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Monoglot Anxiety German color-coding and automatic cloze

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Using the magic of German grammar, this anki template automatically color-codes nouns by gender and generates cloze deletions without extra clicks or note types—just enter the word and an example sentence. For more information, see www.monoglotanxiety.com/blog/anki-format-for-german-that-automatically-generates-cloze-deletions-and-color-codes-nouns/ Features: Auto-cloze cards are generated by looking for the word and its inflected forms in the example sentence, so you don't need to make separate cards/note types for clozes of your example sentences. It's done automatically for everything except verbs (because verbs are complicated...) Nouns are recognized and automatically color-coded by gender. To color-code plural nouns, write one of p, plural, plural only, or plural-only in the "Plural" field (otherwise they'll be color-coded as feminine nouns).

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German der Hund
Plural die Hunde
Translation dog
Example Dieser Hund ist sehr süß.
Tags MonoglotAnxietyAutoClozeNounsAdjectives

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Looks promising. Will check in depth. Thanks.