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Known Kanji Manager

<10kB. Updated 2020-05-25.


This plugin scans cards for kanji. If any kanji in the card is unlearned, the card is suspended. Otherwise, the card is unsuspended. This allows you to unlock vocabulary or sentence cards as you learn the Kanji contained in them. HOW TO USE: - In the Addon Config, set the value of "kanji_deck_name" to the deck you are using to study kanji (default: "All in One Kanji"). Then, set the value of "kanji_deck_field" to the name of the field which contains the kanji characters (default: "Kanji"). When the addon is run, all of the cards in this deck which are in the "review" phase will be considered as known Kanji. - Add the tag "managed_kanji" to all cards you want this addon to manage; ie. vocabulary and sentence cards (NOT your kanji learning deck). All cards which have this tag, which have at least one kanji in them, and which have not yet been learned, will be managed by this addon. - Run the addon via "Tools -> Update Known Kanji". This will suspend or unsuspend cards based on which kanji you know. You must run the addon manually for cards to be suspended or unsuspended. I recommend running it after finishing your reviews for the day, so that the new vocabulary can begin to appear the following day. If you already know some kanji, you will need to add those kanji to your review queue for this addon to detect them. You can give them a very high interval so they don't actually appear in your reviews (ie. 1000 days).


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Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1652796245
Great idea! I wanted to do vocab while doing a modified Remembering the Kanji, and this is excellent for this. I needed it to only look at a specific field called "Ord" because my cards have example sentences. To do this I replaced "joinedFields = note.joinedFields()" with "joinedFields = note['Ord']", and everything worked as expected. Replace "Ord" with the name of your field to do the same.
on 1600170849
I used to do this by hand so I am glad someone automated it. Useful when combining kanji and vocabulary decks from different sources (in my case RTK kanji and wanikani voc).

That said I would have liked to use a search string instead of a tag to specify managed cards. Also not all fields of a card necessarily need to have only known kanji, e.g. I want to check only the words themselves but not context sentences. (If you know Python this is a simple change in the code.)
on 1598856313
Overall really great, but, and maybe it's just me, but I have a problem with this addon not unsuspending cards that contain non-kanji letters aka hiragana or katanaka. Would appreciate it if someone told me a method about how to fix this.
on 1594635820
Incredibly useful! Thank you for your work. I wish it was automatic, like every time you synced it updated. The idiot that commented below didn't read what this addon is about and has no clue on how to properly study Japanese. Sad that he downvoted. Don't get discouraged, keep it up buddy :)

Suggestion: on the target cards (eg. sentence cards), only look in one specific field if there's unknown kanji. For example, in Nayr's 5k there's a field with a lot of extra info about the sentence with more kanji (that's not in the sentence) which causes your addon to incorrectly flag the cards.
on 1593962838
This deck does the opposite of what I thought. I thought it would look at what sentences you have studied and un/suspend kanji as you learned them, not look at what kanji you have studied and un/suspend sentences.
on 1592289051
Seems great! It would be even better if user could change settings in right in anki. Also it could use an alternative to managed tag -- just finding matured enough cards. Looking forward for the evolution of this addon! Also, please, add an ability to known kanji list to the most popular kanji learning apps like Kanji Tree Pro and Japanese Kanji Study (both android). It would be useful for writing practice.
on 1591220723
Very useful. I actually modified the code so that it uses a tag instead of a deck to search for known kanji, since I use one big deck for everything and don't have a deck that's just kanji. It suspends all the right vocabulary, but the display it gives for newly suspended cards seems buggy. I don't think anything I changed could have affected that. I'd actually love to contact you to help update this add-on, if that's alright.