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AwesomeTTS - Add speech to your flashcards

0.24MB. Updated 2023-04-10.
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AwesomeTTS makes it easy for language-learners and other students to add speech to their personal Anki card decks. MP3s can be stored with your collection, or speech can be generated on-the-fly. The add-on is free and open-source software, released under the GPL. For source code and more, visit AwesomeTTS on GitHub Get a paid subscription to get access to Google Cloud TTS, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, Naver Clova, Forvo and FPT.AI keys. You also get access to Anki Language Tools, which adds automated translation to Anki in 133 languages Note: the paid subscription is not mandatory, you can either use free voices, or use your own keys from Google or Azure Getting Started New to AwesomeTTS ? Please follow this tutorial. Bug Reporting Reward Program Anyone who reports bugs in AwesomeTTS will receive a reward, as a way to thank you for your contribution to the community. Please email awesometts@airpost.net. Text to speech services Awesome TTS provides access to different services for speech generation. Some of these services, like Google Cloud TTS, Microsoft Azure,Amazon AWS Polly, IBM Watson, Naver Clova or Forvo are true API services and should be expected to be stable, but require a paid API key. They provide the best quality Text to Speech voices, with Neural Network natural-sounding voices (marked WaveNet or Neural). Other services are not completely official, and either reverse-engineer various APIs or scrape sound files from webpage. These should be expected to break every now and then. Related add-on: Anki Language Tools: Automated Translation for Anki in 133 languages Current Status of Services and Voices How to Choose a Service Google Cloud TTS notes and API Keys (includes information on potentially free API keys) Microsoft Azure TTS notes and API Keys Forvo Pronunciation Development AwesomeTTS went through a period of being unmaintained in 2019/2020. This addon entry is an attempt to unify codebases. The Github repository is: https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon . Please submit pull requests for new features, we will try to review and approve them quickly. Release History (github)


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1684281246
My own reality is nice
on 1684201891
on 1683206417
I like it, very useful.
on 1683143662
very nice! i like!
on 1682523073
Works well
on 1682187038
shortcut key "ctrl+T" no longer work in the newest edition of Anki, that's quite sad :(

Comment from author before post was edited
Hi, this should be fixed in AwesomeTTS 1.74, if not please email me awesometts@airpost.net
on 1681402550
HyperTTS is better since it supports direct pronounce of text.
on 1681354638
Awesome plugin,Great Plugin.love it!!!
on 1681215363
on 1680352765
I like it, very useful.
on 1680002806
Perfect for learning pronunciation!
on 1679239842
Does everything it says on the box. Authors of the add-on are quick to offer their support and make any fixes needed. A great service provided here!
on 1679069922
It's working.
on 1677680641
Works fine!
on 1677008032
Works awesome!
on 1676873119
Will this add-on app also work on Ankidroid for mobile?
I created anki cards by selecting Googletranslate with this app on my Desktop PC.
I can hear the sound fine in the ANKI app on the Desktop PC, but I can't hear it when I synchronize this card and test it on the mobile Ankidroid.
How can I make it work on mobile ankidroid?
on 1676514801
This is a really good add-on!! It works very good! thank you!!
on 1675747753
I am seeing this error for some, but not all, of my cards in this deck. I'm not sure what to do! Otherwise, this feature is amazing.

AwesomeTTS: Could not play back Ủng hộ: Could not find a suitable TLS CA certificate bundle, invalid path: /var/folders/jy/9mhjt6wx5v14zl4fh75mvl8c0000gn/T/tmpoctwcx5jcacert.pem
on 1675452890
Excellent add-on, I'm forever grateful to the creator of this! Way better than HyperTTS
on 1675343882
This add on is perfect for language learning
on 1674687047
The audio doesn't work, i add it to a card (Japanese) but no audio at all plays dispute their being a file automatically inputted. I've contacted the creator with no response yet.
Comment from author
Hi, I try to respond to all emails, if I missed your email, do you mind chasing me again ?
on 1674257868
This is the best speech feature for Anki app.
on 1673844022
useful,thank you
on 1670117510
This is very good but an annoying thing is that the sound plays as soon as i open the card, i dont want that to happen. How do i make it only play the voice when i click the button?
on 1669804611
A masterpiece
on 1669590112
Doesn't work.... i try everything, and doesnt work, i'm really sad :(
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1668633044
on 1668284687
on 1667877585
on 1667729145
incredible plugin for words learning
Many-many thanks!
on 1667622777
Incredible addon!

The only thing I'm missing is having the playback speed alter between normal speed and slowed down. Like Google Translate.
on 1665125039
I’ve used it for several months and I found it’s a great tool for flash cards, helpful and easy to use, and the author is always willing to help.
on 1664630055
on 1664339683
Input phrases cannot be previewed using these settings.
HTTPSConnectionPool (host='texttospeech.googleapis.com', port=443): Max retries
beyond URL: /v1/text: synthesize?
key=xxxx (Caused by SSLError(SSLEOFError(8, 'EOF occurred in violation of protocol lssl.c:1129)')))
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. [awesometts@airpost.net](mailto:awesometts@airpost.net) . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1664134874
Works perfectly. And the great thing is: It's completely free even for those of us who want to use the better neural net voices like Microsoft Azure's ones – you just have to provide the addon with the API keys you got from Microsoft Azure – something that took me precisely 30m to set up – and I had never used Microsoft Azure before nor do I do anything IT-related in my studies; it's idiot-proof.
on 1663575149
perfect. Thank you.
on 1663318669
Extremely great but please add Longman dictionary pronunciation
on 1663053831
Great addon
on 1662594976
Great, it worked for me.
on 1661822221
Muito bom eu recomendo e muito <3
on 1661678361
Amazing and usefull
on 1660779786
I love this
on 1660569984
Took a little bit to get set up the way I wanted, but am loving this extension! It makes studying language so much easier.
on 1659465136
The Ctrl+C command no longer works to select snippets of the card and take them to Awesome TTS. And if you leave it just selected, something happens that has always happened, which is the audio takes the place of the phrase and the phrase disappears. And most users don't want that.
The lack of Ctrl+c for Awesome TTS completely ruins the app and makes everything more complicated to do. An update is needed that makes the Ctrl+C command work again to copy content to Awesome TTS.
Comment from author
Hi, I tried to get in touch with you, I need your help to try to reproduce this issue. Whenever you're ready to solve this problem together please contact me awesometts@airpost.net. Also, we have a reward for people who submit bugs, i'll let you know more after you email me.
on 1659445044
The Ctrl+C command no longer works to select snippets of the card and take them to Awesome TTS. And if you leave it just selected, something happens that has always happened, which is the audio takes the place of the phrase and the phrase disappears. And most users don't want that.
The lack of Ctrl+c for Awesome TTS completely ruins the app and makes everything more complicated to do. An update is needed that makes the Ctrl+C command work again to copy selected content to Awesome TTS.
on 1659402416
on 1658701751
Fantastic add on. Incredibly useful for studying languages since adding the sound and hearing the pronunciation helps a lot with memorization. Lots of voices options but I really just use the free google translate ones. The creator Luc is super responsive, too. There was a small change in the way you created the recording due to an update so I emailed him and by the next day he had fixed the issue.
on 1658555632
Sounds aren't generated at insertion point, but rather at the beginning of note field in 2.1.54 Qt6 version.
The issue has been fixed in recent update. Thank you for the timely support.
Comment from author
Thank you, please get in touch with me for any further questions, awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me).
on 1658517216
Today I updated it but it failed and didn't work on PC [ All of the voices didn't work]. But, it is OK on Android.

Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1658366188
very helpful
on 1658346807
Makes adding TTS v easy
on 1658278811
*UPADTE 19/07/2022: Everything it's okay again and the personal support is amazing! They are the best.

*UPDATE 12/07/2022 Again it isn't working: got status_code 403 from https://papago.naver.com/apis/tts/makeID: b'{"code":"00002","message":"Login required.","displayMessage":"Login required."}' Please help :c

*UPDATE 2022: Again it isn't working: got status_code 403 from https://papago.naver.com/apis/tts/makeID: b'{"code":"00002","message":"Login required.","displayMessage":"Login required."}'

*UPDATE: It's working now and it's amazing. Thank you very much!! The best for language learning

Naver isn't working. I would deeply appreciate if this was fixed. The error said:

Cannot preview the input phrase with these settings.

got status_code 403 from https://papago.naver.com/apis/tts/makeID: b'{"code":"00002","message":"Login required.","displayMessage":"Login required."}'

and it appears when I try to use Korean voice or Thai voice. Everything else is great. Thanks!
Comment from author before post was edited
If it's working for you, please update your review. Fixed in AwesomeTTS 1.63 (requires Anki 2.1.50+). Please get in touch with me awesometts@airpost.net to claim your reward for reporting this issue.
on 1658059923
Great Idea! Plugin works like a charme. Very useful to get the tones in for diferent dialects of Chinese and accurate Korean pronuciation.
There is a free option by using Google translate voices or Naver Papago which are the best options for Chinese.
The paid version offers much much better voice quality though...
on 1657802633
Thanks! It has a lot of usefull settings.
on 1656945198
Very helpful
on 1656865054
This is one of the two or three addons that I couldn't do without. It is a real change to be able to hear the language when you study. Now I practise using dictation, saying it aloud and comparing muy pronunciation and reading at the same time as I listen. As I am a beginner, slowing down the speech has helped me a lot, and I plan, in future, to speed it up little by little. I find it very useful to have several audio fields in the same note and different cards, depending on what I need. I also love the fact that you can fill in several notes at the same time, because it makes it so much easier.
Besides, I find it easy to use, even for people like me, not too knowledgeable about configuring computers and the like. I must say as well that I was a little confused about the different versions and the author was very helpful.
Thanks a lot, Luc, both for the addon and the help.
on 1656658887
How can I fix this error? https://ibb.co/bWJbn0R
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me). Note that this should be fixed in AwesomeTTS 1.64.
on 1656430440
Não está funcionando na versão 2.1.54.
Comment from author before post was edited
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1656364005
I can't get any language like German or French. Every time I try to convert text to speech in German. I got this error: "SSLError(1, "[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED]: self signed certificate in certificate chain (_ssl.c:1124)"
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1655984730
Others said it updated and the error is gone, but that is not the case. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling, I still get this error when trzing to play voices from Naver Papago:

Cannot preview the input phrase with these settings.

got status?code 403 from https://papago.naver.com/apis/tts/makeID:b'{"code":"00002","message":"Login required".","displayMessage":"Login required."}'
Comment from author
If it's working for you, please update your review. Fixed in AwesomeTTS 1.63 (requires Anki 2.1.50+). Please get in touch with me awesometts@airpost.net to claim your reward for reporting this issue.
on 1655312927
AwesomeTTS is Awesome
on 1654893423
this dev has more dedication to his addon, than what the Anki dev dedicates to the Anki software lol
on 1654764639
This is absolutely perfect! The translating on the fly feature means I save an incredible amount of hard drive space and the Japanese pronunciation I use (Naver Papago) is flawless and free to use.
on 1654496145
It's fruitful and works well.
on 1653481494
very useful! Thanks.
on 1653307864
Great tools for learning languages.
on 1653058873
Não está funcionando nas versões mais atualizadas. Falha ao carregar.
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1653015702
Agora tem que pagar para ter uma extenção em um app livre.
Comment from author
Hi, AwesomeTTS is free and lets you use free services. The premium services cannot be offered for free as they require payment. Please get in touch with me and we'll discuss this: awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1652627455
Péssimo, não atende a alguns SO, já testei em ambos do meu aparelho, sempre pede pra desativar ele.
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me so that I can give you a reward for reporting bugs: awesometts@airpost.net
on 1652121922
Good app. Broken on 2.1.50 q5!
on 1651141980
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. [awesometts@airpost.net](mailto:awesometts@airpost.net) . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1650966822
This is a very useful addition to learning a language.
on 1650881244
Works perfect!
This is what I needed to add voices to my cards.
on 1650388262
Yeah it is good, no doubt. I used the free google translate voice for a Romanian sentence mining deck (since some speech is better than none). Anyway I would not pay for that TTS plus nor would I really use that plugin perhaps ever again.
You can easily download decks really good decks or just use subs2srs, create flash cards (with native readings) from your favorite TV show, add subtitles and then translate it using google translate. Seriously there is no point in using it privately, I have no idea why so many people have rated it...Still it is well made and functional!
on 1650116539
on 1649743328
most important add-on for me(also the only add-on I use)
on 1649047013
on 1648994020
I had a problem to synchronize on my smartphone, I sent an email and immediately I was answered.
The add-ons is really great to learn a language.
And his author is very responsive, thanks to him!
on 1648920586
on 1648124474
Very useful add-on!
on 1647515764
on 1647509747
it's good
on 1647277729
is good
on 1646610106
I'm brasilian and I've been studing with that voices. I think that's voices are helping me so much. It's realy awesome.
on 1646319833
Easy to use. Works very well, including on mobile.
on 1645659952
Simplesmente perfeito!
on 1645524654
An awesome add-on for Anki that you must have to create your own cards.
on 1645363725
on 1645177478
Well maintained and supported (Thank you for fixing NaverPapago so quickly!)
on 1645094943
Awesome! (Though I still miss the days you could use Oddcast...) I wish there was a way to search for a language, instead of having to go through all the different services one by one
Comment from author
Please try my latest addon, HyperTTS, which lets you do exactly that https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/111623432
on 1644955804
Awesome TTS has really changed my anki game. Love it!
on 1644778416
Best Anki addon!
on 1644580955
easy to use , many different beautiful voices
on 1644145899
Works great with high quality audio!
on 1644044047
Great add on
on 1643819863
it's awesome as well as it's efficiency
on 1643745097
If you want the full experience it costs a little but the pricing is fair and it works great.
on 1643562386
Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Super convenient and intuitive, plus there is a huge collection of supported languages and different voices for each of them.
on 1643394783
Time saving !
on 1643367304
I use Anki to learn languages and for me this TTS add-on is truly awesome. It works perfectly! Congrats to the developer.
on 1643362027
A++ add on!
on 1643358441
AwesomeTTS is a really GREAT plugin on Anki for learing . I use it for language and CFA learing.

I prefer the voice Allison(Dnn) in IBM Watson.

In using it , I'm still confused about one thing which is when I set it in "ON THE FLY TTS" mode , I could't hear the same voice on my AnkiMobile.

Anyway, this plugin works very well on the PC side.
on 1643134820
thank you very much
on 1643033754
Great addon!
on 1642960183
It's amazing. The add-on is really useful. I love it.
on 1642943854
Just started using it. Its basically amazing. Signed up for the free trial, and will likely end up paying for the full service once it runs out, if I'm still making flash cards. Been using it for german and its been great.
on 1642943690
this one is excellent, I love it very much!
on 1642912067
on 1642569404
on 1642528015
Thank a billion!
on 1642494901
Just try the trial version. Add-on very handy, a lot language supported, that's a good point. Will certainly subscribe paid plan.
on 1642467476
Super useful
Customizable widget and it's perfect
on 1642217123
Does what it says on the tin, makes Anki far more usable.

Only complaint I have is that it doesn't work on Anki 2.1.15, but that's more of a NixOS issue than the addon creator's problem.
on 1642120368
Super easy to use, and the voices sound great.
on 1642086154
Super cool plugin, you need to get it if you really want to improve your english
on 1641974432
I use this extension since I started using Anki years ago and just makes so much difference! Helped me a lot to really be able to recognize the words from my decks in movies and series.
Just now I started to use the plus because then I can try to repeat the sentences and sound more natural than copying the free voices. And, WOW!
You don't need the paid version, sure. But it's much more nice to use and to mimic.
on 1641950977
Great! it helps me alot
on 1641942506
Im studing English to get a job. This really helps me a lot. Thank you very much! 감사합니다 :)
on 1641890549
I need this
on 1641885372
Excellent and amazing. I use this add-on to learn chinese. I enter complete and short phrases to learn new words. With this add-on it is very convenient to learn new words and listen it in an appropriate context. Very impressive.
I am thinking of an option, though, that would be great to have : to get the option of a slower speed (say .75%) in addition to normal speed. One of the main problems with listening chinese is speed. With this option, we could play with Anki cards and choose the speed we are ready to listen.
I already use the option when I play Youtube videos, in which this option is available ; very convenient.
on 1641850394
Many options for tts source and language
on 1641833934
Excelente extensão. Ajuda bastante, principalmente porque há a possibilidade de gravar áudios com velocidade maior.
on 1641821400
I'm Brazilian, and I'm studying English. My learning was powered with Awesome TTS, because I can listen the sentences perfectly. It's the best of the bests.
on 1641812218
Thanks for developing such amazing tool.
on 1641793470
I love this add-on. Thank you so much.
on 1641578329
works seamlessly after providing my own Azure Key. Haven't tried the free speech services.
on 1641568542
This is hands down the best addon for Anki so far!
on 1641562638
on 1641513920
AwesomeTTS is a fantastic feature to your flashcards. It allows me to save my time without downloading external audio and embed it in my deck. Hearing the correct accent/pronunciation in the target language is crucial. There is a wide range of voice selection.
on 1641468443
Com certeza o melhor addon de conversão de texto em áudio. Indispensável pra quem está aprendendo um idioma. Possui muitas vozes disponíveis o permite escolher a que melhor lhe agrade.
A grande quantidade de opções de vozes permite que eu possa alterar as vozes inseridas nos cartões não deixando que eles fiquem monótonos além de aumentar a habilidade de reconhecer a pronúncia em diferentes tons de voz.
on 1641454653
on 1641401861
Thumbs up from me as it is simple and has solved the problem of Google's Thai voice sounding like a robot.
on 1641233447
it's great, thank you
on 1641227741
Fantastic TTS add-on for Anki. Very simple to set up and use, with great language support and multiple voice options for each language. I have been using Korean TTS through AwesomeTTS for my flashcards and it has been the perfect tool to aid in my studies. I couldn't be happier with how seamless it is to use.
on 1641182346
I cannot imaging using Anki for language studies without the AwesomeTTS addin. I have used the standard addin for years and have recently upgraded to the "plus" version as I have expanded the number of languages I am studying. Well worth the minor cost in my investment of time and energy in learning.
on 1641083625
It works well and the Amazon Spanish sounds great!
on 1640859733
It is excellent add for Anki, we are able to include various kind of voices in our cards, mainly to study English. I recommend
on 1640680347
The best plugin to add speech to you cards. Strongly recommend!
on 1640679291
Nice add-on, helps learning languages. Sadly only the premium voices are worth giving a try for some other ones will make your ears bleed, but once you've found a voice you like, it is a real gamechanger.
on 1640529843
Amazing voices
on 1640452687
It is super useful. A little hard to setup if the freemium version but totally worth it.
on 1640394019
An excellent tool! I am impressed!
on 1640282618
Amazing!!! It helps me a lot
on 1640275914
This is quite an improvement from other TTS - the voices are clearer and there are more accent varieties. I've been using Japanese TTS and it's been a huge help with my flashcards.
on 1640082539
I like the ability to pick between accents (belgian dutch is my current pick) depending on the source. Still exploring the add-on as of now.
on 1639968261
Easy to use and does exactly what I want it to do.
on 1639821952

I've just finished my first 10,000 characters. I've used them for several different languages and I'm very happy with the voice qualities. In German, one of the voices wasn't that good but there was another choice and that voice works well and it has helped me a lot.
Thanks for the free trial.
on 1639806909
on 1639356656
Overall, I really good add-on. While I do wish the author wouldn't solicit reviews with the promise of a larger trial package, and I do wish I could hide the unsightly AwesomeTTS "listen" message on my deck list/anki home page (seriously, can you please make that hideable?), the azure and naver Japanese voices are really good and the add-on does do what it says quite well.
Comment from author
You can disable the home screen widget by going to Tools -> AwesomeTTS -> Advanced, Other, uncheck "Show AwesomeTTS widget on deck browser".
on 1639232355
on 1639192144
I am an IMG and attended medical schools outside of the U.S. I struggled a lot with the American pronunciations of medical terms and drugs, and I am the type of person who cannot memorize a term without being able to pronounce it. For people who are like me, this will help so much in pronunciation, which will in turn help memorizing the term and the disease. Plus, it saved me a lot of effort in looking up the pronunciations online.
on 1638807612
so good, it helps me a lot
on 1638804899
on 1638756842
Great add-on with a full-fledged free trial. My setup is using a 'cloze fill in the blank' card where the audio autoplays -- the workflow is really simple to add sentences. When paired with this add-on with Amazon Polly neural text-to-speech, I get nearly native level audio automatically added to the sentences. Better than duolingo, particularly for a language learner with a higher level of language attainment.

If Ankiweb used a 5 star review system, I would give this add-on a 4.5/5. Here are changes necessary to make this a 5/5:
1) the full version is costly at $5/month for 3000-6000 new cards. I will only make maybe 100 to 150 cards per month -- so I won't be purchasing the premium version. Amazon Polly offers free TTS and they offer free downloads of the audio. The workflow going through Amazon Polly would perhaps add 5 seconds per card made relative to this app. If the add-on writer instead added a $10 option for 3000-6000 cards worth of translations I would almost certainly buy.
2) The interface for adding TTS varies depending on how you access the popup. For example, the interface in "browse" is better than the interface during new card creation. This is somewhat annoying.
Comment from author
Hi, I'm planning on making it possible for people to use their free Amazon Polly credit, I'll send out an update soon.
on 1638722759
Hello! This add-on is so helpful! However, I have been running into one issue:

When I first downloaded the add-on on my computer, it was great because it carried over to the Anki app on my iPhone and the audio would also automatically play on the cards there. However, for the past month or two, the audio won't automatically play on the iPhone app (as it does on the computer). The audio button is still present, but I have to manually press it to play the audio. I've gone through the Anki app study settings on my phone and ensured that "Automatically play audio" is toggled on, but it is not working. I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Anki app, to no avail. Please advise!
Comment from author
Hi, please email awesometts@airpost.net as I need to ask you some questions about your particular setup in order to help resolve the issue.
on 1638695515
One of the best addons I have ever added to anki ^^ ! It has revolutionized my user experience <3 (Review Heatmap S - Tier too)
on 1638642297
on 1638639191
Super useful
on 1638240345
that's the future! maximum possibilities are recorded and used. Thanks!
on 1638180877
This Add On is a real Game Changer!
It brings a whole new feeling and a ton of fun to learning your notes, don't underestimate how powerful hearing and speaking is for your brain.
And my personal tip:
Use Microsoft Azure it is the best voice program in my opinion.
on 1638006338
Perfect for language learning, you can listen to your MP3s on the Anki-App (iOS) as well.
on 1637841379
Easier set up than Google Cloud TTS. I tried 300USD free trial of ggl TTS and it is very complicated to set up. Plus Azure is also very good and if I only use ggl TTS I will miss you a lot. hands down AwesomeTTS is truly awesome'
on 1637773437
It's a perfect tool for language learners! Help me a lot.
on 1637733558
AwesomeTTS is the most fantastic tool which accelerate the power of Anki, especially when practicing foreign languages.
I can't imagine how could I do my English practice without AwesomeTTS.

Recently, I'm looking for the way to impose some pause interval at the starting point of sound clips
only to find that there hasn't nothing special yet. I'm looking forward to this improvement.
Comment from author
Please email me awesometts@airpost.net, we can discuss a solution for you
on 1637685553
So good for practice listening.
on 1637666326
Super good add on!!!
on 1637560440
Perfect working !!!!
on 1637505664
Azure's AI TTS is really amazing.
on 1637494417
Amazing addon, thank a lot.
on 1637426621
I was very skeptical of TTS because a lot of the add-ons simply use google TTS, which does not provide very speech in my opinion. However, Awesome TTS is much different as it provides you with various TTS services to choose from. Even the free ones included with TTC do a good job of delivering high quality sound. My favorite is the Microsoft Azure (Neural option) and you could almost believe that it is a real person talking to you. I tried it out on French, Spanish, German and Japanese (they provide over a hundred languages though) and it was that good !

Even though Awesome TTS is only the interface, the developers have done a fantastic job of incorporating it into anki, making it almost feel native ! Thanks!
on 1637400016
This add-on is so handy! I've been using it to get natural speech pronunciations of foreign words, and it's doing a great job. I'm really glad the author built this. Highly recommend it!
on 1637377906
thanks for building this
on 1637329113
This tool is the perfect complement to learn a language, the pro version offers an impressive quality voices. In addition, it is super easy and user friendly. It is 100% worth it.
on 1637069467
AwesomeTTS is amazing and the "pro" version adds a huge number of voices. You can find the one that suites you better from different text-to-speech providers. This plugin makes learning a new language a much better experience than what it would be without it.
on 1637024686
I was looking for a way to get some speech to my cards and was frustrated trying to find something. Then I saw AwesomeTTS. Really is awesome, helped me so much.
I really recommend it!
on 1636984115
I signed your product. Everything is ok by now.
on 1636964070
Works perfectly, a real time saver. Thanks a lot.
on 1636908550
on 1636906443
It's the best tool that I ever finded! Really great... Thanks
on 1636788011
Now that Google, Microsoft and others provide text to speech based on AI the quality of synthetic speech is overwhelming.
That saves a lot of work for language learners to collect audios for sample sentences.
This add-on is a great interface to these resources and automates the process.
on 1636738248
It helps me a lot be learning languages. Thank you.
on 1636479111
Works pretty well so far. No complaints.
on 1636380279
This add is awesome. Just what I've been looking for. Thank you.
on 1636380113
Thanks for plugin!!! It worked great. It help me so much!
I recommend using this plugin.
on 1636366886
This AwesomeTTS is really Awesome. Improve my English and French learning a lot
on 1636282360
Excellent add-on!

I am using this add-on from its first version. The Oddcast service has always been my first choice. As the Oddcast service will be removed, I am using the VocaWare service which has the same voices but requires an API key.

Thank you very much for updating this add-on to more recent versions.
on 1636173722
An indispensable add on. This has massively improved the quality of my cards.
on 1636164025
Thanks for plugin! It worked great. It help me to quickly creat audio for all desk immediately.
I recommend using this plugin.
on 1636114059
Works great, I can save a lot of time for recording audio.
on 1636046823
Great Very good
Thanks Team
on 1636014955
Very useful, it simplifies immensely the creation of custom cards. Learning along with the voice samples is so much more efficient
on 1635921398
This is the most powerful addon for Anki. It makes it incredibly easy to create foreign language learning cards.
on 1635782501
Very very cool addon. The voices are very realistics. I liked so much
on 1635724318
Amazing addon, very helpful and easy to use too
on 1635707431
I don't mind the "Pronounce with Awesome TTS" showing on the browser screen, but for those who desire, it can be removed easily by going to

Tools>>Awesome TTS...>> then click on Advanced tab

Under "Other" there is a box to check/uncheck for

"Show Awesome TTS widget on Deck Browser"

You'll need to restart Anki for changes to take effect.

Thanks for the good work.
on 1635696057
Por fin encontré como aprender vocabulario con una voz que no sea robótica como la de Google Traslate. Me ha gustado mucho este Add on!!! (sobre todo la opción de pago).
on 1635673178
why should there be an advertisement from this addon on my Homescreen? What is the purpose?
"Pronounce with AwesomeTTS"
The add-on was perfect earlier. You' ve ruined it and now you want to ruin the whole Anki.

I bet that the majority of positive comments are fake!!!
Comment from author
Please contact me awesometts@airpost.net, and reminder that we have a reward for people who report bugs (I'll give you more details by email)
on 1635668796
Awesome! Best add on hands down. This add on has saved me thousands of hours! Huge shout out to Luc for quickly responding to my request. Thank you! Highly recommend supporting the team through their patreon or website for higher quality voices.
on 1635592502
Provides a great service in support of your language studies. I'd recommend supporting the creator on paetron to access the extra features and help them continue their good work.
on 1635436224
Thank you so much, but it'll do great if AwesomeTTS have Longman dictionary. Pronunciation in Longman is very good, better than any here.
on 1635320063
Just like the addon's name, it's Awesome.
Among the free tts, youdao is the best, it's really natural.
on 1635247570
Cool voices, for only 5$ per month
on 1634867710
So helpful! Thanks!
on 1634826486
It's good, the neural voices and stuff, but with the trial version 4000 characters sounds like a lot but it really isn't. I guess it's enough to test out all the voices but I'm hoping this review gets me the extended trial offer. That's the only way I could tell if it's something I would spend money on, if I use it for a bit longer.
on 1634822957
Great add-on with easy to use interface.
on 1634732524
on 1634639688
The add is awesome! There are free voices, as Google Translate, and premium voices in case you want do buy, as Microsoft Azure, VocalWare and others great.
on 1634626259
Very helpful! Thank you so much!
on 1634604332
So helpful! Thank you!
on 1634586996
Perfect. A go-to add-on for language learners.
on 1634519365
The add-on works very well. I've never had problems with it. Lots of TTS options (Azure, Google {free}, Amazon, etc). The only thing I wish they offered was the ability to buy characters for the paid-for-voices instead of a monthly subscription. I have enough recurring subscriptions, so I adding another is a turn off. I would pay for characters though.
on 1634356831
The Azure voices sound great. Finding a good extension to extract audio from youtube/netflix is a bit expensive and not as intuitive as this it seems. I'll enjoy this for as long as it works!
on 1634352363
google translate
on 1634261592
Great addon and they give you more of a free trial if u rate
on 1634207905
Works like a dream. It's a pity that the Google Cloud voices now fall under the plus/paid service though, but I guess that's fair enough.

This is a beautiful example of how various technologies can reach maturity and intersect to provide an amazing solution. For language learning, I like that there's even a speed variation on the voices so that I can drop them down to about 0.7% for my target language.
Comment from author
Please note that Google Cloud voices were never at any point offered for free by anyone. Google Translate is the free unofficial service which is still present in AwesomeTTS. You are not obligated to pay for anything when using AwesomeTTS, the free services are always there and always will be. You're not obligated to purchase the AwesomeTTS Plus service to make use of the Google Cloud voices either, you can buy an API key from google and use that instead. The AwesomeTTS Plus is just a convenient bundling of a bunch of paid services to give you the maximum convenience and choice at the lowest price possible.
on 1633993917
Funciona muy bien, estoy aprovechando la versión de prueba. Las voces de azure, google son esenciales para comprender bien el idioma que está aprendiendo. ¡Recomiendo la instalación!. / It works very well, I am taking advantage of the trial version. The voices of azure, google are essential for a good understanding of the language you are learning. I recommend the installation!
on 1633781688
I lost ~5500 cached audio files after the recent update. Bummer.
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me awesometts@airpost.net , I believe we can find a solution.
on 1633771527
This is an incredibly helpful add-on! The voices sound realistic and it helps me comprehend Japanese easier than before. The add-on is easy to use and has very accurate readings too!
on 1633697608
the best add on I ever have !
on 1633695610
Perfect, awesomeTTS really make my day!
on 1633568335
Makes it easy to create TTS
on 1633458062
Must-have for any language learner. It really changes the way you learn - especially listening.
on 1633446666
it's a good application for learning foreign languages
on 1633391158
very good
on 1633358657
it´s a amazing tool for my studies.
on 1633121090
Great feature!
on 1633003567
on 1632774246
Just great. Thank you.
on 1632692921
Works effortlessly. Pro version is worth it if you can afford it.
on 1632677909
The best!!! Awesome.
on 1632588096
This is one of those apps that completely redefined my language learning adventure. The impact of having the ability to effortlessly and quickly add authentic voice translations of my target language is huge. Simple to use, straight to the point, a must have if you're a serious language learner and you want to improve your pronunciation.
on 1632567875
The new Microsoft Azure voice is awesome, I think it's worth the price and it pays off as cards reviewing is much more pleasant.
on 1632432995
on 1632344370
It's a great addon. The quality of the voices are totally natural. I recommend to everyone that want to study other languages. Great
on 1632189069
Extremely useful for Cantonese, the pronunciations aren't perfect but the Azure voices come really close
on 1632184857
very nice
on 1632077160
I'm learning French right now, and I can't imagine how I could do it without this resource! I would definitely recommend.
on 1631888031
If you are going to take the time to learn a new language it's important to have a voice that sounds as authentic as possible. AwesomeTTS has multiple voice options for a multitude of languages and they all sound fantastic. The best part is that you can pick the one that suits you best in order make your learning most efficient. I highly recommend this add-on
on 1631733210
it's very good
on 1631669365
AwesomeTTS is fantastic. It's been an absolute game changer for my flashcards and has saved me heaps of time downloading audio files from various sources which I used to do! (though I still do make the most out of my language exchanges by cutting them up in audacity: https://www.ollielovell.com/ollielearns/make-most-language-exchange-anki-cards/)

Highly recommend this plugin, and the Amazon voices are heaps better than the google ones too!
on 1631645496
Works great, especially with Azure voices!
on 1631595700
Works well.
This is one of the most useful plugins for Anki, along with the memrise to anki converter.

I am currently using this for generating Arabic and Hebrew words and sentences when native audio is not available.

For Arabic, the usable options include Amazon, IBM Watson, Azure and Google.
The Microsoft Azure TTS comes in Saudi Arabic and Egyptian Arabic versions.
I am currently studying Palestinian Arabic but still find the audio generated is very usable.

It works well and sound generation is quite speedy compared to the previous version.

The interface is fairly obvious ( since I have previously used the old now dead version of AwesomeTTS)
Others may need to use some of the online help that is around.

I am a miserable miser, but will probably pay for the paid version.

I am currently using the trial version.
( A free trial key that times out after generating a total of 5000 characters is available if you go to his site )
*** The author has offered me a longer trial if I post a review ***
However, to his credit, he has not asked for a favorable review.
I have attempted to be objective, despite his offer.
on 1631444255
Very good ad on
on 1631427507
Very useful!
on 1631418280
on 1631284498
Life changing addon for language learners.
on 1631284017
Just brilliant. Couldn't do without it anymore.
on 1631282675
I have been using Anki for ages to learn languages and I really wish I had this add-on before ! 😅 This is a huge time saver when you are creating your cards and I really like it ! I am currently using Naver CLOVA voices to learn Korean and they are truly awesome. 😎 Even if you don't want to pay for premium voices, this add-on is a must have as it gives you access to most of the free voices out there, including Google Translate and Naver Papago. Whether in free or paid mode, this is an add-on to have in your language learning arsenal ! 👍
on 1631184560
on 1631151865
AwesomeTTS is a great tool to add voice transcription to your flash cards. There are a ton of options as well to bring variety to the voices used. My favorite tool for helping me learn Japanese.
on 1630975770
Makes learning easier!
on 1630945234
Hey! I loved this tool! I noticed that I can hear the audios through ankidroid on my cell phone. But I couldn't find a way to add speech when creating a flash card by ankidroid on mobile. Sometimes I leave it to create on public transport and it would help me a lot. Is there any way to do this?
on 1630918052
AwesomeTTS addon is just that - AWESOME. Learning Vietnamese is especially hard for an English native as it is a tonal language which makes being able to use the right inflection extremely difficult without someone sitting right next to you while you are learning new vocab. AwesomeTTS solves the problem. Of special importance is having the Northern (or official dialect) version available - it is the only dialect understood throughout Vietnam. Absolutely love it. Big props to the devs who make the trail version available.
on 1630900726
on 1630833036
What an awesome addon for language learners! Just what I've been looking for!
on 1630813189
Absolutely a great addon for any language learners! I've been using this extension ever since I started using Anki and I can say for sure that having the audio on the cards helps me actually remember them better.
The only issue I have is (especially after Oddcast's removal) the lack of free voice service options (out of a list of 20 or so, only 2 or 3 can be accessed for free and even then with major limitations). But it's fairly easy to type in your email addresses on their website to get free trials of the premium voices. Microsoft Azure's voices, in particular, sound so real; some Chinese natives I sent its MP3s to were actually surprised that an AI could make that kind of voice. Thanks again to AwesomeTTS for making it available.
on 1630777877
Fantastic add-on. Microsoft azure neural Cantonese/mandarin is a must of you want to learn correct tones and pronunciation.
on 1630624630
The Azure neural TTS are really great. Particularly Korean, which doesn't always have the best Forvo pronunciations. AwesomeTTS makes adding sound to cards very efficient.
on 1630575899
It's a very useful to learn languages or juste have voice to make cards more "interactive". I wish only that we could enter API keys from say Azure or Google.
Comment from author
You can use your own keys from Azure or Google, please contact awesometts@airpost.net if you need more instructions.
on 1630514431
Super useful, new version includes Azure which sounds very very realistic.
on 1630300517
I love this addon, highly recommend
on 1630291064
Great addon! I use it for language learning a lot! :) Fantastic!!!
on 1630281938
Very useful. The best.
on 1630273863
Really awesome! Microsoft voices for mandarim chinese are all great. I even have a suggestion: would it be possible to select a number os voices among which awesometts would use them randomly to generate audio? Thanks a lot!
on 1630030196
The installation is quite easy to use. The bulk batch function also makes it easy to update all the cards to save time, as per the instructions. Overall it's an impressive feature.
on 1629905289
writing the review for the 50,000 characters trial quote. The program is amazing so far.
on 1629813771
Just wonderful!
on 1629813523
To be honest, I can't do without it any more. It's just that good.
on 1629726516
It's really awesome especially for learning a new language. Because during learning a language, it's better to utilize as many your perception sensation organs as possible.
on 1629638148
A helpful tool.
on 1629635538
Great addon! I use it for language learning a lot! :)
on 1629627712
Das ist großartig.
This is great.
on 1629438080
Required add-on for language learning. So powerful and easy!
on 1629323030
Best app!!
on 1629296774
This is one of the best audio voice that I've ever had! Very good!
on 1629262044
Extremely helpful and useful tool, in my personally opinion, this is one of the best add-ons on Anki....learning languages with AwesomeTTS is such a pleasurable and fun experience.
on 1629079984
Wonderful add on to ANKI, I listen to the cards all the time and the instructions on the website is great as well!!
on 1628956926
Really helpful for language learning, especially if you learn from listening
on 1628927155
Essencial para quem quer aprender um novo idioma.
on 1628906873
It works perfectly.
on 1628849129
on 1628771846
Great Support
Amazing number of voices (both free and premium)
The best text-to-speech service for language learnings
on 1628612927
Agora é pago
Comment from author
Just to update you, there's a free gift waiting for you if you contact me, as a reward for reporting a bug. please email me awesometts@airpost.net so that I can arrange.
on 1628522124
Great addon. Congratulations to the creator.
on 1628522084
Great addon. Congratulations to the creator.
on 1628518420
Disappointing when longman dictionary is not supported, it pronounces sentences much better than google
Comment from author before post was edited
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1628410021
Very nice! Thanks
on 1628250654
It's really useful!
on 1628243602
on 1628243013
This service is beneficial for language learners, and I would appreciate you for developing this service. I have learned the English language using Anki and AwesomeTTS, and I want to learn French using this app. Without a doubt, AwesomeTTS would be a great help to me. However, if you could provide free text-to-speech services, it would be really helpful. Unfortunately, I live in a country that I can't purchase AwesomeTTS because of the lack of efficient bank services, and that's why I ask you to provide free text-to-speech services.
on 1628156043
on 1628017020
on 1628016493
Very nice!
on 1628016358
Voice attachment made easy.
on 1628002292
Great, thanks a lot!
on 1627817926
It helps me a lot. Thank you!!!
on 1627796931
A must have add-on for effective language learning!
on 1627791411
A melhor extensão! Auxilia bastante o meu estudo de idiomas! Só tenho a agradecer!
on 1627790621
This App is so great. I wish it was available years ago. It save me so much time if I cannot find real human voices for my studies.
Thank you!!
on 1627740105
Awesome extension, the best!
on 1627694960
Although Anki itself included TTS function, sometimes the TTS is delayed for no reason. But AwesomeTTS perfectly solve this issue!!!!
on 1627633637
When updated, the audio cache files are removed and users should download again, it means you might over the limit and you should pay more for the AwesomeTTS team. =(
Comment from author
Just to update you, there's a free gift waiting for you if you contact me, as a reward for reporting a bug. please email me awesometts@airpost.net so that I can arrange.
on 1627600398
on 1627577681
on 1627487665
It's a mass movement to learn a new language!!! It's awesome!!! Thank you for you effort.
on 1627436619
Excellent addon, very useful. Helps me alot!
Thank you so much to dev this.
on 1627434268
This add-on is very useful to learn English. Thank you so much <3

I wrote a review, please upgrade my trial quota to 50,000 characters, thanks!
on 1627345014
This is the perfect TTS I've ever had. literally, It's Awesome.
I had an issue of playback delay while I'm using Bluetooth headphone which has a power-saving mode, so that causes the volume fade-in. but they solved this issue perfectly by providing the pause which is enough for my Bluetooth headphones to finish their fade-in or wake up.
on 1627269174
on 1627264315
This text-to-speech add-on is hugely beneficial and infinitely customizable for my Anki decks. The audio sounds very natural and this add-on goes far beyond most traditional text-to-speech engines.
on 1627110022
Great add-on
Naver Papago (jp) is a really great free TTS for Asian learners out there as reccommended by AwesomeTTS .
on 1627064822
With the new update personal keys are working right. Thanks for the support!
on 1626965920
I've found a treasure, it's very useful for learning English. Thanks)
on 1626934551
Dans l'ensemble marche super bien
on 1626934445
Très inattendu mais fait ce qu'on lui demande
on 1626934275
Interesting for improving language learning
on 1626933997
Super add-on he le recommande
on 1626933776
on 1626933489
Franchenent he n'entendait pas mieux venant de cette ad on
on 1626930574
Awesome tool. (no pun intended)

The creator seems to update frequently.
on 1626924175
on 1626904156
Es realmente útil para mí
on 1626894047
Super cool
on 1626886780
Great dubbing of the content. Almost indispensable for good language and listening progress. I really enjoy learning with it.
on 1626882242
Super add-on vraiment utile pour générer des audio sur sur anki je le recommande à tout le monde
on 1626878974
on 1626875547
🙂🙂the best for sound creation
on 1626872284
Awesome I couldn't dream more
on 1626871990
One of the best add-on on anki
on 1626856155
Great work! AwesomeTTS works like a charm :-)
on 1626854764
Been using it for 4 months and can't be more happy about what it brings to my studying process. Love it~
on 1626780223
Really awesome 100000thanks
on 1626779752
Thanks a lot for this add-on it really useful I'm sure it gonna help skyrocket my progress in language learning
on 1626685213
It's a useful tool. However, in the latest update, I constantly get this error when adding mp3. I've tried different sources, it still doesn't work.

Cannot preview the input phrase with these settings.

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\WEICHUN\\AppData\\Roaming\\Anki2\\addons21\\1436550454\\awesometts\\.cache\\youdao-8d6878cd-06576afa-aee8e725-8b26d9d5-e266f1fb.mp3'
on 1626392191
on 1626186815
on 1626012367
on 1625736931
This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!! Perfect for learning Swedish
on 1625732431
This is really awesome, thank you!!!
on 1625664316
I really enjoy this add on - works great. However the voice is different on iOS - do I need to do something to get the add on to work on mobile?
on 1625594556
This is the best! 太棒了!没想到Anki上有真么好的插件,出乎意料。
on 1625457220
fantastic add-on, works like a charm
on 1625381633
Excellent add-on for language learning.
on 1625217957
It's very good and great.
on 1625168060
Awesome, worked like a charm to quickly batch generate spoken Japanese and Cantonese audio for flash cards with just a few clicks, saving a huge amount of time vs recording MP3 files to manually add to each card.
on 1624975353
This is an amazing addition to Anki. It has flawlessly recognized every traditional Chinese character and sentence flashcard I have added and automagically added audio.
on 1624832929
Audio is very important for language learning (input hypothesis). It facilitates comprehensive input. Don't underestimate the power of audio to facilitate your understanding in the target language. This addon makes it easy to import quality audios like from Azure, making the study experience much better.
on 1624605000
on 1624265969
Addon eccellente e molto utile.
on 1624189746
on 1624184777
Thanks for this, it's working.
on 1624122019
The author's just updated the Azure voices to support ssm, that means now we can include useful tags such as <break time="500ms" />. Very nice!!!
on 1623982099
Thank you very much! :D
on 1623936602
Ok, I am fine with the older version. Good support by the author!
Comment from author
Thank you for your kind feedback.
on 1623894964
Works great - HUGE time saver over searching Forvo or something.
on 1623811839
It works ok
on 1623753557
Works as expected :)
on 1623741522
Muito bom!!! Me ajuda muito na criação dos meus baralhos!
on 1623673882
on 1623612473
Can't imagine living without it. Mostly the Azure neural voices are amazing — I use them in Russian, Korean, Chinese, and more.
on 1623557073
on 1623553802
It's really Awesome
on 1623388400
Super easy to use, clean UI, and really effective. Wide variety of voices to choose from. Anyone learning a language or wanting to add audio to anki cards for any other reason should download this for sure
on 1623183569
I love this add, just ingenious, especially when you add sound to a whole batch with one click, also the Ctrl+t function on the cards works perfectly. Thanks a lot!
on 1623125987
Nó đã giúp tôi rất nhiều
on 1622951586
a must add-in for Anki
on 1622908197
works amazing
Comment from author
Thank you for your kind feedback.
on 1622510198
I have been using this add-on and it improved my listening skill so much. I also practice my speaking by shadowing
on 1622485252
Very good app and very easy to install and use, there are many voice possibilities and parameterizations in order to better understand the pronunciation. I really recommend it!
on 1622460762
Good add-on to batch generate high-quality TTS for your cards!
on 1622454029
This app is great for learning japanese. It improves my listening skill so much. thanks a lot
on 1622442967
This Addon is the most useful on Anki
and also The support team is quite nice.
Comment from author before post was edited
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1622391505
It's very good and it's active on github.
on 1622367717
Great addon!
on 1622273019
This is the add on that helped me most. I can't believe learning language without using this app. it is also good for learning other subjects when you have no time to look at the screen. you can just listen and review
on 1622263812
Comment from author before post was edited
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. awesometts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1622178014
nice add-on, provides an easy way to automatically add suitable audio to anki decks. The free version is already helpful, but the premium voices are a little bit less annoying than the free ones. (Google Translate often sounds a little bit like a robot on drugs.)
on 1622175049
My life has become easy. Good job of author
on 1622118660
The Plugin is wonderful. Also really good response time on error fixes!
on 1622048369
Thank you very much. The add-on is gorgeous. Strongly recommend.
on 1621961019
on 1621508235
Very good now that NAVER works. It has the best Korean voices by far.
Comment from author before post was edited
Naver Papago changed their website and so far I haven't been able to fix the Naver service. I did add support for Naver Clova, which is the premium TTS service from Naver. Patreon fans have access to API keys to all the premium services, including Naver Clova.
on 1621457410
Naver Chinese isn't working. I would deeply appreciate if this was fixed. Everything else is great. Thanks!

EDIT: Naver Chinese was fixed and the creator (Luc) was very helpful.
Comment from author
Thank you for your kind feedback.
on 1621259821
on 1621039699
It´s Awesome!Incredible Work, voices are very lifelike!!
on 1620979317
Easy to use, allowed me to add the TTS I needed in less than 5 minutes without going too technical, you can use the sample TTS to find the voice that fits your needs.
on 1620912924
WOW. Such a great tool! I've been recording from Google translate with my mic, which not only was it time-consuming but the audio quality also wasn't ideal at all.

Premium voices are very realistic!
on 1620862913
Good add-on, useful for adding audio to any language deck. There aren't really any voices that don't sound artificial so if you value having good pronunciation like native speaker, then don't use this for shadowing. However, if you can't get access to authentic native speaker audio, this is the probably next best thing.
on 1620827805
Amazing upgrade, this one worth it
on 1620796507
Best TTS add-on for Anki, now combined with the best highly natural-sounding TTS services. Essential component of my language learning toolkit.
on 1620645135
It's a great app, so usual. I'd like more voices in franch, But this new vertion is awesome. Thenks for it.
on 1620527809
Great plug-in and incredibly easy to figure out. Couldn't ask for an easier to use Plug in
on 1620515084
Excellent!!! Excellent tool for language learners.
on 1620469552
Very Good
on 1620437842
Nice add-on. Used for Japanese. The Patreon neural network voices were very good, non-patron voices were ok.
on 1620423200
This add-on is invaluable, thank you so much to those who worked hard to make this, you guys are the real mvp! Saved me so much time, thank you thank you!!
Quick summary of what it does- when you write smth in a foreign language like 'bonjour' you can automatically add it's audio from sources such as Google translate and Forvo without having to search the web and download separate files! It's literally 'text to speech'. So helpful<3
on 1620384585
This is my favorite Anki add-on. Always works perfectly...I love IBM Watson
on 1620133853
I've been testing this application to add speech to both sides of my flash cards. It works very well when you work out how to use it. My only criticism is that it would be a lot easier to use with better documentation.
on 1619869939
the most helpful add-on I have ever seen on Anki for language learners, you won't regret it when you remember words multiple times faster and your pronunciation is really improved. Thanks to the creators behind this high-quality add-on.
on 1619777725
Perfect add-on ! I'm using on-the-fly tts for my japanese deck and it's working nice.
Btw, just wanted to mention that Azure neural voices are nearly free for private use. It's a pay-as-you-go system and you have a number of char free each month which is hard to get to when you're alone.
on 1619749914
Great add-on! Use it all the time for Romanian, Vietnamese and Chinese. For Romanian google translate works really bad, the pronunciation is incorrect, so this plugin has Microsoft Azure which is probably the only service that can pronounce smth like "îmi pare bine" correctly.

Thank you for a big variety of tools, so I can study correctly.
on 1619741414
This is a really good tool, It surpased my expectations. For me this app is really usefull because I can save a lot of time when I'm putting audio to my cards.
on 1619715982
Amazing upgrade, this one worth it
on 1619612884
This is one of the best add-ons which can facilitate learning a new language. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.
on 1619508047
Awesome addon, really powerful functionality
on 1619248914
100% Awesome! The quality of this TTS is awesome. Super easy to use and lots of great features. For me this make my language learning process much better. 👍
on 1619102652
Always been a huge fan of AwesomeTTS (I'm a very big user of it). Now that there's AwesomeTTS Plus, the Azure and Naver Premium TTS are SO MUCH better! I will have more to spend time to move all of my decks to this format! Huge thumbs up!
on 1618923861
Awesome add-on; the german voices are amazing.
on 1618841442
AwesomeTTS is Super! And they reply so fast when you have some question.
on 1618839611
Funciona increíblemente! Súper recomendable!
on 1618838061
The best add-on I ever see!
on 1618747852
That add-on is amazing. I'm very pleased to use it. All that I was looking for.
on 1618673854
Now I use Microsoft's Azure, in mainland China will be able to use without VPN.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi, unfortunately this happens with some VPNs, are you able to try another VPN ?
on 1618359541
Fantastic add on providing the highest quality text to speech voices available. Definitely recommend trying it.
on 1618352576
I love awesomeTTS- The best anki plug ever...!!!
on 1618328381
on 1618314217
This has been the single most useful add on during my use of Anki to study Chinese (as well as other languages). The creator is a helpful guy - if you like the add on, I recommend joining his Patreon and supporting its further development.
on 1618307483
Excellent add-on which has made a great difference to Russian-language learning.
on 1618271290
Hi. I love this awesome tts.
It's such Nice.
Thanks a lot
Comment from author before post was edited
It's a recurring monthly payment.
on 1618147563
still looking for irish audio but find "just" Microsoft and Forvo.Even Google don't offer audio. Anyway , seems AwesomeTTS works smooth.
on 1617903395
the best addon that exists in this category, thank you very much.
on 1617899149
It is fantastic app in order to learn languages. Until now I put google voices. They are a bit robotic, nevertheless I am choosing other voices more natural like Azure. The better you sound the more you learn.
on 1617821307
AwesomeTTS is Awesome! This is the hero of my Anki's Addons. I'm immensely grateful.
on 1617588470
Makes it easy to generate audio for Anki cards.
on 1617509062
You are a freaking god, thanks bro.
it works amazingly good, its very useful.
on 1617455573
It's awesome that I expected.
on 1617389978
Great addon
on 1617375182
it's nice, thaks you
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi, just to confirm, you emailed me at awesometts@airpost.net ? can you email again please?
on 1617364834
This add-on is a real lifesaver! I had a few hundred Japanese sentences to convert into Anki audio cards and thought, should be pretty straightforward, right? And yet all I could find out there for a while was just a bunch of convoluted and time-consuming methods that inevitably involved some degree of coding. On top of that, most if not all the voices available sounded offputting, tinny, and robotic. So when I came across AwesomeTTS I was blown away. The interface is super intuitive and batch processing a ton of audio sentences is a matter of a couple of clicks. Definitely no coding needed there. Luc is very responsive and promptly got back to me every time I had a question. As a Japanese learner, I want to add a special shout-out to the Azure Neural male/female voices, both outstanding and by far the closest I could find to natural human speech. Great work!
on 1617343765
It's awesome! Revolutionized my study. Thanks for the great work :)
on 1617307275
Great add on. When creating some sentences without audio, this simply pulls the audio from the source selected.
on 1617297611
I've been using this add-on to learn English for several years and found it extremely useful especially in improving my pronunciation and listening skills. Highly recommended
on 1617277687
Trial run is very nice. Hopefully it can be open for free or one time deal pay is much more acceptable then monthly pay.
on 1617264672
It's a great addon which can save you tonns of time and can significantly improve your learning experience with anki. I use it for Chinese and it's really really helpful. It's really nice of them that put a free trial for the add-on.
on 1617256993
Really useful add-on, i recommend everybody try this one
on 1617209147
This add-on definitely merits having "awesome" in its name. Game-changer for the creation of Anki flashcards, especially for language-learning - and very active development, i.e. it's getting better and richer in features quite literally week by week...
9.6/10 ...... :)
on 1617188633
Addon is brilliant! Super cool, it works great. I've translated about 5000 cards (most with just one Dutch word, some with phrases) without a problem to two languages (Brazilian Portuguese and English) , and downloaded audio snippets with pronunciation from IBM Watson (Liam voice), all automatically and all of this done in simple two steps: language mapping the note fields to languages and then select all, add translations to all and add sounds to all (make sure you create a separate Sound field otherwise you will delete the response field).

It is super cool that for everything you have a choice of different backends, for both the TTS voices (lots of options, AI or real voice) and for the translations.
on 1617183835
amazing add on!
on 1617151484
on 1617128157
Really pleased with this addon, particularly the high quality azure voices.
on 1617100924
I didn't realize how much time I could save using this addon. Azure was a bit of a pain to figure out, but that's because I used my own API code. In retrospect it wouldve been way easier and 100% worth it to use one provided by ATTS. Once that was set up I was up and rolling easily. On a good day I'd be able to average about 1 card per 10-12 seconds, but this has almost halved that time. Huge thanks to the author.

Edit to say the author is fantastic. Quick to respond and obviously cares a ton about his work. I pay for the patreon and feel like there's a ton of benefit to it. Author will reach out to subs and see what direction they want the project to go in, or if they have any unique issues that he can help solve. It would be worth it alone for the API key, but like I said above, I have my own API and yet I still support this author and find benefit in doing so. Highly recommend if you have a few dollars extra once a month!
Comment from author before post was edited
Is this happening on the front or on the back of the card ? does reading this documentation help ? https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/wiki/On-the-fly-TTS ?
if not, please open an issue on https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues and i'll help you out.
on 1617053737
It worked!! Thanks
on 1617031315
I used to use google translate for translations and pinyin transliteration and another site for the mp3 voice files. Needless to say, this add-on saves me a ton of time while writing Anki cards.
on 1617024153
Really easy to setup and use. Very high quality results for japanese audio using the neural voices from Azure, I think this is the best option whenever you don't have access to native audio.
on 1617023221
For only $5, this service is indispensable for learning a language. One of the hardest things is to get the accent of your target language correct. Being able to use top-tier audio voices has helped so much with my Spanish. I do not consider $5 to be a problem. For awhile this add-on did not work with the updated Anki. But now the author is improving this add-on, adding more voices and making it easier to get more choices for your target language. His work is worth more than $5. I highly recommend this service.
on 1616960740
Appreciate the update to this add on after a long period, great work!

You do have to pay for the subscription/ patreon - but I can't not recommend it as I too, must attest to the greatness of the Keita voice. For Japanese learners, you're going to be very refreshed and suprised. I've been through many Anime SRS decks which have far superior audio to have robotic siri voices. Keita voice might as well be my real Japanese male friend reading my Anki cards to me. Clearer than any technology voice should be, to say the least. If you're learning another language there are many, many options as well so I'd be shocked if you couldn't atleast find one really good voice.

Again, thanks for bringing this back and your shared API keys for supporters.

Update 3/28/21
Author is consistently there to help, is a swift communicator and the add on has only improved since this first post with an increased variety of high quality voices, options and other lifestyle enhancements. There's a massive library of languages being touched upon now. Whether you're into language learning in general or wish to focus on one, this add on will truly have a "native in your ear."
Comment from author before post was edited
Thank you for your kind feedback. Just one clarification: the add-on does contain some free voices which don't require payment, but indeed the highest quality voices do require a paid account with the various cloud providers, and the easiest way to access those is by becoming a member on Patreon.
on 1616933494
Fantastic service, very helpful author, I'm using the plus version and the voices are fantastic, plus there are constant updates and many options to suit various needs. A+++
on 1616921994
Great. You can get a Google Cloud account that provides an API key for free at Google. Should be enough for language learners.
Comment from author
Absolutely, thank you for pointing this out, we have instructions here: https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/wiki/Google-Cloud-Text-to-Speech
on 1616769470
It's good for work.
on 1616760458
I don't consider this simply good, I consider it mandatory.
If you use ANKI for learning languages then adding speech is the best improvement possible.
Adding audios without this app is like to fill a swimming pool with a glass.
Take this and save your time and use it to study the language
on 1616723883
Fantastic! I'm studying Japanese and French, and some of the premium voices, like Azure, sound eerily realistic. I definitely think that this add-on has improved my Anki experience!
on 1616674713
Great add-on and even better support! If you are a language learner, it's a must-have tool.
on 1616674334
I am currently studying for a big post-graduate entrance exam, and this addon has been incredibly helpful to me already! I got in contact with the creator Luc who is very friendly and caring. Worth every single penny, it certainly doesn't disappoint. Very simple to use and can be applied to multiple cards instantaneously!
on 1616669978
Constantly improved, one of the best anki addon there is right now
on 1616662354
on 1616660838
Very useful add-on.
on 1616633692
Invaluable tool; helps me practice pronunciation without spending hundreds or thousands on a tutor. In addition, the audio is clear and crisp. Generating audio takes seconds. Download and support on Patreon...can’t praise enough.
on 1616604725
A staple add-on in my language learning workflow. I'm currently learning Swedish, and since there isn't so much original audio content out there (compared to more popular languages), this add-on has been really really useful in creating natural-sounding audio flashcards. I'm a Patreon and the developer is very receptive to feedback as well.
on 1616602096
it's worth to pay it. The colleague has done a good work. Thumbs up!
on 1616600064
Incredibly useful and a core part in my learning strategy. Very good support as well!
on 1616598299
Insanely useful add-on and excellent support. Well worth the price!
on 1616597508
It's a great add-on. It works. The support is always helpful
on 1616570432
Awesome, To The Sound :D

However: haven't found yet how to add a RANDOM(!) Group to a Tag in the card template; is this possible?

I need the Add-On to automatically read the question to me, but with a DIFFERENT(!) voice/pronunciation/dialect each time the card comes up for review!

The same, already-heard voice is next to useless for me.
Comment from author
Question: why don't you add all the voices you want in a group ? Then you'd get a random voice within that group. If you want to discuss further, get in touch with me awesometts@airpost.net or open an issue on https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues
on 1616391997
I love it! I highly recommend it.
on 1616242698
Super useful, works quite smoothly. I was able to add audio to ~600 of my existing French flashcards with very minimal effort!
on 1616161379
I worked. Thanks so much.
on 1616155920
(+) This add-on makes Anki the best app for learning languages for self-motivated people.
Many thanks for Luc, who assists the learner in a very helpful and kind manner!

(-) However, Awesome TTS plus is too expensive.
There should be a FREE option e.g. up to 7000 characters / monthly = 6 sentences daily.
on 1616140688
It is great ad-on. I paid to use. But, It should be accepted SSML, for example <break time="100ms"/>. The current version cannot recognize SSML in the text.
Comment from author
Hi, could you get in touch with me awesometts@airpost.net or open an issue on https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues ? I am able to use the break SSML tag for Azure for example. It could be service-specific.
on 1616093066
If I could only have this addon for creating language cards on Anki, this would be it.
on 1616072148
I love this addon, but the AwesomeTTS Plus is very expensive for me. In Brazil 5$ is R$25, and pay this each month is, unfortunetely, impossible for me in this moment. I'm a student, so a discount for students will be great!
on 1615900114
on 1615873160
Awesome for learning language
on 1615861444
Great addon!
on 1615826769
It's essential addon! Thanks a lot!
on 1615816395
The author of this add on is absolutely fantastic. He returned my email within the day regarding getting awesome tts keys working with my installation. The application itself is great. I used it without a key for 2 months and now have one and appreciate the depth it adds to my study. It's invaluable to get access to quality audio and short of real voices recording your cards for you(ya..good luck with that) you wont find an add on that makes adding audio as easy as this one.
on 1615772577
Must have add-on!
on 1615769449
Hi Awesome TTS creator!

Thank you very much for your hard work!

I have been using this add-on without any issue until today.

When I hit that "speaker" icon to have my sentence recorded, the text doesn't show up in the preview section anymore. I have to put it manually to have it recorded.

Would you mind pointing me out in the right direction to fix this?


Comment from author
Hi, thank you for your kind feedback. Anki 2.1.41/42 introduced a change in the editor which has forced me to temporarily disable this functionality (otherwise Anki would freeze). As a workaround, either select the field text before clicking the speaker icon, or copy it into the clipboard. You should see your field be populated.
on 1615656022
Luc is an incredibly hardworking developer with a passion for the add ons he works on. He has been an incredible help to me and everyone else in his Patreon community. This app is fantastic, especially when you have to go through the thousands of cards that we have to go through in medical school. I think its a must-download for anyone who uses Anki on a daily basis. I don't use Anki for language learning, but I can imagine that this app is very useful for that as well. Thanks Luc!
on 1615499260
Thank you so much for this fantastic tool!

Just a question: I got an API key for the Azure Speech service (using the free trial) to be able to have an Irish voice. It's one of the new languages added recently. It works very well on the desktop version on my laptop. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on my iPhone... where the text is read with an English pronunciation.

Do you have any idea what is the problem?

I hope it is possible to make it work on an iPhone...
Thanks again!
Comment from author
Are you using batch generation or on-the-fly TTS ? Get in touch with me awesometts@airpost.net and I'll help you out !
on 1615423794
It would be nice if you could use your own key for a fee, but it's mandatory to have a patreon subscription.
Cancellation of subscription, disgusting way of payment
Comment from author
2021/10/10: Please contact me awesometts@airpost.net , I want to understand the issue you're experiencing and you will receive a reward.
on 1615379937
Many thanks to aggregate all these audio services! Now life is much easy and cheaper! I don't need to pay to all of these services to get TTS online high-quality audio. I just need to pay 1 HAMBURGER to get them in one place! It's almost for free.

Awesome work! Very appreciate!
on 1615363709
Hi! Thanks for the contribution, I have a question. Where can I locate this addon, it's not appearing on the add card option anymore. Thanks.
Comment from author
I am not sure completely sure what you mean, could you get in touch with me awesometts@airpost.net ? And I can help you with the problem you're having.
on 1615122465
Cannot preview the input phrase with these settings.

403 Client Error: Forbidden for url: https://texttospeech.googleapis.com/v1/text:synthesize?key=AIzaSyBm7NinfOuybtq-WWkcFMoiHHxMz60qxj0
Comment from author before post was edited
Please use the updated demo key here: https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/wiki/Google-Cloud-Text-to-Speech
on 1615097915
Oddcast is not working. Please fix it.
Comment from author
2021/10/10: Please contact me awesometts@airpost.net to claim your reward.
on 1615036279
Could you add support for opus instead of mp3? it gives a lot better quality audio from Google TTS. I've changed the line in googletts.py from "audioEncoding": "MP3" to "audioEncoding": "OGG_OPUS" it gives opus but AwesomeTTS gives wrong extension mp3 to it even thought is opus. Anki on desktop can still play it even with wrong extension but not on mobile. So please fix it and allow to change it to opus.ogg for maximum compatibility (android 7 requires opus.ogg to play opus files)
Comment from author
I've opened an issue here so I can track this: https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues/189
on 1614944568
This program is absolutely invaluable. I used to spend literal hours per day making flashcards. I'm now able to do it within minutes and the remaining time can be spent actually studying!
on 1614887485
thank you, amazing
on 1614736503
Very nice work!
on 1614294168
AwesomeTTS is a great addon, very useful for language learners. Thanks for creating such a incredible tool!
on 1614264537
This addon is incredible. After supporting the developer on Patreon, he has been very responsive and even added a Yomichan integration feature after I suggested it. The voices are very realistic and make card creation smooth. Strongly recommend.
on 1614141642
on 1614091655
Very useful.
Xịn xò.
From Vietnam with Love
on 1614046328
This Add-on... takes Anki into another level. Thanks so much Luc for developing this add-on... Also, you support and help is like you add-on, Awesome!!!
on 1614004099
Great addition to Anki. Very simple to use and Luc the developer is very helpful.
on 1613991727
It is working really nicely and helps me a lot to create better flashcards. Thank you :)
on 1613934363
This addon seems to be taking advantage of previous free work and slowly converting it into a paid model. I applaud the effort you are putting into maintaining it with new versions of Anki and keeping the barebones free. Obviously there is a place for these types of models in the world, but I would like to believe that the Anki community is about keeping our study tool open source and free, including its decks and addons, with volunteers pouring efforts into it without the expectation of money. Hey nothing is stopping you from having a tip jar and I would love to put some money in that, but don't force the fee.

There is already an AwesomeTTS addon working and its free. It doesn't have the fancy voices this addon has, but the included voices are excellent in my opinion:
Comment from author
2021/08/04: so far you haven't contacted me to discuss this privately. Is there anything I could do to change your mind ?

AwesomeTTS has always been open source (GPL3-licensed) and free and will continue to be so. The free edition has all the features that have always been present and none have been taken away. We have been actively fixing free services (recently Oxford, Naver). We work on and accept merge requests for free services. The paid functionality involves access to high quality TTS voices which require payment from various cloud providers (Azure, Google, Amazon, Naver, Watson). Obviously these cannot be offered for free, someone needs to foot the bill. You may want to explain how we are forcing the fee. The subscription gives you access to 602 premium TTS voices which cost us money to offer. Please get in touch (awesometts@airpost.net) if you'd like to discuss this further.
Update 2021/03/18: would you be able to get in touch with me so that we can discuss ? I'd like to understand more about your point of view.
on 1613753203
It's helping me a lot to learn German
on 1613539755
on 1613518916
Really convenient! Thank you developer!
on 1613140433
Amazing add-on! Thank you so much!
on 1612551699
It is a great addition to anki in terms of ease of use (ctrl + T anywhere) and in features (clean UI to choose the language needed for fast and reliable TTS). I've been using it for Chinese with an API key from Google Cloud Services and the Wavenet voices are superb!
on 1611813390
on 1611199598
Great add-on! Thank you!
on 1610751421
Useful with the patreon sub, Go with Azure Neural
on 1609610484
I liked
on 1609458747
This add on works a lot smoother now but I have the following issue with cloze cards, I can't seem to get the multiple cloze deletions to play once I flip the card. ie: with The Kiesselbach plexus is located at the anterior nasal septum and is composed of an anastomosis of:

(1){{c1::Superior labial a.}}
(2) {{c1::Anterior ethmoidal a.}}
(3) Greater palatine artery
(4) {{c1::Sphenopalatine a.}}

The dictation stops after reading Superior labial a. Any ideas on how to fix?
Comment from author
could you open an issue here https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues and share your deck so that I can help look into it ?
on 1608673496
Great add on!!! Just one quick question / issue:
I have custom templates that are more or less like this: Front: German // Back: Translation / automatic-generated links to 4 dictionaries for more info on the word [German].
The issue is that:
(1) after using AwesomeTTS, each link has been replaced by a gigantic black circle (half of my screen)
(2) instead of playing the audio once, the audio gets played non-stop several times (i'm not sure but I presume it's related to the links)
Do you know why can this be happening or how to fix it? Thank you!

PS - I just discovered what is causing the issue.
My dictionary links are generated automatically with the link "German".
I also configured AwesomeTTS to add the audio file to the field "German".
Therefore, this indirectly created audio files in each of my dictionary links.
The solution is simply to save the audio files in a different field (or in a custom made field)
Comment from author
It looks like you discovered the problem by yourself. It's always a good practice to put the sound tags / audio files in a separate field, it lets you have proper control and lets you potential re-generate those sounds in the future.
on 1608230883
The Anki is not same without AwesomeTTS! It's wonderful for my English studies, I can learn much better with the pronounce and everything about song with it.
on 1606997736
It's very useful for me to keep my attention. Is there a way of automatically generate the TTS in all the cards of my deck?
Comment from author
Yes it's possible, you want to use batch generation, described here: https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/wiki/Batch-Generation
if you run into any further issues please don't hesitate to reach out, either on github or patreon.
on 1606996770
This addon used to feel a bit cryptic and intimidating because I didn't have much experience of generating audio or when to look for its help, but now I do, it's really an extensive tool for TTS. ( If you're in that case look for simple one-task plugins first until you are more comfortable.)
You generate in bulk, on the fly or card per card as you review them.

It caches the result (in its add-on directory) also so if you want to use the files elsewhere or in a different way (I've used it with Add media easy in some situations) you can, and it won't query the same stuff again, great if you use API services like Forvo or Clova that limit the daily amount of requests.
on 1606393870
This addon is great, I'm using it with Azure (the new Keita voice is amazing for Japanese!). It has made an enormous difference in my language learning. I do sometimes get 401 errors, but closing and restarting Anki always fixes them (well, until they happen again...).

(UPDATE: since writing this review, I've not had a single 401 error)

One question for the developer, I just installed the current version on a new computer and it has placed a "Pronounce with AwesomeTTS" box on my main Anki screen. Is there any way to get rid of that?
Comment from author before post was edited
Regarding the 401 errors, how frequently do they happen, are they easy to reproduce ? Please open an issue on github. To disable the "pronounce with AwesomeTTS" box, In tools->AwesomeTTS->Advanced, uncheck "Show AwesomeTTS widget on Deck browser".
on 1606291421
how can i get an API key i was looking at the last comment something about azure ( the keita voice is amazing~) I have installed this addon , but the voices are limited for japanesse, apparently unless you have an API key...im still trying to figure out how to get the API key and interested in the Keita voice, if its nice compared to some of the limited robotic voices. Please some one instruct me to how i can get the API key and the kieta voice. Thanks
on 1605463513
Support for excluding phrases in parenthesis would be perfect
Comment from author
You can probably do this with regular expressions, please open an issue on github with specific details and i'll help you.
on 1605263800
Works fine
on 1605134852
The Duden dictionary works well.
on 1604200732
I did it. Become your patreon fan. Thanks so much
Comment from author
I'm prepared to offer you a reward if you get in touch with me. Please contact me awesometts@airpost.net
on 1603916982
Works great!
on 1603861273
Love it!

One puzzle: how do I ensure the "generate" button is defaulted (rather than "cancel")?
on 1603608675
I like it
on 1603130401
This is a great add-on. I'm annoyed I didn't try it for months because it's a real-time saver. I also recommend the Paetron subscription for the API access to get better quality audio. Anyway, thanks!
on 1602984272
Amazing!! thank you!!
on 1602964025
Very happy to see Awesome TTS is fully supported. Thank you for your work!
on 1602863424
Great addon. Works perfectly with google wavenet and azure neural tts!
on 1601688363
Really cool concept, one problem though—the Spanish Google Cloud only has one option and it's not wavenet
EDIT: thanks for the Azure tip, the neural Azure is much better than the standard Cloud. I wrongly thought there would've been Spanish wavenet options available on Cloud and they weren't showing up on the add-on, but Cloud only has standard Spanish so no fault of the add-on.
Comment from author before post was edited
You are correct, Google Cloud doesn't over wavenet spanish voices , but Azure has Spain and Mexico neural voices which sound great.
on 1600627336
Thank you for a great add-on to use when studying Mandarin Chinese. The Oddcast works rather well for single words but sounds slightly chopped-up when using sentences. Does anyone know which voice works best for Mandarin Chinese if I don't have an API code?

# A. How to use this add-on crash course:
1. Install the add-on and restart your Anki (don't forget to sync before installing a new add-on)
2. Open up your Anki browser window used for editing cards, and select a card
3. At the top of the browser window there is a button that says "AwesomeTTS", which is used to generate a voice to the selected card

# B. When you have pressed the "AwesomeTTS add audio"-button:
1. You need to choose a voice that is suitable for you target language. Some won't work because they are pay-to-use and require an API code.
2. You need select from which field in your selected card it should grab the text to create speech. Also, select which field it should place the sound file.
3. Try if the card works using the "Preview"-button in you browser window. If it doesn't work then go to step B.1. again


Nota bene: If you can afford it then you can pay the Author 5 USD through his patreon to get the API code for smooth AI-generated voices, which might be useful if you have a lot of long sentences.
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For a free mandarin voice, you could try Google Translate.
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This is a great plugin. I am using the Japanese voices from Oddcast. Oddcast has added some new Japanese voices that sound very natural. The AwsomeTTS maintainers are making those (and a couple of new Thai voices) available in version 1.23, but you can start using them now. See this issue on github for details: https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues/128
on 1598978415
Adding TTS On-The-Fly tag fixed in version 1.22, indeed. Thanks!
Would it be possible to save the sounds and use them later in the Android version of Anki?
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Batch generation of audio files has always been supported in AwesomeTTS, in the Browser, select cards, then AwesomeTTS - > Add audio to Selected
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Very helpful!
on 1598713913
on 1598693055
Indispensable addition for every language learner. New developer did a great improvement when it comes to the quality of the add on
on 1598626265
Awesome Add-on!! Thank you very much!!
on 1596545038
not free. no explanation.
Comment from author
I'm prepared to offer you a reward if you get in touch with me. Please contact me awesometts@airpost.net
on 1595999148
Just noticed this existed.
on 1595978003
Great addon!
on 1595960499
is a nice extension
on 1595933851
on 1595851186
on 1595226963
It works!
on 1594215569
Fantastic add on for language reviews, and for quickly adding sound in bulk to every card in a massive deck.
on 1593398495
Best Anki add-on ever!
on 1593302245
on 1593168555
on 1593092146
Thank you for getting this working again, with access to all these engines!
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on 1592735600
Super useful!
on 1592503741
After many hours of fiddling, I somehow got Microsoft Azure to work. Without touching the settings, I closed the AwesomeTTS dialog box, and after opening it up again, it stopped working, throwing 401s at me once again. I restarted Anki, and Azure is working once again... now I'm afraid to close the dialog box. Oh well. Seems to be ok for now.
on 1592433409
A voz da Microsoft é melhor que a do Google
on 1592351895
Insanely good!
Didn't use the Google TTS one because of the API key but this alternative is insane! I found NAVER translation to be one of the best and most human sounding.

on 1592340625
Very powerful and useful add-on.
Thanks for maintaining this from now on
on 1592339445
Thanks for the effort.

Personally, I strongly believe we should not advertise AwesomeTTS to new users. Most of them are visitors who are likely to download and hoard 50K of audio files, disrupting online services and stops using Anki in less than a month after starting. These idiots does nothing but disrupt the ecosystem that has worked well for most of us. Only when they have been fully hazed, should we introduce them to the more advanced addon system.

Just kidding, or am I...?