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NHK Ojad Pitch Accent Deck

229.46MB. 14691 audio & 7169 images. Updated 2019-01-15.
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This is part 1 of 2 of the NHK Ojad Pitch Accent Deck Abridged edition, you can find more information about this deck at the video below, you can also find a full version of this deck with 70,000 cards with full audio. This deck has been split into 2 pieces due to size limits on Anki web. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lsi3RoRqXVU Cheers, Yogapants

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質問 「肌(はだ)」のアクセントは?914
NHKアクセント 肌仮名 : はだ漢字 : 肌発音図: 助詞:
Ojad終止形 肌はだ
Ojad語形 肌はだ
品詞と使用頻度 名詞-普通名詞-一般 - 1341
質問 「限る(かぎる)」のアクセントは?392
NHKアクセント 限る仮名 : かぎる漢字 : 限る発音図:
Ojad終止形 限るかぎる
Ojad語形 限るかぎる 限りますかぎります 限ってかぎって 限ったかぎった 限らないかぎらない 限らなかったかぎらなかった 限ればかぎれば 限らせるかぎらせる 限られるかぎられる 限れかぎれ 限れるかぎれる 限ろうかぎろう
品詞と使用頻度 動詞-一般 - 623
質問 「流れ(ながれ)」のアクセントは?551
NHKアクセント 流れ仮名 : ながれ漢字 : 流れ発音図: 助詞:
Ojad終止形 流れながれ
Ojad語形 流れながれ
品詞と使用頻度 名詞-普通名詞-一般 - 853

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on 1672988549
nice thanks!!!
on 1599562053
WAY too many issues to make for a comfortable learning experience. Biggest issue is that cards spontaneously straight up miss all information and have no audio. Second biggest issue is how bad the frequency detection is. Extremely uncommon words which merely share readings with common words appear early. It's evident the method used here was extremely flawed and it's sad Yoga didn't even bother going through the first few hundred cards and fix them up so people can get at least a basic grasp on pitch accent with a decent deck. I also don't know why you need a "のアクセントは?" on every single card, this screams bad design. I don't know why other people rate this high, except for the fact that there does not seem to be a decent deck anywhere. I'm disappointed but will probably keep using it while fixing all the issues because I'm not seeing a good pitch deck anywhere.
on 1579655182
To answer someone else question, オ is just a place marker for particles.
On the back of the card there is a 助詞 (meaning particle) section where you see オ. This will only appear for nouns and/or な-adjectives, since those are the words that will be followed by a particle. This オ is showing you how particle X will attach to the word and watch accent it will have with particle X.
on 1572913802
Why do so many cards end with an オ though?
on 1557395141
on 1547512819
Domo ariagato gozaimasu!
on 1547512726
Don't know how you managed to rip the audio from the epwings but good work.
on 1547512593
Wow, this is crazy!!
on 1547512558
I wish I had this when I first started studying pitch accent!! This is a game changer