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Reset card(s) scheduling information / progress

<10kB. Updated 2016-01-28. Only supports Anki 2.0.
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reset-card-scheduling Ever imported someone else's deck that contained scheduling information associated with cards? It's really annoying. Until now, the only way to fix the problem was to re-export the deck and un-check the "Include Scheduling Information" checkbox. Well, no more! Install this add-on, go into the card browser (click the "Browse" option from the main deck browser). Select some cards (maybe with Control-A?), and choose the Edit menu option: "Reset scheduling and learning on selected cards." If you don't like the changes, you can always Edit -> Undo (Control-Z) afterward. This add-on also allows you delete your own scheduling information. I acknowledge that this usage case breaks the spatial repetition concept and goes against the spirit of Anki. If you do this, you risk having uncomfortable dreams, and all flowers within a ten-meter radius of your position might suddenly and spontaneously wilt. Tutorial is now available here: https://youtu.be/BYOWPZ-bSM4 author Jeff Baitis, jeff@baitis.net, June 18, 2015 Code hosted on Github. Please submit patches: https://github.com/baitisj/anki-reset-card-scheduling


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1574201216
Thank you. works perfectly !
on 1571092934
Muy bueno
on 1571078627
on 1568570199
Doesn't change the history. Heatmap is unaffected.
on 1563591730
Worked fine! Thank you
on 1559850925
Great addon, I've been using it a lot lately. Especially convenient when you learn language with a lot of synonims - at some point it's easier to just add one more synonim than to create a new card.
on 1548576769
Great, thank you very much!
on 1538997129
Good stuff.
Had to download .py from github because anki won't download it through my silly firewalls.
on 1536997604
It works
on 1535662993
Concur with previous negative reviewer. If card sequence is important to you, don't use this add on. It tosses all previously reviewed cards and just adds them as new cards to the back end of the deck. Your best option IS to just export without scheduling info and re-importing it. This add on will cause you real hassles and mess up your deck if you aren't expecting it. If you do, backup your decks!!!
on 1535294239
really useful
on 1532527533
Excellent addition to Anki! Thanks a lot for all the work you put into this.

I was really missing the ability to reset decks in Anki 2.1, so I decided to port this add-on over and add a few new features. I hope it's OK with you if I post this here (I considered submitting the changes as a PR, but it seems like the repo hasn't been active for a while now): https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/300884351
on 1529856552
It did reschedule the deck but , one, it only resetted the cards that previously had a due date and it, two, resetted them to a super weird number. This means when I start the deck now, the first card that appears is the same one that appeared before the reset and all resetted cards will only appear after I finished all never-scheduled cards... This doesn't work when cards built on each other and is therefore useless for me...
Please does anyone have a real solution for this?
on 1529706940
Excellent, j'avais besoin de cette fonction pour remettre à jour la planification de certaines cartes qui ont beaucoup évoluer :)
on 1529682690
Works great!
on 1529335306
This should be added as part of the default software. It's too good.
on 1529006888
Thank god! This fix wasn't easy to find. I would have been able to get back to my deck much sooner if this wasn't so hard to figure out. This functionality should be native for sure. I can finally use my decks again. Thank you!
on 1528972713
Works great
on 1527638400
Did not work. When I reset the scheduling information, half of the cards got a review date in the form of 149440447 incrementing upwards for each card. It did not replace the review date with the card index number as intended.
on 1526860800
Worked perfectly!
on 1524960000
It's a nice and useful time saver if you need to erase the scheduling information!
on 1524787200
This is super useful for testing new decks...
on 1524787200
Very nice, it worked here pretty well.
on 1523750400
Simple and great!
on 1522713600
I need this option
on 1522627200
It worked perfectly. It does set the "scheduled time" to some huge number instead of resetting it to the original, but it wasn't a problem for me.
on 1521763200
on 1521504000
on 1521072000
on 1520553600
Just was I was looking for but, just like the others, why does this have to be an add-on?
on 1520035200
Excellent, the only question left is, why this isn't part of Anki already? it should be in the program as a native option, it's something really basic devs c'mon!
on 1516579200
Very good.
on 1515369600
Just what I was looking for. Thanks!
on 1514851200
Very good
on 1513814400
exactly what I was looking for! thanks! works great :)
on 1512432000
Works perfectly and simply!
on 1511740800
on 1509580800
Not working

This has not the desired effect, the cards are not marked as new. Apparently the schedule has been broken by this script, I would advise caution.
on 1509580800
on 1508803200
Thank you!

Perfect! I stopped studying for a few days and memorization became a mess! Very good to be able to start over again and have this tool that makes it easier to restart!
on 1508630400
on 1508630400
Perfect. Thank you!

Thank you so much for this amazing add-on.
on 1507680000
on 1507075200
on 1505260800
changes new to review ~ & vice versa

This addon reschedules due to new, which is very helpful for creating reviews.
on 1504915200
on 1504483200
on 1503187200
on 1502582400
on 1502496000
on 1501977600
on 1501459200
on 1500854400
on 1498348800
on 1498262400
on 1497916800
on 1497225600
on 1496448000
on 1494892800
on 1493510400
on 1493251200
on 1491782400
Helpful you tube clip, too!

As I am new to Anki, the you tube tutorial helped me a lot. Thank you very much!
on 1490572800

I'd been doing this by hand for cards/decks I hadn't seen in a long time. This works perfectly and resolved my greatest frustration with Anki!
on 1490486400
on 1490227200

After not using Anki for a while, I wanted to start from scratch - this worked like magic! Thank you so much!
on 1490054400
on 1489276800
on 1488931200
on 1488499200
on 1487808000
on 1487462400
on 1486771200
on 1484352000
on 1484092800
on 1483833600
Works as suggested.

Plugin works as advertised. Thank you for this addon!
on 1483401600
on 1483228800
on 1482364800
on 1479686400
on 1479513600
on 1479081600
on 1477785600
Works in some way...

... but not the way I needed it. When I first downloaded it, it was ordered chapter by chapter and my friend was using it too, so all the learning progress is messed up. I used the addon but cannot follow up how it resetted the desk (I think, it just rescheduled it :( ).

So far, it is a pitty that it works but not as it is needed.
on 1476576000
on 1476576000
on 1474761600
on 1474416000
on 1472342400
It works

as expected.
on 1471392000
Basically works...

This add-on resets your cards within the scope of the ENTIRE COLLECTION. While on the surface level, that has almost the same effect, it's still a little weird to reset a deck of 20 cards and have them all read as due 9000. I believe this might be tied to the behavior of reposition and reschedule, in which case, it's a bug in Anki and not in the add-on.
on 1470700800
on 1469491200
on 1469318400
on 1468195200
on 1464480000
on 1464393600
on 1464220800
on 1463875200
on 1461974400
Does what it says

It's perfect, thank you for developing it!
on 1461369600
on 1460937600
on 1460937600
Thank you so much

I don't know what happened but somehow the scheduling got messed up on some cards I was reviewing and this let me fix it. Thank you!

I'm not sure why but Anki is showing the reset cards in order added although I have it set to random in settings. I'm on Mac. No clue why. Not a big deal really.
on 1460678400
on 1459209600
on 1458604800
on 1458172800
on 1458000000
on 1457740800
on 1456876800
Thanks! Works very well

Exactly as expected :)
on 1456704000
on 1456358400
on 1455753600
on 1455235200
on 1455235200
Just perfect! Thank you OP

I needed to reset some cards, read about this add on, downloaded it, followed the instructions and my cards were successfully reset. 5/5.
on 1453852800
Great add-on.

Thanks. Works perfectly!
on 1453766400
on 1453593600
on 1451952000
on 1451692800

Holy crap. Thanks, man. Saved me from having to do extra work to reset the deck. Worked exactly like it should have.
on 1451520000
on 1451433600
on 1450828800

Thank you so much for writing and sharing this. I was getting cards that were not accessible. NOT NO MORE!!
on 1450828800
Works great!

Exactly what I needed! I went a couple years without using my Anki decks and wanted to restart my progress. This add-on did exactly what I needed.
on 1450396800
on 1449705600
Thank you for making this.

I just started using anki to study for boards and was randomly studying from a deck that someone else created to see if I liked using it. I am now starting a dedicated study period and needed to reset the whole deck. This was very easy to do with your add on. I appreciate it.
on 1448323200
Just fantastic

Easy to use and has undo functionality. Excellent.
on 1448236800
Thank you

This is works. Thanks :)
on 1447977600
on 1447804800
Does exactly what its supposed to do

on 1447027200
on 1445040000
on 1439683200
on 1438128000
on 1437177600