
on 1516406400
Excellent hard work
on 1516147200
Hi Brother, This is very excellent resource.
It would have been great, had you added card in the order they appear in Quran. So memorisation of Quran with meaning would become very easy and efficient.

on 1515801600
excellent resource
on 1492128000

I finally found a source that shows the words within the context of sentences, which make memorization a lot easier! How many times have you not been able to recall the meaning of a word but when you read it within the context of a sentence you recall its meaning?

With that said, a deluxe version would have an example from the Quran below the word. And it would be wonderful to have the root in Arabic. (Sometimes finding the roots in Hans-Wehr is painful.)

Overall, outstanding. Five humongous stars. Barakallahu feekum wa jazakallahu khayr...
on 1488326400
Thank you
on 1468454400
Very useful

Things I like about it
- Goes from most common to least common
- tells you how many times each word appears in the qur'an after you answer it. coolfactz.com
- with each word, has a list of alternative meanings from elsewhere in the qur'an. E.g did you know Ad Deen can mean "the religion" but also "the judgement"? "Sultan is "authority" but also "evidence", depending on where it's used? If I did know before, this helped to reinforce it. I might think I know a word, but I don't know ALL its meanings as they come up in the qur'an.
- I think it might be from the actual word to word translation that I use!! So somebody uploaded a deck of a book I reallllly wanted to go back over for years, and it's reliable source.
-loads of cards. Unlike a lot of these decks, I won't finish it in a day!

Things I don't like about it
- it's clearly computerised - one of the meanings of 'bayt' does NOT mean 'the women gathered at the houses'. Perhaps beginners should only focus on the shorter alternative meanings.