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CompTIA A+ 220-1001

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CompTIA A+ 220-1001

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Front Which of the following devices performs forwarding decisions based on MAC addresses? A. Switch B. Router C. Hub D. Repeater
Back A. Switch 
Front Which of the following peripherals needs to be configured after installation to work correctly?A. SpeakersB. KVMC. Digital cameraD. Touch screen
Back D. Touch screen
Front A network administrator must install a device that will proactively stop outside attacks from reaching the LAN.Which of the following devices would BEST meet the organizations needs? A. IPS B. IDS. C. Proxy server D. Authentication server.
Back A. IPS

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on 1658204095
Found this extremely helpful. Thank you.
on 1651093788
Terrible I did not like it they are not even flash cards not a good study source they look terrible and not good info
on 1650616684
Filled with incorrect answers/questions. And the ones that are correct, you can't trust, because of all the incorrect ones.
on 1624638703
Agreed that some of the information is inaccurate.

Drag each mobile technology to the description of its use:
Devices use haptic confirmation for sharing data wirelessly = IR
Devices are placed in close proximity within line of sight for sharing data wirelessly = NFC

Since some of the cards are made with images, there's not really a way to edit them.
on 1623817695
on 1623207771
Cool deck. Thanks very much.
on 1617376306
Can't give an upvote when you can't trust that the information is accurate. Example:

Which of the following devices is necessary to provide power to a laptop LCD screen?

A. PCMCIA card
B. Backlight
C. Inverter
D. PCI-E card

On here the answer is D but the answer is clearly C as a PCI-E card makes no sense here. So if you use this deck you'd better know beforehand what is accurate and what is not. Or in other words, its probably better to make your own flashcards cause you will have to basically verify everything here anyway. And yes, one wrong answer within 15 words is a huge warning signal that there are much more to come.
on 1614179965
The pictures are no longer showing making those cards unusable but nice guide and thank you.
on 1608755873
Content looks good but when clicking show answer nothing appears. It just seems to be a dead icon. Is there something I need to do
Thanks 😊
on 1605654448
AWESOME, you da bestest
on 1592323304
A thorough deck, and an excellent study resource, compiled from community contributions. However I've noticed a number of incorrect/highly debatable answers, within just the first thirty cards I've reviewed. That's just to say that while the deck is largely useful, there's no guarantee that everything presented is correct, and accurate.
Kind of a bummer there's no means of flagging a deck for a particular reason, while still up-voting it.
on 1589370696
Excellent work.
on 1588817076

What are these screenshots taken from?
on 1585864533
on 1571279337
Fantastic deck.