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Another Retreat: go upstream the history for the next interval at lapse

<10kB. Updated 2017-08-26. Supports both Anki 2.0.x and 2.1.x.


Another Retreat: an Anki addon sets the next interval at lapse to the last succeed interval. Note: This add-on works with both Anki 2.0 and Anki 2.1, however, doesn't support V2 Scheduler. This addon changes the next interval at a lapse in the review to set the last successful interval. However, the default setting is a restart from one day no matter how familiar we were with the question at the previous review. Since 0.3.0, activation required on the deck option. Model Diagram for this addon handling Figure 1. Before: Default scheduling Figure 2. After: Another Retreat introduced How this addon works The User Manual describes how Anki handles a card at the lapse as follows. -------- Lapses When you forget a review card, it is said to have lapsed. The default behaviour for lapsed reviews is to reset the interval to 1 (ie, make it due tomorrow), and put it in the learning queue for a refresher in 10 minutes. This behaviour can be customized with the options listed below. If you leave the steps blank, Anki will not place the card back in the learning queue, and it will be rescheduled as a review with its new interval determined by the settings below. Note The new interval is determined when you answer "Again" to a review card, not when the card finishes its relearning steps. For this reason, the "Good" and "Easy" buttons during relearing do not alter the interval again - they only control which step you are on. If there is only a single step (the default), the "Easy" button will be hidden, since it would accomplish the same thing as the "Good" button. If you have 2 or more steps, "Easy" is not hidden, to allow you to graduate cards from the queue before all of their steps are finished. (From Lapses section in Anki User Manual) -------- This addon replaces 1-day interval (by default) for the lapsed review after the relearn session with the last successful interval. In fact, the interval appears with buttons to graduate the relearning. By default, the addon assigns the interval to "Good" button in relearning (1 step "10 minutes" in relearn). And you can skip the relearn session to change the deck option setting for lapse as below (no step in relearn). If you use 2 or more steps in the relearn session, the addon allocates the interval to "Good" button at the graduating step, and "Easy" button at each step (over 2 steps in relearn). How to activate Open Deck Option Screen, Lapse tab, check [Activate Another Retreat Addon] (1 in Figure 3) How to skip the relearn session Open Deck Option Screen, Lapse tab, blank [Steps (in minutes)] (2 in Figure 3) Figure 3. Deck Option Screen Changelog 2017-08-14: 0.3.1 Anki 2.1.x Compatible. 2016-05-25: 0.3.0 Support Deck Options Group. 2016-05-20: 0.2.0 Fix an issue in relearn session. 2016-05-19: 0.1.2 Fix an issue in continual lapses. 2016-05-18: 0.1.0 Initial release. Relevant Addons Ease Factor Histogram (Code: 494944895) Ease Factor Histogram: an Anki addon appends a histogram of Ease Factor on the stats screen. Straight Reward (Code: 1130426680) Straight Reward: an Anki addon adds 15(%) to Ease Factor at every 5 straight success ("Good" rating in review). 日本語ガイド 忘れた Anki カードの出直し方では、このアドオンについて更に詳しく説明しています。


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into the desktop program:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1549551193
This works great! Does anyone know how to enable this add-on on filtered decks, though?
on 1547544038
Good! Thank you
on 1546148724
Works a treat!
on 1545793302
Useful add on, but still buggy - the adjusted time interval sometimes appears as the 'good' option, and sometimes as 'easy'.
on 1545437511
It is really good add-on. The lack of this functionality in Anki was the reason why I started to develop alternative for Anki
on 1544973304
I appreciate this concept for hacking the scheduler to modify lapse behavior. My perception is that this decreases workload without increasing forgetting for young cards, while a better option for mature or "very mature" cards might be setting the "new interval" option to a non-zero, experimentally-determined percentage. This raises the question of whether a lapsed young card is truly a lapse or if the default learn behavior should be tweaked so that cards don't graduate so quickly (or whether this just reflects a bad habit of "memorization without learning").

I recall reading something recently that essentially said (paraphrasing) "difficult recall is desirable" because it improves retention. Another Retreat may be accomplishing that by improving the chances that the next recall will be more difficult compared to the default lapse behavior.

P.S. I would be in favor of Damien doing some fine-tuning of Anki's scheduler or at least optimizing the default settings in the next major version. Maybe incorporating this add-on to Anki's code would be one way to accomplish that. I don't know if there's strong evidence out there for improving the memory model (and I have no idea how evidence-based the newer SM algorithms are), but I'm in favor of Anki making more progress in this area.
on 1543790345
I like this add-on a lot. Really great add-on.

However, I would caution: It did not work for Anki 2.1 with v2 experimental scheduler.

I switched to Anki 2.0 recently so that I could use load balancer (that also did not work for me on Anki 2.1 with v2 experimental scheduler). Another Retreat works perfected on Anki 2.0, therefore I am sticking with this set-up for now.
on 1540341347
Great, especially for dealing with half-forgotten cards. Can use options groups to enable it for some decks and not for others.
on 1487721600
Another Retreat (at lapse) review

This addon is really good. It removes the need for reviews at a time when they don't help much with remembering. This addon lowered my study time quite a bit, but it did not worsen my ability to recall cards. In addition to that, when I did not understand something about the mod, the author explained it to me in a very friendly way. I really want to thank the author for making this.