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Business English for CEOs and managers

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This is a B2-C2 (upper intermediate to strong advanced) deck focusing on collocations useful in business. It is NOT for you if... you want idioms or metaphors. you want definitions and examples of word meaning and usage. I do this with the students in the lesson. In this deck there are NONE! The notes in the deck have "adjective + noun" , "verb+noun" etc collocations. It will be useful if you want to go from saying... B1 ......................... C1 a good strategy ....... coherent, sustainable and comprehensive strategy give money to allocate funds to etc. Please contact me at polk_j_a@hotmail.com if you have questions/ feedback

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combinations results, comments, progress, trend, words
business word encouraging
noun_verb_adjective_adverb adj
Tags alexander
combinations A plan, ideas, vision, techniques. Concepts, theories, visions, promise
business word put into practice
noun_verb_adjective_adverb v_vp
Tags alexander
combinations competitors, a rival, a car, counterparts
business word overtake
noun_verb_adjective_adverb v
Tags dmitry

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