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Browser Resizer

0.07MB. Updated 2022-12-26.
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This add-on allows you to make the browser margins smaller to fit more on your screen (see images below). You can edit the values in the config to shrink it as much as you want. This code was originally shared by /u/yumenogotoshi on reddit and Glutanimate was kind enough to help us make it a little more user friendly. As we do not have any coding skills, this add-on is shared as is and we will not be able to provide support. Before and After Images: Before: After: Problems, Bugs, Errors, Improvements If you find a serious bug, please submit it on Github or email us at ankingmed@gmail.com. Please remember that we are not coders and thus may not be able to provide support. Changelog 2019-11-12: Initial Release 2020-09-05: Added 1) Shrink editor in the config which will make the field names and boxes smaller. 2) Editor field font size setting in the config which overrides the field settings for font on all note types. These features only work on Anki 2.1.22+ KNOWN ISSUE: If you triple click a line that is in a list, the line above it may get a fixed font size. We have not been able to figure out what is causing this. 2020-09-07: The known issue is causing problems so changed the default config 2021-08-01: Uploaded version that works for 2.1.41-45. This version allows for customizing a feature in the config that will limit image max size and width and also make images enlarge with hover or click. All these features are turned off by default to avoid conflicts with other addons Please consider checking out our: YouTube Channel- How to use Anki for beginners and advanced users. Instagram/Facebook: @Ankingmed www.AnKingMed.com- Recommended add-ons, tutorials and more including how to download 40+ add-ons in < 5min Patreon- Support our work and get individualized Anki help!                              Check out our Anki Mastery Course!        https://courses.ankipalace.com


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1649527613
I have around 40K cards (for Step 1 & 2), each with three fields and each field with several images and sentences. I had to go through each card and compare each field to each other and then those of the other cards to modify them by pasting and copying part of a field from one to another and then compare and contrast the information with other cards. The problem is that there is not enough computer screen space to display several pictures of one card, let alone three fields together, in the “Browser” mode of Anki. So, I had to scroll up and down through the fields of each card several times to do my modifications. Unfortunately, other add-ons for image resizing only work in the “Editor” or “Review” mode and not in the “Browse” screen, except this add-on. After I downloaded this add-on (Browser Resizer), the images on my cards became either too small/big or lost the weight/height ratio or became invisible!
Then I went back and disabled all other image or resizer add-ons (Image Style Editor, Paste Image as WebP, Resize Images in Editor, Scale Images). Restarted Anki and set the configuration for the Browser Resizer to the following:
"editor field font size": "anki",
"editor field padding": "20px 80px",
"editor image hover or active": "anki",
"editor image max height": "150px",
"editor image max width": "200px",
"editor_shrink": true,
"reduce_row_height_by": 50,
"sidebar_margin": 3
Then I restarted Anki again, and All the images in the Browse page were now reduced to a few inches, and I was able to see 8 to 12 images plus six sentences for each card. This made a huge difference and reduced the time needed to scroll up and down each card. Also, this add-on did not affect or change the size of my images in the Review or Study mode, which is nice.
My many thanks to the maker(s) of this Add-on.
on 1617283041
Should be implemented in Anki
Must have add-on
on 1607707993
Thanks a million ! nice one
on 1596379530
Great add on!
on 1593881857
Tip: if you wanted to make rows bigger, use a negative number (e.g., -6)
on 1583863574
So nice to be able to view the browser in the size I want!
on 1583855956
I've wanted an add-on like this for a while now. This helps me visualize the info that I actually want!
on 1583812055
This was a must for the Windows version!
on 1580053996
So impressive
on 1576410191
Life changer, make more of this UI enhancer please!
on 1573998596
It works well. Everything looks so much better!
on 1573651221
Makes anki 2.1 less clumsy, thank you!