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MatthewHawkins.co | BritVSJapan's RTK Primitive Deck

0.41MB. 0 audio & 234 images. Updated 2018-06-04.
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A deck that contains all the primitives that James Heisig contains within Remembering the Kanji 1.

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on 1626522089
I am a little confused, for which edition of the book is this?
on 1585920400
Great deck.
on 1555865393
thanks a lot!
on 1532973757
The way I found for getting the primitives that aren't so easy to find was to take a character with the primitive in question, for example, the 3 stroke radical named "owl" on the character 単, and google it with a certain format: "漢字 部首 単". It brings you to sites like https://kanji.jitenon.jp/kanjib/566.html that every single primitive listed. From there, just copy paste the radical you need into anki. Even if it displays as an empty box in the field, it will show up on the flashcard. The fonts I have installed are...
@font-face { font-family: YUMIN; src: url('_YUMIN.ttf'); }
@font-face { font-family: StrokeOrder; src: url('_StrokeOrder.ttf'); }
@font-face { font-family: HGRKK; src: url('_HGRKK.ttc'); }
@font-face { font-family: YUGOTHB; src: url('_YUGOTHB.ttc'); }.
on 1529895116
Hi Matt, this is great, especially since on a chrome book I can't install fonts. Images are much better. Any chance you'll finish the deck? I listen to both you and MvJ a lot, and I am building the MvJ deck from scratch but it takes a LONG time with a chromebook, and your image files are great. One more question, any thought of adding the simplified font to it? Again I want to use MvJ's version that has 4 fonts, but I can't with a chromebook, so having at least the image file and the simplified font would be a great middle ground. Thanks Again.
Comment from author
Thanks for the feedback scot. I actually couldn't get fonts working with these characters so I had to use images instead. I don't know of anyway of getting the fonts working as these primitives don't seem to be real characters in any character set used on modern computers.